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    Bloodlines: CM Haf-X Custom/Asus Crosshair V/Phenom II x4 975 BE/Corsair Vengeance 4gb/eVGA GTX460 SC sli/Custom watercooling loop.
    OCD Torture Rack: DD Torture Rack/Asus P5QC (775)/DFI NF4 Ultra D (939)/Asus P4P800 Deluxe (478)/Corsair DDR400 Pro 1gb/G.Skill Ripjaws DDR3 4gb/Kingpin F1 Dark Dragon Pot/Tek-9 FAT 6.0 GPU Pot/Kingpin Mem Pot/Custom "Quick WB swap" watercooling.

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  1. Awesome contest good luck all and Merry X-Mas!!
  2. Feel the Burn- Initial Boot Temps- Junpus DX-1: 36
  3. Junpus DX1 Thermal Paste: Thermal paste has come a long way since the days of the old stock OEM white gloop, with companies striving to offer the best thermal interface we are seeing more advanced compounds all the time. Enter Junpus, a new comer on the western thermal scene, JunPus where actually established in 1978 as a clothing manufacturer but in 2003 set their main focus on the thermal industry. Fast forward another 10 years and to the release of JP
  4. So I have had my Danger Den Torture Rack for nearly a year now and I still love it. But after a recent routine loop clean decided it would be nice to have a separate “Rack” if you would for all my water cooling gear, Freeing up some off the space for Sub-Zero runs. I quickly jumped online to price some up but was amazed by the lack of products to choose from in the external Rad Box department. So this is how it looked with all the water gear on her. However I did find some that appeared very flimsy and extremely overpriced. So was born the idea time for a build. With 30 old Beige cases sitting in my shed I have a few options. (I used to buy the PC’s whole just to strip em for CPU’s) My first choice was an old HP Pavilion but it just didn’t have the right amounts of 5.25 bays. So my second choice was this extremely ugly old ACER. You Ugly.......... Now before I get into the mod I will fill you in on a few details. This box will have mounting for 1x 360/480, 3x 240’s and a 120/140 Radiators. It will also have an independent power supply for the pump, Fans, Fan controller and inline water temp probes. This will involve rigging up a PSU mod which are always fun. Good Advice Derp! So after picking out my case I got to measuring and cutting some holes for Rads. These are pretty rough cuts but will get to cleaning them up later. So far I have cut out the 120/140 front panel mount, 1 of the internal 240 mount holes and I started to cut a window in the side 5.25 bays for a “Res” window. One of the Back 240’s cut. Rough front Venting cut. Inside Reservoir Window. Friggin awful cut! So that’s pretty much it for now. Still deciding on colours and finishes. I’m thinking ICY White with blood splatter around the fan areas but still not positive. A few people have suggested Di-Noc but it’s been done to death lately. Also not sure on Sleeving colour yet . Probably try to get some MNPCTech grills too. More to come soon hopefully. FYI- sorry took so long to get Pics and summary up that terrible thing called life got in the way! UPDATE 2 Haven't really done much more on this build yet been flat out with work and studies but thought I would throw up a few of the newer pics. So I drilled the holes for mounting up the rads and fans. Also had to check everything lined up. So everything lined up and even had some room to shave a bit more metal of the 240 mount. I also wanted to still haven pull fans on the 240 Rad but also wanted to still have the case panels. I started to measure up the panel and cutting began. Just checking the hole can't go too far. It needs to fit "Snug" with the fans and U channel moulding. Need to shave a bit more. Success! Fans fit perfect! I decided to try my hand at a bit of dremel detailing. I decided on a Lightning Bolt simple and I have one in my company logo. This picture is just of the dremel cut no filing or clean up has been done yet. The off cut I even managed to turn into a key chain lol. So that’s it for updates this weekend, back to work tonight so won't get to work on this much for a few more days. I have decided on sleeving colours for the PSU that I need to mod and I have definitely decided on a "Blood Splatter" theme. After talking to some mates in the know I am also thinking about painting my Rads as they all look pretty scratched and dodgy. Nearly all colours have now been picked, I think I will be using Black tube so discolouration isnt a problem. My PSU from the test rack will be used for this build and the Torture rack has just got a big PSU upgrade with a eVGA NEX1500 Classified. Thanks to the eVGA 13th Anniversary comps for this one! Next few updates will hopefully see some colour added to this thing. Cheers for reading.
  5. Pwnography6

    Overkill PC

    Just random photos of combined work.
  6. CPU: AMD Phenom II x4 975 BE Motherboard: Asus Crosshair V Ram: 4gb Corsair Vengeance Card: eVGA GTX460 SC HD: Western Digital 500gb Black Case: Cooler Master Haf-X Cooling: Custom Loop PSU: Apevia 550w Dark Side (Spare one main one died) DVD: Asus Quietrack Mouse: $2 ebay special (CM 1 died) Keyboard: Thermaltake eSports Pro Screen: Panasonic Viera 42" Speakers: 100 year old modified pioneer speakers Country: Australia Think that's everything would love a upgrade.
  7. Best FUN EVER!!!! Hit just over 5.2ghz on DICE . Think my psu holding me back coz im still waiting on my new one but other than that great Pot held up awsome only small temp swings even benching. constant 65- 70. Had a LOT of snow but boards was sealed up like ... Insert explicive metaphor here! Here some pics and il add benchs soon.
  8. It's going under tonight!!! Chose the Asus P5QC with a P4 630 for my 1st run. Shpould be fun This cpu is air clocked at 1ghz over so yeah we will see. Il see if I can get some stream going but if not photos as we go!!!!
  9. k so got my sig rig up and running again she running a rosshair V now.Pics....
  10. Nope was waiting for that. Somewhere during reseat I banged up my NB chip pretty much destroyed my mobo.
  11. Board fried from unrelated NB incident will update when new Mobo arrives.
  12. To clarify I wasn't having a go or laughing at your expense was just happy I wasn't the only person ever to do this. What DFI mobo did you blow up? Cause I just got 2 new ones in the mail.
  13. ^^^^^ This made me feel much better at least I aint the only one to make this mistake + A nothing fried achievment for me.
  14. Now I see what your talking about. Apears I may have to fire my Tech advisors lol. At the moment temps are fine better than they have been . Il swap them over when my fingers recover there raw from comp fittings at the moment. It can be fixed..Cheers for pointing this out to me. I don't know whats up with asus heatsinks but apears they work better without them LOL.
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