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  1. Not of the GPU. I know, it sucks bad. I'm talking about the voltages of the CPU.
  2. And what about the voltages?? How they interfere?? It's good to tweaking it??
  3. Oh, I don't know. Sapphire maybe??
  4. Even at 100% of usage, I rarely get to over 52° C (125° F) with my GPU and normally here, in Rio de Janeiro at this time of the year, between 20-35° C (77-95° F). What do you mean by "brand"?? I have both CPU-Z and GPU-Z. What I look for on them??
  5. I do. I got PC-Tweaker and Speed Fan monitoring the CPU temp and the Afterburner monitoring the GPU temp I know, right?? Folks, my main problem here is the GPU. Anyone have comments on how to overclock that, without getting that black screen?? Ask anything you see necessary and I will answer.
  6. I tried to do this through MSI Afterburner and the CCC but no matter what, I always get a black screen in games and benchmarks. Plus, according to this -> http://www.overclockersclub.com/reviews/sapphire_hd5670_1gb/6.htm , I should be able to put bigger values than 850 through the afterburner, but i'm not, and the clock speed, in the catalyst, I'm limited to 950 and in the afterburner, to 870. Any opinions??
  7. I know that but I can't upgrade my GPU right now. Money is short. Here in Brazil, things like those are sold almost 3x the original price due to importation costs, so, right now, I can't. What could I do with this GPU, I mean by means of overclock, so I get better FPS. I know and already did lowered the game specs.
  8. Hello folks. I'm a total noob in overclock. I want to become a connoisseur of the subject. My main reason to do it is that I don't have enough money to spare to buy top-line components, and have to use a little more modest components and I would like to extract the very last bit of juice out of them. So i bought a PC last month that fitted my budget. I bought with some serious help, both from the vendor and from my cousin because I'm too not very knowing of which component goes better with which. My PC is a: PII X4 840 processor Mainboard MSI NF725M-P43 2 memory cards, 2Gb DDR3 each with Max. Band 667 MHz and a Radeon HD5670 GPU My main doubts are those 1) First and foremost, my computer can successfully be overclocked, so I get a better performance at games?? Because in games like AC 2 and Borderlands, if I don't put the quality of everything from mid to low on AC 2 and turn off the shadows in Borderlands, I barely make it to 30 fps and on high demand moments, sometimes I even get 8 to 10 fps. 2) The performance of the CPU interfere in any manner in the visual and 3D performance, i.e. a overclocked CPU can make render and 3D features more efficient and faster?? 3) The Overheat Bogeyman . The question here is how critical is a good cooling system?? I only have the fan that pulls the air from outside the PC cabinet and a fan on top of the processor.
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