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  1. FINISHED...FOR NOW Ok so everything is hooked up loop is filled and bled only thing to do is boot it all up... 1st boot perfect except for a really loud ticking I paniced and turned it all off. Turns out it was nothing major just one of my temp probes hitting a fan . A bit more thermal tape and we try again perfect 2nd boot nearly silent. Im sure you all know that feeling off a perfect boot after a long build is awsome. Pre-Boot 2nd Boot More detailed shots. ALL DONE This build has been great fun , and If anyone has any questions about anything iv done feel free to send me a pm.
  2. FINISHING IT ALL UP So like always it's been a while between posts.... but it's finally all done and im really happy with the end results. So first il show you what I had to finish up. This is a danger tape sort of design I decided on for my "active" HDD tray it came up pretty nice in the end. Was a lot of taping involved . Also decided to make a Plate for my badges. Now this is another idea I have been toying with since the start of this build and wasn't really sure if the software was gonna work and if it was gonna fit in the space I had intended for it. It's just a 4x20 LCD screen I picked up off Ebay for $15 . I loved the idea off being able to display my stats on the inside and this does it all . Was a really tight fit and the software took some tweaking for win 7 but I like it. Then we finally get up to some more installing and some leak testing/bleeding. As are most people fist time water cooling those first few pours of water into the res feel really unnatural, but after a few hours of leak testing im confident iv got a nice sealed up system. Im really loving the temps im getting on water it's great. Read on to next post for final results....
  3. center]UPDATES 3 12/08/2011[/center] OK ..... I have been flat out on top off day to day living I got the flu which never helps anyone but iv tried to soldier on none the less. Got quite a bit off stuff done over the last 2 weeks and the project has finally had parts put back into it.Which as anyone who has done any kind of modding its nice seeing it go in instead off coming out. So down to the fun my acrylic FINALLY showed up a month after ordering it, good thing I wasnt in a hurry. The place I got it from also refused to cut it to my template so I recieved my square plastic and cut it to size. Then it was a as easy as a couple holes in the acrylic pop the clips back through add a bit off u-channel and we have a full side window panel for my haf-x. Also got my handmade nameplates finished this week and they came up better than I had hoped.I used 3m Dinoc brushed aluminium film , Some red model aeroplane paint for the blood splatter (I can't remember the brand.) and A.C. Ryan Blackmagic 2 Uv green paint. Which isnt the nicest thing to work with but glows like fallout. A while ago I got an idea to carbon fibre a few bits and pieces and my film finally showed up so iv done the duct and a few case highlights and also finished up some sleeving. I added some green leds into the top 230mm fans. I wanted my rad mounted flush onto the case so i needed a way to mount a 120mm fan onto the outside back of the case I am waiting on some black screws so this is only half on at the moment but this is what I decided on. Also added some green grommets onto all my fittings. So the other big overhaul this week is i got some off my painting done. Polished lovely and installed I still have all the plastic parts to finish but there are a few shots off some finished paint and some stuff installed enjoy. So as off now im only waiting for some molex plugs my graphics card,cpu,fans,switches and some other minor stuff we should be all done in the next fortnight. Getting up to the exciting part off the build and really looking forward to the end result.
  4. UPDATES 2 Ok so I have been flat out this week got HEAPS done all over the show. Been painting working on the window mod, sleeving + Lots and lots of parts have arrived. So let's get to the pics.... Super sexy motherboard and some more watercooling stuff that has shown up. So here is some more painting photos I finally got some colour on the plastic parts . As of this moment paint is done (Except for 1 HDD tray.) All thats left to do on these is Cut and polish which will be done late next week ounce everything has cured nicely. So waiting for paint to cure is no fun at all luckily my 550 paracord (Lime green off coarse) showed up yesterday so I made a good start on sleeving still waiting on heat shrink, so these are only half sleeved got everything done bar my ccfl's and fans which are all still in the mail. My sweet handmade (im not paying 15 dollars for a pin remover) Molex tool works great all it is , is a screwdriver + a steady dremmel. Here is all the parts iv sleeved so far. Hopefully my heatshrink shows up soon so I can get some better photos of all this sleeving mayhem .Allthough It will be nice not to have to sleeve for a few days cause my fingers are really sore. I also have started making some custom nameplates. They don't look like much at the moment but they will have a nice metal finish maybe some blood splatter havent decided yet. The other major work iv got done this week is chop out the side 200mm fan Since we are watercooling this panel was pretty unneeded + it look heaps better when you can see all that hard work inside. Still waiting on my acrylic to show up so it's just a chop out for now. Chopping this out was a total head game these panels are nearly IMPOSSIBLE to replace in australia so failure wasn't an option ended up coming out great. Amazing what you can do when you put your mind to it. Ok so thats it for this weeks updates hopefully more presents show up in the mail this week and I will add a lil more progress to the build log. I'm at about the halfway point with this build and am starting to get very excited and anxious to see how it's all gonna look when put together.
  5. Ok so i have taken on a project and i thought it would be cool to do a build log. I want to create an Aliens (As in the movie) inspired HAF-X. I have been planning this build for over 6 months so it should be a really fun one. -SPECS- CPU- AMD Phenom II x 4 975 MOBO- Asus Sabertooth 990FX GFX- (UNDECIDED) RAM- Corsair Vengence 1600mhz (2x2g) HD- Saegate Barracuda (160g) CASE- Coolermaster HAF-X PSU- XFX 650w XXX Edition -COOLING- KIT- XSPC Rasa RS240 Kit RAD- Extra XSPC RS120 Rad FITTINGS- Ek Compression, XSPC Compression, Enzotech 45's, HOSE- Primochill (UV Green) ORGANISM KILLER- Silver Kill Coil FANS- Gelid Wing 12 120mm x 4, Bitfenix 120mm, Stock CM Fans I have so many lights and stuff sitting around i wont type it all out gotta keep some surprises. Will be working on this build for the next month or so Hopefully you all enjoy the Build Log. UPDATES Just got a shiny new camera so taking pics is gonna be a lot easier. Ok so I got my case a few days ago and was so excited to start I didn't even take photos of it stock:) But we all know how they look stock so here is one stripped .(My girlfriend was pretty horrified to see me pull this out of the box and just start tearing it up for painting and modding.) After I tore the case done i preped it all up for painting with a bit of a sand and scuff. Then on to primer so far Iv only got done the primer on the metal parts (2 coats). These pics are of the 1st coat. Heres a couple other panels im working on. I also built a DIY spray booth just for this job.(Truth be told I got sick of cat hair on everything I paint.) It's just a old psu with some 120mm fans hooked up works fairly well. I got bored while I was waiting for the paint to dry and after a quick search on the forums I decided to stealth my DVD . Here is the guide I used for it. Thanks to Mithrandir8 For making it. Mithrandir8's Haf Stealth Guide Thats it for now will add some more Paint pics when im done with the paint then on to some sleeving!!! (and waiting for parts in the mail.)
  6. Hiya everyone Im new to the forums finally took the leap and joined. I live in rural Western Australia and love watercooling and also have some LN2/Dice gear on the way. So will be getting into that over christmas. I have lots of cool pics and ideas to share with the community and I hope to get to make some new friends aswell. I really enjoy overclocking older 478 and 775 cpu's and have only recently started overclocking graphics cards. Im currently re building my water cooling loop on my sig rig also. Il post when i get more familiar with the site. Thanks very much everyone
  7. Hiya all the last the I bought was a Kingpin F! Dark pot and dominance mem cooler will post pics when they arrive!!
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