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    Age Of Conan

    I got ahold of another BETA account - IF you're interested PM me - you must be a member with OCC for over 6months. The download is 12gb, and installs to 24gb - so if you dont have space, don't bother. Also - from what i've heard you want a fairly quick computer to run this game (at least 8600 or equivalent graphics, with a dual core CPU)
  2. I call BS on this - but if this really is bosco and puck - Props for serious balls - Very good riding, looks fun.
  3. What services does this OS offer? Active Directory on it?
  4. p8baller07

    Age Of Conan

    Verran you have a very strong point and I agree with you on the nudity. Eitherway - I'll post screenies and let everyone know how gay, or good it is.
  5. p8baller07

    Age Of Conan

    KB, go outside. PS. All forms of TKD suck.
  6. p8baller07

    Age Of Conan

    Whos been looking into it? Looks badass, I think THIS will be the next kal. I'll be Beta testing it starting may 1st
  7. my "insult" was "jerk " or something of that nature. Sounds like the mods need to turn on their sarcasm detectors.
  8. I'd just do a raid 0+1 with a hotspare and call it a day. But this calls for more hard drives.
  9. LOL I act like this with my sister allllll the time
  10. p8baller07

    Assassin's Creed

    Im going to steal it tonight.
  11. p8baller07

    Gta 4 Preorder

    idk if i should buy a 360 :/
  12. I have both, right now only running the basic client. I have the SMP client but im still running the box cooler on my CPU and my 100% full load temps are like 68-71*c when i run the SMP. I might be ordering water cooling, or just a TRUE soon. So i'll run the SMP client once that happens.
  13. Someone care to point me to an article or something explaining, or putting some relevance behind the display image(s) in [email protected] display mode? I never took a chem / in-depth bio class in HS - and yet to take one in college. I'd like to learn what the grey,red, yellow, blue spheres are
  14. 50bucks says cancer has a cure already - the cure is just being withheld to the public. Same with AIDS, look at kobe, that dude is fine, jumping over aston martins and what-not. Anyway, I'm down for the cause anyway - I just started folding again today.
  15. my girlfriend talk...and talk....and talk....and talk....and talk....
  16. Who deleted P8baller07's insults to ya'lls mothers? THIS IS AN OUTRAGE. Ps. This thread sucks. :thumbs-up:
  17. I dont know about everyone else, but after kal I'm completely burnt out of MMORPGs. Sorry but I'm not getting involved in this one, haha. But you know what I want to say some positive about kal and playing with OCC members, running OCCult for as long i did... It was pretty cool, I honestly think I got some leadership experience from that, haha. OCCult back in the day, was pretty badass - I remember we used to get a lot of respect amoung the other players and guilds. We even got a few members on the forums from kal.. Hopefully if some serious OCC members get on that game, you guys can establish the same name.
  18. If any part of your computer is loud, you need new speakers
  19. Vista x64 works fine, and all your moms are ugly! There, insults have been issued, can we close this now?
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