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    Hello all!

    I am regularly on overclock.net and joined this forum and have not posted an introduction yet. I do [email protected] when i can, build computers, remove viruses and fix software issues, and mod computers for better cooling and looks.
  2. The new acer 3d monitor has vesa as it is a upgrade from the Acer GR235H. According to this article http://3dvision-blog.com/tag/acer-hr274h/ there is also going to be a smaller version of it which is named Acer GR235H http://3dvision-blog.com/tag/acer-hr274h/
  3. I bought a seagate goflex desk 3tb usb 3.0 on black Friday for s great price but, I don't know whether to buy a sata II card or a usb 3.0 adapter card for my motherboard ot have faster speeds. My motherboard is a gigabyte ma-790x-ud4p so, it does not recognize the 3tb hdd correctly and no usb 3.0 so i need a sata controller that works with a 3tb hdd or a usb 3.0 controller and I have no idea which would be better.
  4. Build you're own or pay more.

  5. Thanks hardware manufacturers for this Great Contest.
  6. I will be powering a amd phenom II x4 940 3.3ghz OC and pushing it higher, 4gb of gskill ddr2-800 ram, ati radeaon hd 5770, creative x-fi titanium sound card, cpu only water cooling loop, a 1tb hdd and 250gb hdd, along with 3 110cfm fans. It will replace my ultra x2 740 watt ineffeciant power supply.
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