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    AMD Phenom 1055T x6 2.8mhz @ 4.1mhz
    Asus Crosshair IV Formula
    Crossfire 2 x XFX HD5850 750/1000 @ 985/1335
    Corsair Vengeance 2 x 4Gb (8Gb)
    Corsair H50
    G.Skills Phoenix Pro SSD 2 x 120Gb Raid 0
    Western Digital 2 x 320gb Raid 0
    Thermaltake Tough Power 750 Watt
    2x Nuctua (push/pull) and 2x Enermax fans
    No name PCI fan that works wonders!
  1. Just so you can reaffirm what I said in your thread, this is a power supply calculator:


    Using your system at 100% load and capacitor aging barely puts the system over 630W!

  2. I'm gonna run 2 x XFX HD5850's with 4 drives on my Asus Crosshair IV. Do you think my 750 Watt PSU will be powerfull enough. It has 4 x +12volt rails with 18amps each. The PSU is new but its been sitting around for a couple of years. It has 3 x PCI-E 6pins so I will have to use one of the Molex adapters for one 6 pin, The cards use 2 each. Do you guys think I will be ok? Thanks in advance.
  3. Thx for your help guys. I'll uninstall and run the driver cleaner just to be safe then boot the new board up. I'm going from a single PCIE Asus board to the Asus Crosshair IV so can run 2 HD5850's. I picked it up 120 from a friend. Sweet board!
  4. Im installing a new MB with the AMD 880FX chipset. If my previous board had the 880G chipset do you think my OS will boot up or will I have to do a reinstall? I have 2 x SSD in raid 0 so I would have to make a back up image, clean the drives then reinstall my OS. I just dont want to do the back up if it wont work to begin with. Anyone have a clue here?
  5. I've had 2 x 120gb G.Skills running in raid for 9 months and they run flawlessly. 512 write and 549 read with ATTO speed test!I have not noticed any lose of speed. My speed tests from then til now do not show any lose even though I have installed and uninstall many games and other software. It my be since it runs so fast it doesnt make a noticeable difference for a while. I backed my OS just incase I need to reset the drives and reinstall but i dont see why. Hey Greengiant!!! just find the best price per Gb and the best warranty and make the leap if you can afford it. You wont regret it.
  6. I dont get it? The score shows to be a 167 gb drive, that would be a around 200 GB drive. Your system says you have 2 Velociraptors. This doesnt make sense. What did you bench? That is more like 2x SSD on raid 0. Can you confirm something?
  7. Hello everyone, I've been reading your post and it seems like your getting some where but if not try this. When the computer freezes you need to find out if its graphics or CPU/harddrive/mother/board/memory/PSU related. When it freezes what happens when you press the CAPS key? Does it still turn off and on? If it does then your issue is graphics card, graphics driver related. Test your card on another computer and if thats ok then reinstall your OS and drivers then recheck. If the CAPS light doesnt respond then you need to look at any overheating issue. If that is ok then you need to do independant tests. You need to test each part on a different computer because testing with the possiblility of a bad Motherboard or PSU can give you false readings when you test your ram/harddrive/and CPU. If you dont have a second computer or spare parts to swap out then you should have a tech look at it. The main thing is to determine whether its Graphics related by checking the TAB button as I said then move forward. (You have a second drive right? Test with it since your getting drive problem errors. swap the drive ports and retest.) Eliminate the possiblity of the MB. Do like someone said use the second drive for your OS and retest. Dont buy nothing yet until your confirmed. Hope this helps...
  8. Hello everyone, Not to spin his head off but haven't you guys forgotton the HD5970 (256 GB memory bandwidth)? Isnt it better then all of these cards you spoken about except for the HD6990 (320 GB memory bandwidth)? A good place to check out video cards is http://www.gpureview.com/show_cards.php.
  9. I'm familier with that. I learned from the techs when I worked for Tigerdirect here in Miami. I dont know my CFM totals but I'm sure I have positive airflow, plus we clean our house A/C filter every month! I am gonna add 1 x 80mm thin fan blow hole on the top cover to help exhaust the video card heat once I add the 2nd card. Thx for the info again Red! I'm gonna crash now!!! its getting late.....I'll keep you posted on my rig later. Peace!
  10. I'll take a look at the aluminum ones...thx. I love showing off the inside so red and black of the video cards and the motherboard will look hot! I've had the case for about 10 months now. Freaken high maintanance as you well know! I clean the fans and radiator by hand and the case I blow out with air and use a microfiber cloth. It takes about 20-25 minutes since the case is rather small. Thank God for microfiber! I honestly dont want to add anything but I was just wondering if there was anything special I havent seen in a filter.
  11. Thx Stoner ....Its Acrylic and kinda tuff to keep clean. I love it though. Funny you asked, I was just gonna ask if anyone could recommend the best intake dust filter I could use that wont cut airflow. Not too much at least! I was looking at DEMCiflex. There in Africa though!!
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