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  1. Hi guys, this is my first post and my first trip to the overclock world rsrs. And sorry for "defibrillate" this very old topic. I have the P55H-A motherboard and a I5 750 and I was wondering how to do my first overclock to something like 3.6ghz. As I said, I've never done it a overclok before, this is my first attempt to do something with my I5 750 to improve some performance in my simulation games like ARMA II, IL-2 and others. This is a "Validator" from CPU-Z. With you guys need some other information about my config, please ask me. Also I have a good 700W PSU from OCZ. Also, I've updated my BIOS to the last version (080016). Validator CPU-Z I've read you great review tacohunter52 for this MB and I was wondering with you could help me to reach to a secure overclock option. Also I bought a Cooler Master TX3 cooler to get better temps for this overclock. Thanks in advice for everyone that can help me. Luis Felipy