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  1. Well I was going to use the fans the h100 came with as the pulling fans... and whatever works best for the pushing.. the rosewilk fans are for the gpu cooler brackets I made. Unless you find I need to get 2 for the h100 also.. my computer build folder in fb was made public temporary so that you may look at what I have set up. If needed ill get 6 of whatever is the difference is to much butbif the rosewill are 87 cfm pushing and the corsair fans are 75cfm I don't see a big issue but you better at this lol... didn't think my cell would let me post here so I can talk when I got a free min
  2. Noise isnt so much a issue for me. but airflow is. please sugest away. anything BLUE led. Naming my machine ColdSoul when completed. I know for a fact the Rosewill i was considering are loud but good airflow but without noise being a factor would those rosewill's be good as far as blowing threw the H100 instead of the sharks. im used to buying the rosewill fans and the logisys 69CFM led fans in past builds. i dont mind the humming from the computer. Looks good and effective is what i want. i was considering the sharks mainly for air pressure reason sence it does say high pressure in witch i would assume would be great for rad's. granted the 87CFM rosewill i saw advertise more airflow and i had exp with them myself b4. if thats a good choice ( not accounting for noise factor ) i'll go with those or the coolermaster version of that fan. witch i think is cheaper then the rosewill's. there is a link to my public FB folder with current case im putting together. the fans you will see installed atm are just place holders. the coolermaster fan is goign to be my rear exhuast fan. the fan at a angle looks like it touch's the drive cage but it doesnt and would take alot of force to get it too. lol. I got 3 months to mess around with my build. and mainly the extra fans for GPU's are temp untill i can get a water cooler for them also.. i dont have a photobucket account or havnt a clue how to post a pic on forums. i do not BLOG much or forum much at all. but im desperate for advice concerning products i have no exp with. just trying my best to stick to the BLUE them. the Rad is offset just slightly witch you will see in pictures . watched a vid with a guy that sugested that for this case. but he was useing Noctua fans witch seem to be nice but ugly as heck lol. and he was overclocking like a beast. granted its 11:15 am were im at im leaving for work myself i wont be home untill about 9pm. i seen u give advice on other topics you seem to know your stuff so i look forward to any more info you have.
  3. Hello. I have a Corsair 600t case. it will be about 3 months untill i start buying computer parts for it. ( MD,ram,CPU,Vidcards. ) getting that stuff with tax's. Going with a new AMD FX build. Thus far i have bought my case (corsair 600t) and my H100. I Modded the case so i can install a push pull system with the H100. On the top of the case i have my Corsair fans that came with the H100 hiding on top all nice and neatly under the honey comb cover. I was seriously considering these http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835129056 areocool shark fans blue LEDS 82 CFM Im sticking with a Blue them to the case. i wish the COUGAR fans others like so much came in a blue instead of orange fan blades. Are these shark fans good. will they do the job? my future specs will be a AMD FX (4/6/8) core. gigabyte UD3 16g corsair 1600 ram. 2 either HIS or XFX 256bit 1g cards in crossfire. want to OC the cpu to 4.0ghz and a possible 4.2 or 4.4 turbo. all the CPU's go way above that . a moddest OC i would assume nothing major. upgrading from a 3.2 deneb black edition. so from a L2 and L3 point of view its a upgrade even at stock settings. took out top harddrive bay for more flow form my coolermaster megaflow 200m fan and made a bracket to hold another 120 fan closer to vid cards and on bottom of case another bracket at a 45degree angle for another 120mm dan currently getting a couple rosewill 87CFM fans for those. will be my first build with 2 video cards. useing a rosewill lightning series 1000w PSU. going to get a SSD either from scandisk sata 2 or maybe a sata3 from corsair. and a 320 gig seagate 16mb cache harddrive for storage. my SSD cards will be 120gig or better, Im building a computer to last. not burn up and catch on fire from OCing like mad. but i would like to just to say i can. my soul purpose with this build is to run Win 7 and Diablo 3 currently thats only game im interested in . yes im in BETA and its awesome. any help with the fans issue for the H100 would be awesome. have my heart set on those sharks. (blue theme) but any thoughts on my build. please post. spending approx $600 on case before tax's and then my limit is $1200 on parts. I love AMD. nothign agaist intel they are better. but im a AMD guy.
  4. Hello. name is Teklow. I have a TA880gb+ biostar mainboad.. and a socket 955 AMD phenom II x4 3.2ghz i cannot get the auto OC'ing to work from MB. ive tried a few differnt programs and all have failed. due to ram cannot OC well. Now i used the AMD overdrive thats a apart of my AMD vision center controller. it runs a "auto tune CPU" function. well takes about 5 mins to test eavh 100mhz it goes higher. i let it get to 3.9 ghz. but at 4.0ghz system shut down at 50c ish.. well 70c is max and the MB set to shut off at 65c. so i would assume my system wont run stable at 4.0ghz.. i have a ZALMAN 9900nt cooler.. ad i have a haf 932 case and i have a giant push pull airflow leadinf from front of case to rear of case so that the air cooler gets plenty of cool air. granted im just testing limits just to see what i can do. im happy at the factory 3.2ghz but i seen peeps post they can get this CPU to 4.4ghz stable. so.. if anyone can maybe shed some light for me please message me. i added a CPU-z and speedfan pic. that temp was just after the auto tune so it was still cooling down a little bit. if i keep at 3.7ghz 36c idle and 43c loaded.. is that good?
  5. Hello this is mu current system AMD phenom II x4 955 3.2ghz deneb black edition zalman 9900nt 120mm cpu cooler 12 gig's ddr3 10666 ta880gb+ biostar xfx 5770HD 1gig currently a 550w psu i have a HAF 932 advancents case. i just finsihed saving my $ up for it. hard to do with 3 kids and 4th on the way. i am hoping to get a XFX 6800-6900 series video card 2gig or better i plan on replacing all the 230mm fans with smaller more 120mm CFM flow fans soon.. areocool sharks to be exact. i made a few homemade mods to susspend fans in certain hot spots. a new PSU would make a awsome edition. granted my case will take a long time to finish but i think it will be worth it in the end.
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