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  1. Hello, I am using some Toshiba 3tb drives for storage that I had to buy during the great hard drive panic awhile ago. Nothing else was in stock or was crazy high priced. So these are not my ideal/favorite drives. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16822149389 Now I use defraggler to monitor my drives and It noticed some Ultra DMA CRC error counts on both of them 45 in the first and 9 in the second. It hasn't changed for quite some time so I figured it would be a non issue. Well I just transferred some more data to it and today it came back with a total of count of 55. Now to transfer files I use Teracopy and copy the files to the new drive CRC check them then manually delete the originals. All the data I've transferred has check out OK according to Teracopys CRC checks. So according to Teracopy everything has copied perfectly but my drive is still showing more errors. Which should I go off of? I was told a UDMA error meant that the original attempt failed and it had to try again but the data should still be intact. But then I've read the opposite... Or that it might be a cable error. Should I get better housings for the drives with better USB cables? Please help me out guys.
  2. Hello guys, It's been a long while since I needed to post here. But now I'm raging and I need some advice. It's kinda along story. The original three are all from the "G-Force" line I am a long time user of fantom drives. I own five now and out of those my three earlier purchases have been exceptional. my first a 320gb that I finally replaced because I wanted more storage and installed in my tower... My second a 1tb Hitachi HDS721010CLA332 1000.2 which runs @ 7,200RPM w/ 32mb cache and runs at a cool 30 degrees C or max ever was 37 C according to my PC. My third a 2tb Samsung HD204UI that runs @ 5,400 I think w/ 32mb cache and hasn't ever reached 35 degrees C (this is my favorite for its size, temp, and performance) wish I could still buy them... SUPER HAPPY @ this point with these 'old' Fantom Drives. Now fast forward and I decided to back up these drives and use new fantoms and store the old ones... Since all these are out of production I look at their high end G-Force3 BLACK series. Which claim to be the best and fastest drives available but I can't find any hard numbers. So old ones were good so... I purchase two GF3B200U32 drives basically 2tb w/ 32mb cache using USB3.0 (only using 2.0 right now) This things completely SUCK. Just total garbage. They have SeaGate ST2000DL003-9VT166 green drives in them... First HARDLY a great choice for their "performance" line Second the cache doesn't seem to work with any PC I try it with Third they put of SO much heat under load I'm looking at 61 Degrees C!? they idle @ 40C... unacceptable especially with greendrives. Unless this is the new normal and I missed it? And the best for last... THE DRIVE IS REFURBISHED! I about lost it. Selling an external harddrive as new and then having a Refurbished drive in it? you have to be joking. And the newer one of the two bought them a few months apart is showing signs of failure... Hooray. I will be contacting Fantom but I don't expect much. So that's what happened. Sorry for the long story but I felt I should explain the issue so you can better help my situation. I need to acquire some NICE 2tb drives to replace these crap drives ASAP. possibly enclosures as well. So i'd like something that runs cool. 30 Degrees @ idle sub 40 under load would be ideal. Has a decent cache. Has S.M.A.R.T. Isn't a Seagate. (I am a little bitter) Is 2tb or more and is reliable. I try and only write the files to the disk once to increase longevity. If you took the time to read this I really appreciate it.
  3. Not entirely sure? I've paid progressively more and more. I don't have alot of money but I don't mind paying for quality stuff. I'll check out those 2.1 Pro Medias I know the local best buy has one instock maybe i'll grab that quick. Last time I check online it seemed they were discontinued?
  4. Yes. I'm not in any rush. My SP2500s still work and I really don't wanna find myself in the same position in a few months. So I am taking my time deciding.
  5. Ha I am not looking for super crazy bass I am just looking for enough bass so my sub doesn't seem to have to work so hard. I've read multiple posts about the Corsair SP2500 needing an amplified sound card for its input for best sound quality. I had the bass on my Z-623s down under 25% because of the amount of rumble they produced just from the mobo sound! My ultra old 70watt Altec Lansing sounded fine until I noticed the sub popping from low freq bass. My Corsair's bass is actually cranked up near the 'redline' so I'd say approx 85 - 90% and it still sounds weak and hollow. Most of my music is @ 320kps but I have stuff that is lower. I'm not sure if my SP2500s could have a defect or possibly the control pod isn't working right? I just wish I would've know an amped card was 'required' for the SP2500s too. This is my computer: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16883103371 It doesn't have alot of PCIe ports so I figured I'd pay some extra and get an amplified PCI sound card so I could keep my PCIe ports free for USB 3.0 inputs or a bigger graphics card. I looked at the Klipsh Pro media 2.1 and they sounded quite nice! at best buy. I was thinking of grabbing them to try out. but there over all power kind of worries me I don't wanna burn them out a year down the road like my Logitechs or somthing.
  6. Both these setups interest me. So the Polk is a quite good sounding system? I am really getting burnt out and frustrated with trying to find a decent setup that works. I'm sick of random crackling audio and lack of bass or whatever. I am going to talk to Corsair tomorrow. If I can get a new set at no charge I am returning them and going with the Polk system... What sort of receiver would you recommend? Pardon my ignorance but what do you mean q Danny 2.1 setup? Should I upgrade me sound as well? Will the on board have issues with this? Those AV40s look very nice also. I wonder how they would sound with the Polk sub helping them out. I am looking at these for a setup: SUBS PSW110 BLACK http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16882290036&Tpk=PSW110%20BLACK or PSW505 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16882290130&Tpk=PSW505 SPEAKERS Polk Audio Monitor50 Series II http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16882290204 or possibly these? Polk Audio Monitor40 Series II http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16882290202 I'd rather have a bit more power then the 50 watt sub. I think the black speakers will look better then the cherry in my computer room... =( I do like the cherry though.
  7. Hey all I use my PC for everything. Movies, Music and some gaming. I used to have a small 50 watt 2.1 system from years ago. Then I upgraded to the Logitech 2.1 Z623 loved em! shook my house great for movies, games, music was so so. Then I guess the amp burned out, causing the sub to fail, replacements would've taken 9 weeks. So I got a refund and purchases the Corsair SP-2500s which I am using now. I am hesitant of getting another set I've read numerous articles of the under powered amp burning out. They are pretty good sound great but I have to crank the volume on them 95% power and it just seems like the 8" sub is working waaaaaaaaaay to hard during music. Now I've been told if I get and amplified sound card such as the Xonar DX or D1 that will greatly increase the quality of the SP-2500s output and won't have to have the volume cranked and help the sub performance. Can anyone here verify this? These were supposed to be superior to the Z623 in everyway... I'd like to get a system with a 10" sub and looked at the Logitech Z906 now the old Logitech Z-5500 are back on their website? Which I've always read are superior to the Z906 in everyway. Or would I have better luck just assembling a system myself? with a receiver a powered sub and 2 speakers? Really hope I can figure this out soon. I just want great 2.1 sound (room is to small for 5.1) I'd like separate inputs to the sub and the speakers so I can fiddle each of them. I'm guessing I'll need a new soundcard rather then just my 5.1 onboard. I don't wanna have to worry about my system burning itself out from working to hard. Thank you.
  8. Hey all, I just got a new PC with Win7 64bit. I am pretty happy with it over all but there is some stuff in Win7 that is driving me crazy! I want to remove them. Libraries, Favorites and Homegroup in the Windows Explorer need to go. I hated how Windows explorer defaulted to Libraries every time it came up. I fix that though. I want to remove all these folders in my User Folder such as links, contacts, my videos, my pictures, favorites, searches, possibly my documents and saved games. Not sure if I want to get rid of those yet. Can I get rid of Internet Explorer and WMP with no adverse effects to win7? I understand they did these things to make it more 'user friendly' but It drives crazy that it FORCES you to use its methods.
  9. Currently fussing over his new PC

  10. So since I only have one PCI-e Slot I shouldn't get the 6970? I want 8Gb of RAM because I like to have a lot of programs open when I work on my computer. Like Chrome(about 15 tabs...), Music/Video running, I might encode something, or just a little extra for when I run games I like to leave other stuff open on my other monitor on the chance I want to listen to music or look something up online. I also have some smaller programs running like CoreTemp/CPU-Z to keep an eye on my computers CPU/GPU temps. If I decide to toss in that second harddrive will I need to upgrade the PSU first? The 'green' drive that is in it is ok... but I'd like to install my programs on to something a bit faster. Currently I am trying to get rid of all this useless "fluff" on windows7... Its frustrating to say the least. I want to be rid of all these stupid forced folders in my user and get Favorites/Homegroup off of windows explorer, etc... Does anyone know if there will be any problems if I uninstall Windows Media Player? I'm not a fan... I might have to make a new post with some questions. Sigh.
  11. Logitech Z623 200 w 2.1 Speaker System, THX-Certified are the speakers I use. Which was why I was curious about getting the sound card. So what is the 'actual' differences between the 6950 and 6970 in your opinion? I am reading about it now but I'm just curious why you think that. When you say aftermarket cooler are you talking about fans? or liquid cooling?
  12. Ok thanks for the info. yeah I actually paid 350 for it. I wouldn't have bought it for 500! It seemed like a great deal considering I really needed a new tower. I figured at that price If I slowly ended up replacing the whole think except the HDD and disk drive I could live with that. I'd probably end up piecing the old parts back together and have two machines. I spoke with a friend of mine who knows more about stuff he told me to skip the sound card and get a better GPU. I am trying to remember which ones he recommended. he said atleast 650w PSU I figured I would go up to 700w just to be safe. I believe he said a Radeon 6970 or GeForce 560 Ti. He also told me to leave the processor alone. he said I'd be better of saving towards a new CPU/mobo and drop it in a year or two. What PSU brand and RAM brand would you recommend? Could you post some links? Also I appreciate you all taking time to help me. =D Thanks a bunch... If you guys wanna help me with my external HDD problem thread to that would be great.
  13. I have a HDD question as well while we are on the topic. I have an Fantom Drive 1Tb drive that has worked well for quite some time. Yesterday I moved some files from it about 40Gb worth and transferred about 10Gbs of new information it seemed fine, then I tried defragged using Ultimate Defrag. (it defragged for about 10hours) I noticed that it was making alot of noise during the defrag and the afterwards at idle it was making alot of clicking, checked disk for errors came back ok. I removed the 10Gb of new info. Clicking seems to have stopped... ??? I'm confused. I'm not sure if it was the new info... trying this UltimateDefrag... or if was a sign the drive is failing... or there was something in the 10Gb of other files that it didn't like? I think I am gonna go back to diskeeper... Is there a better 3rd party program to check your files for errors or windows default the best? Anyone ever have a problem like this? I Lack the space to back this drive up currently, =( but it seems foolish to ignore it and possibly lose everything. Next payday I'm hoping to be able to send for a new drive. Empty this one out and reformat it.
  14. I will try to get some pictures up soon. Its literally bone stock. I was in a hurry during the first post. I'll try and get more details. I was thinking about getting a 700w powersupply? apparently the 840t has sixcores from what I have read online opposed the 840 which is quadcore. http://www.cpu-world.com/news_2010/2010110301_AMD_Phenom_II_X4_840T_unlocks_to_six-core.html I run dual monitors a 32" 1360x768 HDTV and a 19" at 1280x1024. Thinking about replacing the 32" with a new 28" 1900x1200 I like StarCraft and will be aiming to play Battlefield 3? my budget is flexible I'll probably piece it together slowly PSU first then Graphics card. I have the smaller mid tower. Here is a link to the inside.
  15. Hi everyone, I just joined this forum alot of my google searches have lead me here one way or another so I figured I would start here. I recently needed to replace my tower, mobo finally failed after 6 years of loyal service. So with my limited funds I purchased an ACER AM3410-UR22P. It seemed to look pretty good on paper for the money I had. Now that I have it I am curious if I should leave it as is? or would investing in upgrades be worth it? I use my computer for media, movies, and some gaming, I also encode video via handbrake. My list of planned upgrades that I wanted were: Bigger PSU: COOLER MASTER Silent Pro M700 Add 2TB or 1TB Caviar Black drive 12 or 16Gb of RAM Upgraded Graphics Card: SAPPHIRE 100287VGAL Radeon HD 5670 or better? Add Sound Card: Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium HD Add eSATA ports (for my external HDDs I have 2 eSATA drives and one USB 3.0) Try Overclocking 840t or unlocking other 2 cores (I think this require a new mobo?) If anyone could offer advice or help I would greatly appreciate it. Or if you need more info on my tower components let me know!
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