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  1. Yeah I've looked through a few but hopefully I can get a good deal on modular PSU's to help with cable management, if not I shall be heavily investing in zip ties
  2. Cost is always a factor sadly, I'd like to keep them under $110 a piece but I'd be willing bet at least a few stores around my area (or online for that matter) would give me a bulk buy discount. Has anyone built something like add-on compartments to place over intake fans for filters? Edit: I do like the Antec nearly considered it for my current build
  3. MoD_Box_CPU

    Orcs Must Die!

    I second that. would be worth it if it had a custom dungeon creator/editor would give it potential i think
  4. When I get my store up and running I'm going to setup everything into identical cases. Obviously, since the customers wont have access to the machines directly, the cases wont need to be fancy at all or have lights or clear panels etc they just need to have proper airflow and be easy to clean (on a biweekly basis depending on customer traffic.) Any advice on what I should choose? The CM HAF 912 was my first choice.
  5. Your post makes me sad, however there is hope, every person I talk to when trying to promote my business seems to perk up when they hear the words custom built pc....as if they had no idea that this was possible. We must educate our own future turn them away from the evils of consoles and prebuilt mass produced machines. I honestly cant wait to get my hands on Bulldozer for this very reason. Fear not our future is in our own hands. /religious style rant
  6. I'd use it to power an AMD OC rig: Phenom X6 1090T Dual XFX 5750's crossfired Gigabyte MLB with 890 Northbridge set Corsair Vengence 1600 16 GB Corsair Force 120gb SSD Hatachi 1TB HDD LG Blu-Ray cuz I have to have ma shows With a nice xfx psu to power it all maybe?
  7. One of these days they are going to picket the wrong funeral and come across a bunch of people that no longer give a crap. God be with them on that day
  8. not even in Australia? also welcome
  9. Would look cool if you threw a red CCT or LED strip in to highlight the red on the board, looking real good there though
  10. Bought 2 older Tom Clancy Games yesterday, Advanced Warfighter (Because I'm a fan of the Ghost Recon books amd it was only $6) and Rainbow 6 Vegas 2 (again, fan of the book and it was only $9)
  11. The pc's will be 8gb a piece but the memory is sold in 16gb packs which turns out to be and $20 cheaper than buying the 8gb packs, and I'll take the advice on the hard drive but I'm pretty stuck on the AMD/ATI solutions simply for power cost and I've yet to have a problem with multicard amd platforms but thanks for the advice.
  12. I actually dont have a facility yet as thats my next step, the scale and mockups are all we have so far, but we are looking to open in either Naperville or Weaton
  13. Thanks we in fact are going to have a console area to host wii, xbox, and playstation as well as a lounge area in front with wifi and comfy chairs. Only real thing left to do is find our location and submit for the business loan (which is the part I'm not looking forward to at all) check the link in my sig for our facebook page also
  14. With plans for the shop being made I'd figure I'd show you guys the intended builds for the gaming center: Case: CM HAF 912- $54 PSU: Corsair 750W- $89 (retail ) Mobo: ASUS Crosshair V Formula AM3+ AMD 990FX - $230 Processor: AMD Phenom II X6 1100T Black Edition - $190 Mem: Corsair XMS3 1600 8GB - $118 for a pack of 16GB Graphics: XFX 6970 2GB 256 bit $320 HDD: WD 1TB 7200 RPM $75 Cooling: Zalman all cooper - $47 and fans...LOTS OF FANS!!! Total: $1123 (rough estimate with newegg, price will change when my suppliers send me their catalogs) There will be a grand total of 22 of these machines built along with an admin server to host virtual disks.
  15. Swiss legend What is your take on this? Thinking about getting it.
  16. Congrats bro, recent newly wed myself fun times are to be had enjoy
  17. +1 to this, also check your front panel pins while the board is out, one connector in the wrong position used to give me an hours worth of frustration so its always worth double checking
  18. Good looking case cant wait to see how the rest turns out, also I wish i had the patience for the fan paint
  19. 00:07:15 38 Unrelated mistake made when copy pastaing my bad Seconds Minutes
  20. Thats actually the next one I'll be taking in a few months
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