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  1. I currently am using a Radeon 7500 64mb DDR. and i play EVERYTHING with it (I am not saying you can compare it to a 9800XT , lol. but its great for its price). I also own a MX440. Ill tell you the 7500 gives better FPS and graphics, for 50 bucks.I overclocked my core/ram to. 268.88/190.13 It was origanly 180/180. So it can be overclocked. As i said. Go Radeon 7500. You'll get the biggest bang for your even smallest buck
  2. It does, i was looking at some abit stuff on the motherboard, is the nf7-s worth the extra 20 compared to the normal NF7? Same over clocking features right? I see alot ram like DDR466(3500 i think) and 500. But the Mb's all say up to 400. Could i stick some ddr500 in there and it will work? What else...Oh, I resently fryed a 1.3ghz duron thanks to a Volcano 12 touching one of the trasistors on my k7sem (board is still fine...Werid huh?) Anyhow. Now i want to make sure there is plenty of room around the CPU, think i am being irrational?
  3. No thanks, on used hardware. I am sorry, but you can never be to safe. I am not saying he is not trust-worthy...just, yeah. I am gonna go with EVA's word, i have 450 to work with.
  4. Yeah, its a tbred (according to the OEM plastic box i got from my local pc store) Anywhy to be 100% sure? Spec of my system now are, AMD 2000+ 512 mb pc133 ECS k7sem Radeon 7500+ 64mb (oc'ed ) As you can see i really need a new system, but this system runs pretty well
  5. Well, i have come to a issue. I have a AMD 2000+ now (1.6ghz). Now, i can either get a 2500+ (barton)(1.8ghz) BIOSTAR nForce2 Ultra 400 "M7NCD PRO" Geil Dual Channel 184 Pin 512MB(256MBx2) DDR PC-3200 ATI RADEON 9800PRO ....Or I can keep my 2000+ Which is on a Volcano 12+, (Same the 2500+ would run on) O.C it And spend more money on ram (Get some of that corsair pro extreme, maybe) and maybe some other stuff (Not to sure) Now, i want to know how high you think i could get my 2000+ on my volcano 12. I cant O.C and find out because my Mb FSB is capped at.. 300 (which is what the cpu runs at) I have heard storys of people getting there 2500+ to Pr's of 3500+ and 3200+. Think i could do the same with my 2000+. Oh and i MIGHT use some of that extra cash on water cooling if you think it would be worth it. So, i need your help fellow overclockers. Thanks -Aimen .
  6. go for 22 then How old are you? if you got a car, save the money and go fix up your ride, or blow some on your girlfriend. -Aimen
  7. Well i went from a old 1.3ghz duron to an athlon 1.67ghz (2000+) and my mb only supports up to 133FSB, so i cant overclock. Hence my request for a good CPU overclocking program...i tryed the program they call "CPU-COOL" it was horrible. Now i need your opinion, thanks. Also some links would be nice ( ) -Aimen EDIT: NVM i am sorry, ill do a search. I forgot about that i apologize.
  8. Who cares if she wants its, she wont ###### to the cops later. -Aimen
  9. Open it, and get a nine volt battery and touch the trasistors on the mother board (the ones around the CPU) it will burn the CPU, or you can always just take out the CPU and touch it with the 9v battery... or wait. even better. Take off the CPU fan/heatsink, turn the the computer, and be prepared to buy a new computer or CPU Edit: the best thing is to take off the heatsink, but it will make some smoke. and after you take it off, put it back on of course -Aimen
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