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    my 1st build

    my case is here and my cpu too coparing the back of the 2600k to a p4 was funny After removing the power supply I noticed It seems better then I initially thought.Its modular and has an 82% efficiency enremax is the brand. It has a golden grill which looks cool an so far cable management looks clean. Now my Disc drives are old but they do the job so I wont be replacing them but... they have IDE connectors. Those cables are humongous and ugly. So are there any limitations if I go with a converter Like this one (sry its german) will I be able to connect both drives to it? The idea is to have 1 sata cables going to my mother board not one ide. also another concern Is the air flow.I have a 140mm fan in the front (in) 120mm in the back (out) 120mm side (in) and the power supply right under it which takes air out of the case. It seems like most of the air is channeling at the bottom of the case. so I wont be able to controll the fan speed of the side fan since it has 3pin that kinda sucks Its the cooler master fan witch came with the case Its an blue led fan. I guess I replace it the colour doesnt fit my build anyway.(guess I cant turn the leds off now can I...) 3 pin Molex connectors on my dark wings fans too omg I thought they are high end so they will be running at full speed all the time ? oh and 1 more thing. Can I keep my gts 450 for gaming and buy a quadro 2000 put both cards in and switch between them in windows?
  2. Pollak

    my 1st build

    THX for the help I do game a little but not much I have no time for it atm,I wont go with a sli setup I just didnt want my card go to waste. will buy a 560ti instead, probably next month along with a power supply and some fans....(boght a be quite! dark fan 140mm) speaking of fans the SpinQ VT CPU cooler seems like a bad choice it probably would not fit in my case, It looks super nice tho. corsair H50 seems nice why do fans have a 3pin connector and the mobo has 4pin connectors for fans on it ? that's my biggest concern now anyway I will post once I get my parts
  3. Hi I'm building my 1st pc... As you probably know there is a lot of stuff u´ll have to learn so the last week I tried to build a decent imaginary pc with a 550€ budget. I need a nice CPU for 3D rendering I use Maxwell Render (uses multiple threads and needs lots of ram). I kinda want a nice looking build too and a future proof one Asus Maximus IV GENE-Z S1155 Z68 micro-ATX 160€ Intel Core i7 i7-2600K 3,40 GHz Prozessor Quad-core 240€ Thermaltake SpinQ VT 50€ ATX Midi Cooler Master Elite 430 Black 50€ 8GB DDR3 RAM 1600MHz-CL9 RipjawsX 2x4GB G-SKILL(will update later to 16GB) 50€ I still have DVDRW/sata´s and a.... 1.GTS450 I dont know if I should go dual sli with 2 450`s or buy a 2gb GTX 560TI later this year....??? 2.I have a "new" modul 82+ 425w will this be enough for this system ??? (OC) 3.Are there any compatibility issues I oversaw ? 4.Will all this fit into the case and onto MOBO? 5.Could I do better with my limited budget 6.will there be/are there 6core cpu´s for the 1155 socket? (updating in 2 years.....) 7.Dual sli gives me 8x PCIe on the MIVZ but there isn't much of a difference between 8x and 16x right? 8.What about the RAM what should I look for? Is the RAM I chose any good? anyways thx 4 help in advance and sorry for my poor English skills++ srry If I destroyed your forums with this thread...
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