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  1. [CPU] i7-2600k @ 4.5GHz 1.37v LLC off [MB] Gigabyte P67A-UD7-B3 [RAM] 4GBx2 Corsair Vengeance CMZ8GX3M2A1600C7R [GPU] MSI Nvidia GTX660 TI Power Edition @ 1089MHz Core, 3606MHz Memory [screen] LG D2343 [PSU] Corsair HX750w (Silver efficiency one) [HDD] OCZ Vertex 4 128GB for Operating System [HDD] Seagate 3TB x 6 [Case] CM Storm Trooper [CPU Cooling] Thermalright Silver Arrow [sound] Logitech Z-5500 Digital [sound] Roccat Kave [Mouse] Roccat Kone[+] [Mouse Mat] Corsair MM200XL [Keyboard] Logitech G510 Country: South Africa
  2. I play borderlands 2 most of the time that i actually play games, its with a MSI GTX660TI PE... the framerate dips are worse with a 4.2GHz oc than with a 4.5GHz oc, on which they are almost non-existant...
  3. What I meant to say with the framerate thingy, I notice that my framerate dips when looking at larger environments, without the gpu using more power to keep it at vsync, where with the 4.5ghz, i do not really get the framerate dips...which is odd cause 0.3ghz is really not that much! Anyhow it appears that I just needed to find a new sweet spot vcore for 4.5ghz (currently 1.370v, llc off) after updating my bios, though this is running quite hotter than i am used to. PC has been stable for 22 hours now with that 1.370v (still using EIST), though it hasn't been doing much except for DLNA transcoding every now and then...
  4. 4.2 GHz with 1.325v and llc off works just fine for stability, but it affects my framerate in borderlands2 for some unknown reason, bottlenecking everything...
  5. So I guess the major part of the problem is windows 8, borrowed a windows 7 hdd from another pc and I can go above 4.5GHz: tried 4.8 GHz with 1.38v and LLC lvl6, completed 5 runs in linx, but reaching 78 degrees celcius. Boot windows 8 again and it fails right on the log in screen after entering my password
  6. Updated my bios to F7 and disabled c3/c6, also using turbo to reach 4.5 ghz on all cores, where i used to run 4.5 as stock speed with only EIST and power savings on for 1.6ghz idling. With LLC disabled i can run linx stably with 1.365v (scoring 108 Gflops), which is quite a bit higher than what I'm used to. What I meant with "short stints" was basically disable everything and only boot with the ssd for benchmarking..
  7. That's sad... guess I will need to upgrade by the time haswell gets here? But was 1.305v high for a 24/7 oc?
  8. Hi Guys, One of my friends suggested i post here regarding my overclocking issues with my 2600k and age (maybe also windows 8...) The CPU used to be a decent overclocker, able to do 5.1 GHz on 1.385v and LLC lvl 10 for shorter stints (staying below 80 degrees celcius), and 4.5ghz as my 24/7 oc using 1.305v and LLC lvl7, super stable and always below 65 degrees celcius. Recently I upgraded to windows 8 (had the release preview and then used the upgrade discount), and since then i've had trouble getting my pc to boot up on anything above 4.5ghz (even tried 1.45v LLC 7 for 4.6GHz), and even on 4.5Ghz it is not stable for any decent length of time, giving me "machine check exeption" or "system service exception" or "dpc watchdog violation" bsod names, all going away once I back off the OC to something like 4.2 GHz on 1.32v and LLC off... I've had this CPU for just about two years now, on the same gigabyte p67a-ud7-b3, the same silver arrow cpu cooler and the same corsair HX750w psu (the silver efficiency one) Is this only processor aging? Is my chip dying? Could it maybe even be my motherboard or psu?
  9. Hi Guys, Can anyone possibly explain to me why my logitech G510 keyboard's driver software (v8.20.74) would cause my graphics card not to clock down? After a normal start-up and few minutes idling, Afterburner reports my GTX570 to be around 55'C ish with no overclocking anywhere, and 55% fanspeed (due to the 1:1 curve I set in Afterburner) If I exit only the logitech software, my gpu temps drop down to 40'C... I am stumped... Afterburner reports no GPU core usage when the software is running, and, using nvidia inspector to manually set the clocks down to their minimum seems to ease the temps only a little bit (48'C)
  10. $15? that sounds like a lot... I pay only R70 for them... 5.1GHZ needs 1.44v on my UD7 with that load line on 9 (10 gives bsods as windows starts)... this causes like 87'C before I get a bsod on not enough vcore.. which is way too high for any 24/7 oc IMO I use CoreTemp and the average of the readings it gives me ambient is usually close to 20'C, as I only play with my pc at nights. You think 4.8GHZ with 1.35v is nice... try 4.0GHZ on 1.1v, I never see 55'C... I haven't tried the OCCT thingy yet... will figure it out tomorrow night..
  11. Delta fans? No thanks... just wanted to try my luck with ''normal'' type fans for air cooling... these TY-140s are really cheap these days
  12. I bought the vengeance ram because I really got tired of my previous OCZ Plats which would bsod a lot - apparently related to SB not wanting to give 1.8v to the ram... the majority of the fans are connected to my motherboard headers, and speedfan says they are running at around 1200rpm... Sidepanel fans are on the Storm Trooper's fan controller, set to max speed
  13. So you reckon I won't get 5.1GHZ on air alone...?
  14. Hey Guys, This will be my first post on OCC and I didn't want it to be something silly, but how many TY-140s are enough?? What I'm trying to achieve is 5.1GHZ OC on my 2600k with only air without exceeding 80'C on Linpack with AVX My current setup involves a CM Storm Trooper with 11 fans total: 2xTY-140s bottom 2xTY-140s on the side panel 2xTY-140s On my Silver arrow (Middle and rear, as my RAM is in the way for front) 1xTY-140 Rear 1x Stock CM 200mm Top fan 2x Stock CM 120mm Red LED fans on the hdd cages (Power supply fan) Should I get 2 more for the top, and replace that noisy 200mm 110cfm fan? Also, when first playing with the fan layouts, I tried to put 3xTY-140s in front, and it actually worked - except I could not fit the bottom HDD cage properly That could be 12 TYs total, and positive case pressure, which is sure to help my GTX570, as it has that reference box cooler
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