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  1. Go to college, you have no idea how many times i've thought of dropping out of my major (Mechanical and Aerospace Eng.) but I just stuck it out and this is my last year. Yeah college isn't for everyone, but it'll offer you more opportunities than otherwise. you can do it.
  2. and it's still active 7 years later I'll have to start posting more. Some people who were members when i was a kid are still here too
  3. dont even know where to start really, since i started driving I slowly weened away from computer hardware. (while I still take interest, i find it hard to keep up the way I used to with the newest hardware) got into UCSD for mechanical engineering, and spend 90% of my time studying in the library.
  4. Wow I didn't know about this, my condolences out to his family and friends. I remember Verran being very active on these boards, specially around the time i was. He was definitely a big contributor to these boards, and helped with a lot of useful information. Take Care Buddy.
  5. The movie looks like a giant piece of .
  6. That worked i just had to chang ?id= to ?ID= Thanks!
  7. Is there a way to put the ID value in that query string?
  8. Okay so i'm trying to return all the values for "data" within the rows of a table with a delete button next to them. It all works so far, except the delete button doesnt delete mysql_select_db("alinco_alincosite", $con); $result = mysql_query("select * from news order by id desc"); $id = $_GET['ID']; if (isset($id)) { mysql_query("DELETE FROM news WHERE ID = '$id'"); echo "Post deleted!"; } while($r=mysql_fetch_array($result)) { echo $r["data"]; echo "<a href=\"?del=".$r['ID']."\">Delete</a><br />"; }
  9. Tazing is fine, kid needed it. But giving the kid a FELONY is a bit harsh, I didn't read everything, but was the kid already convicted of the felony? I think the judge will probably just assign him some community service and its a lesson learned. Worst the kid should get a misdemeanor, a felony is way to excessive and will ruin a lot of opportunities for him in the future as well as perhaps encourage him to become a career criminal I doubt felony charges will stick.
  10. An AA is useless. You don't need an AA or BS to earn 40-50k in IT. Go get a job as a helpdesk tech... If you're gonna get your AA, its a really stupid idea to get into debt over that when you can go to a community college and get an AA for next to nothing.
  11. Corporation's don't get taxed? What? lol... Flat taxation? Are you joking? Lets hope Lo is never world leader.
  12. i get bored with these games after about 48hours then use cheats to give me the best gear and higher level....then the game gets even more boring after i 1 hit everything.
  13. your brothers F4 is probably as fast as my rr.... its nearly the same bike with a few different components.
  14. Thats pretty badass.. is that exhaust stock or aftermarket.
  15. spoken like a true non-car enthusiast. Don't listen, get a stick shift car -- I promise youll only hate it in traffic but youll be 100% glad you learned. Look for 350z's, G35's, S2000's, A 90's trans am, cobra, an 01+ M3....depends on your style. the new camaro is . if thatll be in your budget edit: Your 15? get a old 240sx, or some other beater.
  16. This post has HD faggot all over it. Bought the bike for 4300 Spent another 1000+ on gear though. Riding is a blast.. Can't wait to do some track events this summer
  17. edited, camper is NOT mine...sry damn calc tests have my tired.
  18. I'm riding again. This time in white Click here for high-res Click here for high-res Click here for high-res Click here for high-res Click here for high-res
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