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  1. Thanks guys for another great contest. For as long as I can remember, OCC has always had some pretty epic contests and giveaways. This one is by far the best!
  2. Poor Bosco. I'll draw the names for him! (Please send bribes in the form of unmarked $100 bills)
  3. Had the same thing happen to me when I swapped my new Asus Z170i into the new case. Went through all the usual troubleshooting. Pulled video card. No dice. Pulled all ram. It boots. Plugged ram back in 1 stick at a time... No dice. Ended up taking the processor out, blowing compressed air across the socket, and giving the pads a quick whipe down. Rebuilt everything and it worked. Seems like the new sockets are a little finicky to physical movement?
  4. Instead of being vague, Just come out with what rule you thought I broke. The only one remotely on the list is the time/posts, which should be a non issue. My username, for whatever reason, was not recoverable. Even asking for Boscos help months ago. Ended up having to re-register. There was a point in time where mods would send the person a PM, and give them a heads up.... Is that not the OCC way anymore?
  5. Didn't see where it said I couldn't do this... but... Looking to move my Walther PK380 on to a new home. $325, and done through FFL/Dealer
  6. Have an extra optical drive kicking around? Fan controller? (Is that even a thing anymore? Lol) Throw random ideas at me. I'd rather trade/barter...
  7. Let m figure out what it will cost to ship.. I need some 120mm fans. Trade ya?
  8. Just ordered a new case.... This Core V1 is way too small, and the advertised dimensions do not match what the cases specifications are in the manual that comes with it. Couldn't install the 980. Just didn't fit Anyone want a cheap mITX case? My wife is going to fucking kill me. Ordered a Corsair Carbide Series 88R to try. It's a tower style case, but it should fit where I need it to go inside a cabinet. I'm going to end up ducting the fans into to the outside of the cabinet...
  9. Fire_Medic

    The Onion

    Curious to see what you get out of that i7 for an overclock. I just barely started messing with my i5 6600k and it seems to do quite well...
  10. Sorry bud, but if you go up a couple posts you can see exactly what I ordered... Upgraded to an i5 6600k, and avoided the Gigabyte board when I first started looking. Gigabyte was shit when I first started building computers, MSI wasn't far behind. Asus and DFI were the kings of the market, and I stuck with a name I knew. My choice of retailers was limited (Prime Rewards CC, for example through Amazon). Having the ability to gain rewards, and getting two day shipping was incentive enough. The only bits I'm waiting for are the second SSD and the video card which are expected later in the week.
  11. What are y'all using for monitoring your builds as your establishing your OC? Just coming back into it... Starting from basically zero knowledge again.
  12. Is anyone else using the OCC twitch? There's a group of is that play together, and once my new build is complete I'll be streaming again
  13. I'm just here like... Will you be my valentine, Mrs. Titan GPU?
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