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  1. This is how i build my tacos: 1 pound lean ground beef 1/4 cup all-purpose flour 1 tablespoon chili powder 1 teaspoon salt 1/2 teaspoon dried minced onion 1/2 teaspoon paprika 1/4 teaspoon onion powder dash garlic powder 1/2 cup water 12 taco shells 2 cups shredded lettuce 1 cup shredded cheddar cheese
  2. ^(^Promises to give < his Gigabyte EP45-Extreme because ^ knows that < needs it more than ^. laugh.gif) < thinks this thread is a giant circle jerk.
  3. p8baller07

    Cod5 Waw Beta

    Gonna get in now for the first time.
  4. Dude just get a new laptop. or something...ps i sold the subaru, did you ever get your new car?
  5. Do you have a carfax account? JNKCV54EX4M826532 If you do, thanks in advance. wait for what? The G37 has been out
  6. I found a 05 G35 coupe in white with brembos 43kmiles on the odo for 3.5k under blue book, driving to LA tomorrow or this weekend to make sure its not to good to be true. If all the body lines are clean and everything looks good...I might drive it home. No 08+ Subaru, not a fan of the look. and i'm ready for something a little classier, as for what year E46, 01-03. But we'll see how this G looks tomorrow.
  7. Gonna miss it Time for a G35 or a E46 M3 Another pic for giggles:
  8. Anyone else get motion sick/headaches from driving or the game in general. The Ratio's are all sorts of .ed up....Reminds me of HL2 when the FoV was 70* and you had to enter a command to make it 90* Im on a 19inch normal screen @ 1280x1024, 5:4 ratio
  9. I'd go with a different CPU, a quad core - But Im not as 'fresh' with my computer hardware as i used to be. It all changed when I got a car
  10. The expiration is likely only there because the seal between the cap and the glass isn't perfectly sealed - even the glass itself may not a complete perfect seal. Its more of a shelf life than an expiration date.
  11. Id recommend a DSLR, you can get different lenses for your different situations. I suppose a point and shoot would also work fine as well for reviews too. If you have any interest in photography though, id just get a DSLR
  12. lol... I seen tons of skinny-fat front desk jockys around nearly every gym in so cal. Working at the gym /= being fit. I personally work out 6 days a week. Monday Chest Tuesday Legs/abs Wednesday Back Thursday arms/shoulders Friday Chest / abs saturday rest Sunday Arms/Shoulders / abs
  13. I know exactly where that body shop is.. Tons of ricers and drifter wannabes in that entire area. Anyone stupid enough to take their car there deserves what came. Seriously - I'd take that to court. he drilled and messed up so many things - i'd want brand new panels, everywhere. OP - Tell that guy to take his car http://www.anaheimhillsautobody.com/ their for an estimate on the damage, he'll get a nice big juciy one to take to court. That body shop is VERY VERY expensive, but they do amazing work. They have contracts for A few benz and Acura dealerships in the area, and I see plenty of supercars go through there.
  14. I give up on MMO's AoC was the last straw for me....sucks cause it had TONs of potential...and I normally HATE mmo's after Kal Online.
  15. ...yeah dude seriously you shouldnt post that . on the internet. Its not likely the IRS will be reading a 16 year olds posts, but you shouldn't get in the habbit of bragging about that stuff. Yes, lots of people do it. But its wiser not to talk about it.
  16. ...do you have any idea how big a deal 25 seconds is around that track? 5-10hp difference in motors isn't going to give you 25 seconds. 25 Seconds is a HUGE HUGE gap, I'm very curious to hear Nissan's response to this. I also think Porchse was being ridiculously optimistic when they said race tires could equal 25 seconds on the GTR. The only explainian I can think of was like someone said, the USDM car runs of lower octane fuel, has stricter emissions requirements, and is probably heavier from all the safety, and emissions equipment required on the USDM car as opposed to the JDM vehicle.
  17. Tip to anyone, i'd suggest watching GRS over the next couple days, it should be spiking up soon to high 7's low 8's over the next week. IAG too.
  18. Hello, I'm from the future. Buy google's stock for real about sell it around December 7th 2007, then short it until march 20th 2008. You'll thank me later.
  19. If you're REALLY serious about that honda/acura. Take it to a mechanic and ask for a compression test, its like 50$ but well worth it.
  20. So when i see the word "jobs" i assume there is a salary/compensation associated with these positions?
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