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  1. RabbitVCS might fill the GUI client gap in your Linux work and you can use uberSVN for your version control - much simpler than keeping them all on different computers and USB sticks :)




    Hi All,


    I am a grad student keeping my life (Matlab scripts, papers, class folders... everything) on a portable USB hard drive. From there, I keep several working copies on various computers that I work with. Some run Windows 7, some run Ubuntu... some run 32bit versions, some run 64 bit versions....

    It gets old really fast trying to manage what's changed and where amongst all these copies of the same thing. I'd really like to move to a SVN client, but I'm not sure what would work across all of these platforms. I have experience with tortoiseSVN, and I'd like to stick with a similar interface (try to avoid command line if possible).


    Any suggestions?




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