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  1. Hey Zashman, where's this worklog of yours?? Parts came in yesterday, PC together now...you didn't even put up a pic of it all laid out at work like I did Nah, hope it's all going well and that you get to test out some games on her tonight...but make sure you post some pics up! Cheers, Craig
  2. Take a look at my component list thread I linked above then as that was basically my goal as well, a gaming machine that wouldn't need touching upgrade wise for the next 4-5 years. If that's the case then you don't necessarily need to worry about accommodating the next generation architecture since by the time you go to build a new system again, it will most likely have all changed again anyway. You probably don't need to go the 2700K as I was told by many that the 2600K in my build was overkill and that the i5 would do the trick, but like me you are probably trying to over-engineer as much as possible (within your budget constraints) to get the longest performance life out of her and narrow that chance of having to upgrade down the track before due time. Cheers, Craig
  3. Gagzila

    Nyt Ryda's Rig

    Sorry Nyt Ryda but your thread is not worthy of the "beware 56K users" warning ....not when compared to mine Kickarse build though! Your Extreme Beast definitely sounds like an absolute killer machine...now you just need to pull it all of you desk, clean it and put it all back on tidily...but that's just how I roll Cheers, Craig
  4. Hi Riftrunner, Looks good so far, I think you could get away with a UD5 or even a UD3 mobo as it has two PCIe slots appropriately spaced for running two double slot GPU cards, has dual channel memory and probably everything else you need from what you've said so far. Others on here will be able to help you a lot more if you post some more detail about your end goal of what you hope to build the PC for - gaming, video editing, graphics design, etc. Also if gaming, what kind of games and what resolution and FPS you are hoping to run them at. It may help to checkout some other threads as well such as mine as I just built a 2600K system with two AMD GPUs in crossfire for an eyefinity setup. Here's my component discussion thread and there are some FPS benchmarking results on page 6 of my worklog thread. I'm not fully up to speed on model numbers for each architecture but with the release of Intel's new Ivy-Bridge range of CPUs and AMD 7000 series of new GPUs on the horizon, many will advise to hold off if at least to get better prices on current architecture stock or grab the new stuff when it comes out. You could also buy a compatible mobo now that will allow you to upgrade to the new stuff in the near future if you want to go that way. Cheers, Craig
  5. Gagzila

    New Rig

    I just finished building my new rig a couple of weeks back and I get excited just looking at it still, let alone experiencing its FPS crushing performance or when it all came in and was all sitting there on the table in 30 or so boxes simply awaiting assembly Your new build sounds pretty good, will definitely blow your old one clear out of the water! Post up a worklog with plenty of pics as others on here will definitely enjoy the journey with you Cheers, Craig
  6. Thanks Waco, between a few other reviews, previous comments by others on here and now your own, this really helps confirm they are operating as normal. I thought that they may be and that the benchmarking software was simply a good tool for comparison in testing changes but not against factory specs, this definitely confirms it. I can't say I've been unimpressed with the speed things actually load and transfer when copying / installing...definitely an SSD addict Cheers, Craig
  7. Hi Everyone, Finally got round to doing those game benchmarks I kept saying I would do, so tired now though as I have been going at it for the last 4-5 hours...so need to hit the sack So basically using the inbuilt FRAPS benchmark tool to output a 120 second Min/Max/AvgFPS excel spreadsheet, I have setup scenarios where I was fairly accurately able to recreate the test bed for running these benchmarks of which I ran 3 times on factory default clock speeds and then another 3 times on full OC settings that I have tested successfully so far. All game settings were maxed out for all tests, the only changing factor was the clock settings. I then decided to do a 3rd run on default clock speeds with just Anti Analysing set back to x1 and in the case of Aliens vs Predator I also turned off the Dx11 Advanced Shadows as they do squat in terms of noticeable image differences when playing or even when stopped and specifically looking for them....the results speak for themselves So a quick run down of the scenarios: rFactor Starting dead last on the grid in a pack of 30 competing cars with all viewable and a sunny clear day to be able to see everything, basically started the benchmark from when the lights went green till 2min ticked over and it stopped itself automatically. I would simply overtake about 3/4 of the field, showing plenty of vehicles across 3 monitors () and then fighting my way up through the rest racing on the Nurburgring GP circuit which then leads into the famous 1920s built, 22+km / 170 corner track (though I don't get far with only 25 or so seconds left by the time I get into it) Aliens vs Predator Playing the Jungle level from the Marine missions, it goes through a range of indoor and wide outdoor areas with a lot of atmospheric effects with plenty of Aliens trying to kill you (even on easy) which gives the Dx11 tessellation plenty of opportunities to show them off. For the third run I basically disable Advanced Shadows and put AA back to x1 which gives a huge FPS increase while the game still remains looking superb, Tessellation is the only changeable Dx11 extra feature that is worth leaving on as it makes the Aliens head look a lot rounder and smoother and better depth of field. To test I worked out a regular path from the start of the level to trek each time, remembering which way to look, a couple of pan shots to take in all the beautiful scenery and tried to play out the same actions each time. The consistency of the averaged results I think say I was fairly successful Battlefield: Bad Company 2 I went the Snowblind level in this game on easy, as it really stood out visually with the high contrast of the white snow and sun reflecting of it all and making everything glow. Same thing on this one, start benchmarking at the start of the level. Have a look left, right and then set of sprinting after my squad, battle my way through a few engagements using different attacking animations, making explosions and scoping in at times. Was harder here to maintain an exact action replay each time but managed fairly well since it's a pretty heavily scripted game between the actual fights. Starcraft 2: Wings Of Libery Wasn't sure straight off how to do this one, then found I had a replay saved of the one and only game I've played of it so far...not a huge battle or anything but with the FPS I saw in testing, I'm not worried at all ...what I did was replay the 19 minute long game and sped it up 8 times so everything was rendering at 8x and the game could get to a stage within the testing period where there was a fair few units on screen. Basically the game never bothered the rig, though you can tell that it relies on the CPU much more because of all the unit multitasking going on. I also played one normal game on the same map which I attempted to setup the base the same as the replay game and have about the same number of units on screen and then ran a normal benchmark over 1min 40sec...on default clock speeds it averaged 10 FPS more than the OC average, basically because it wasn't rendering everything 8 times faster. Edit: I forgot to mention that this game was only run at 1920x1080 as the game locks out eyefinity / multi-monitor resolutions (though it can easily do it) and you have to modify game files to make it work which is a quick way to having your online account banned, meaning I can’t play the game so wasn’t going to risk that. Basically the developers think it gives an unfair advantage over other single monitor players as you can see the whole width of some maps, though I don’t see the advantage as your viewable area before the cloak of war hides everything still only extends the same amount. I found OC definitely helped but not as much as expected in the higher end FPS games (especially AVP, it's such a dog for graphic processing) and I believe this to be that most of the games rely heavily on the GPUs which I could only OC a further 50MHz over the default MSI OC of 850MHz. I do plan to try reflashing my two HD6950s to the HD6970 BIOS to unlock the shaders and clock speeds of that card and if I am successful I will revisit these games again in another full OC round. I will also be benchmarking Battlefield 3 and TES V: Skyrim once they turn up (can't wait ) so keep an eye on this thread for more testing. I also plan to run OCCT and Prime95 on my 5GHz OC to see how she actually holds up over time, will post results when I get round to it That's it for tonight, seey....
  8. Not many people these days and most likely no one on here LOL ... nevertheless I thought I would warn anyone that still is, maybe using a hotel's 56k service or a mobile connection with a limited data plan Stay tuned people, finally doing some game benchmarks. Just finished the first run of rFactor on standard clocks, basically doing 3 two minute FRAPS benchmark runs to get a more averaged result and will try to keep each run as similar to each other as possible if the game doesn't have it's own inbuilt graphic testing feature. Cheers, Craig
  9. That's good news Terano, should hit up the Uni at court to cover any court fees, lost time and stress felt by yourself if it's a sure win...even if you win, you've still had to endure the stressful process and are out of pocket through no fault of your own Cheers, Craig
  10. So let me get this straight...your uni changed their mind about when they wanted some fees paid up by, meaning you were over due and because of this, are taking you to court of which you now need to pay court fees? Thats ****ed up, what a bunch of ****wits! I definitelty wouldn't take that lying down, that's retarded and simply wrong! Please correct me if I haven't quite nailed it, either way though good luck getting it sorted out ASAP. Cheers, Craig
  11. That really sucks Terano! ...all the best with it and I hope it doesn't take you long to get back to spec-ing out and ordering your PC build Cheers, Craig
  12. I've just finished setting up my build with the exact same case and did as Ed has said, just have the fan facing down so it draws air in through the bottom filter inlet. Also make sure the rear 120mm fan is mounted the right way to pull air out of the case so that your air stream comes in the front and goes out the back and top. Cheers, Craig
  13. No worries at all Fogel Thanks for putting some time in researching into the matter, will definitely be looking into it more once I get home myself. I will grab the latest drivers as well, I've only updated the firmware but didn't think at the time to do the drivers as well...it was a late night again so brain wasn't 100% Thanks Kwok for the kind words, I really am starting to love the new rig now...had some little battles over the last couple of weeks but pretty much iron them out 1 by 1 and am almost to the point of not having to worry anymore and just get to play on it Your son will love gaming with the new gen of tech about to come out, good luck with the build....make sure to do a work log like I did with lots of pics Cheers, Craig
  14. That's a good idea Medbor, will try that out and see how I go regarding the SSDs. For the voltage, I used the XMP mode in the BIOS which automatically updates memory and power settings for the OC your running, PC voltage just sits on auto and seems fine. LOL, fair enough...my typing wasn't the most legible last night either typing replies...had to correct myself many times and edit a post or two Definitely have the right ports as per listed in the mobo manual. Will try finding a review on the SSDs and running the same benchmark software to see what I get. Cheers, Craig
  15. Hi Fogel, Your post seems about as coherent as Michael's (Stonerboy) was in my Drives and Storate forum thread As El_Capitan so exactly described my setup in that thread, my setup is as below: Marvel Sata 6GB port 1 - Spare Marvel Sata 6GB port 2 - DVDRW Drive Intel Sata 6GB port 1 - 120GB SSD Intel Sata 6GB port 2 - 60GB SSD Intel Sata 3GB port 1 - 2TB HDD Intel Sata 3GB port 2 - 2TB HDD Intel Sata 3GB port 3 - 2TB HDD Intel Sata 3GB port 4 - 2TB HDD When you say lack of HDD speed I assume you mean SSD speed? As that is what I was asking about LOL. And when you say driver support for 2TB and above, do you mean for the HDDs? As yeah the SSDs are only 60 and 120GB. The 4TB from my RAID10 setup is working beautifully as you can see in the above screenshot. I've updated their firmware to 2.15 to combat the SSD disappearing issue. I thought maybe I needed a tool to align the start of the data better but from what I've seen in before and after benchmarks, it's only a marginal increase in performance, like an extra 50mb/s on say the SEQ test where I'm at half speed compared to the specs. But then do people think the AS SSD results are directly comparable to factory specs? As I remember reading, it's a self made benchmark program by some programmer that misses out on support on a few things and is just good for a general comparison when changing / updating settings? Cheers, Craig
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