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  1. Bought everything (Ram and 6850 from Pixmania), cpu and mobo from a dealer..I managed to save some extra money As for hard drive I have a Samsung 1,5tb Sata2 and a Optiarc DVD Rom...I think I'll keep them recycling to my brother a spare DVD ROM and Hard Drive.. Now Ilet's wait for the goods to arrive and I'll set everything up Then I'll ask how to OC the system Thanks for your anwers and advice
  2. Thanks for your kind advice. I have already a new case (Enermax Staray) and a brand new Enermax 500W PSU (think that should be enough) sitting at my parents' shop so I'll get them Budget is not really an issue..more or less 400 euro. For the shops I look mainly at Pixmania.com or from dealers that sell pc hardware to my parents but they don't know much about overclocking stuff As for now I found i5 2500k (price 195 euro), P8P67 PRO (price 135 euro) and 4gb Kingston Hyperr X KHX1600C9AD3/2G (price 35 euro) ..for a total of 365 euro..with a DVD drive I should could reach my budget for the graphic card a friend of mine can lend me his Radeon 4650 or I'm going to buy a new 5770 Sapphire Vapor-X thanks again
  3. As for the motherboard I was considering Asus P8P67 PRO with i5 2500k. have you got any suggestions for Ram? I was leaning towards 4gb kingston HyperX thanks alot
  4. Thanks for your quick answers I was unsure about buying a mobo for that processor and was thinking about upgrading the whole system, in order to build a new pc and give my old one to my brother. If you give me some advice for motherboard and ram for a i5 I'll start to find them. thanks Paolo
  5. Hi! I'm planning to give a little boost to my Intel Q9300. Finding good socket 775 overclocking motherboards is very difficult at these days in Italy where I live. The only one I found is MSI P45 platinum with DDR3 support, the model should be P45D3. Shall I buy it or wait for a good motherboard with DDR2 support? How much could I push the CPU in a stable way (with a Zalman 9700 heatsink)? In case I'll buy the P45D3 board can you suggest me 4gb DDR3 to pair with it? Thanks for your help, I'm totally new to the matter Ganimede
  6. Hi to all! I've been watching forum and reviews for long and said "Why don't I still register"? So here I am
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