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    !!!Computers, games and girls!!!

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I was the child you kept tools away from, cause if I found them things came apart. Now I'm the guy most people come to for just about any electronical problems. I'm not saying I can fix anything, but I do enjoy a challenge. I have always been into electronics and have had the pleasure to watch computers go from floppy disk loading to what it is today. A absolute marvel.


Other than electronics, I enjoy fast cars, games, girls, friends, and life. Especially life, you only get one. I like to get out when I can but at $4 a gallon for the cheap stuff its hard. This is why I am thankful for video games, fast rigs, and good friends.


On nice days I take the T Tops off my 92' Camaro and head to the beach either to surf, find my next ex, or make some new friends. Can never have enough friends.

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