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    learning to someday build myself a computer, and a surround sound system. running, reading, some video games.


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    Stock toshiba laptop L755, 4G Ram, intel core i3-2310M, cpu @ 2.10Ghz

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  1. So I have been without my own car for about 2 years now, long story short my car was broken into and all things stolen and I just started using my wifes car instead of fixing it up because there was a score of other things wrong with it. Anyways, I now have a car again and I am unsatisfied with the USB plugin it has for charging my phone, Ipod, etc. I am about to purchase accessories for it, and I was wondering what other people use, as in a Belkin dual charger, or a Griffin dual charger? Or is there another brand you prefer? I usually have stuck with Belkin, its generally kind of cheap but not cheap cheap at wal-mart; but I have branched out and tried other brands and they have broken within a few months. Also, other than car chargers, what other kinds of accessories do you use when your not at home, or your on a road trip?
  2. Hey OCC, after reading this you will probably consider me a technological klutz. But here is a story about me trying to do things that I don't know how, and a description of me and my MSI laptop history together over the past few years. {It is not my only computer, just my gaming computer) I bought an MSI laptop a few years ago (cx700), http://www.msi.com/product/nb/CX700.html#/?div=Specification ) right before Windows 7 was to be released, MSI had a deal that basically when 7 came out I had a free upgrade; suffice it to say I never got said upgrade due to my rebate I sent them never got to them they told me when I called tech support. So I ended up being stuck with Vista 64 bit, and that is ok I guess..until my screen stopped working unless I applied pressure to the back right of it constantly. Thus I used my warranty and sent it back, when It returned I was actually hoping they would wipe my hardrive (I have a 400 GB external hard drive and put everything on it that I wanted to keep: music, steam games, etc. (The place I was living did not have reliable internet so re-downloading pc games was a 3 day ordeal). Well, when my dear MSI laptop was returned I still had all the crap I had downloaded, and my gf had downloaded ( she was downloading Every Toolbar for IE..and a ton of other things IDK what but my laptop was mass slow) so I decided to delete everything at once on my own. After a few attempts, trying to read the microsoft help and not understanding it, I decided to use my windows vista software that I had obtained by testing a video game for microsoft. Heh..I don't know much about computers. Yeah so basically I put the disc in and re-installed vista thinking this would solve everything. (again, I do not know very much about computers..) and it worked! actually, for a while everything seemed like my GF (at this point, wife) had never touched my dear MSI..until I started up my minecraft and noticed it is super slow. Haha, turns out my vista I had was the 32-bit software, not the 64 bit. I believe this means that there are 2 gigs, maybe 1.5, of ram not being used and literally just sitting there. Thus, I have decided to seek wisdom from people who know what they are doing. I either fix this laptop up back to normal, or, if possible, I have a desktop computer with 64 bit vista that is unused and I could just put my better video card and motherboard into it (if That is even possible, I have no idea. {as in, put all the hardware from my laptop (which is a year newer) into the desktop). If anyone reads my story and has any Ideas that would be super awesome. http://cdn.memegenerator.net/instances/400x/28853452.jpg
  3. Sweet, thanks for the recommendation. Yeah, my pc is incapable of running skyrim, and I don't have money for a 360...but I am gonna get the Ico collection then!
  4. My mother in law decided to give me 50 bucks for my birthday, and I decided instead of spending it wisely I will either buy Skyrim or Ico and Shadow of the Colossus. I have played Skyrim for around 35 hours on my brothers Xbox 360, I enjoyed it a lot but I have a PS3 and I there are issues with the PS3 version.. At the same time, I recently read Game Informers review of Ico and it sounds awesome..has anyone played both and which do you think I should buy? ..On amazon Ico is 20 bucks new, and Skyrim is 35 used..
  5. So I am saving up money right now to buy all the parts and build myself a surround sound system, I may go for 7.1 but right now i'm looking at 5.1, and as I am looking at parts and what kind of wood to use etc, I saw someone posted on some blog that they built a 5.2 surround, which means they added a second subwoofer I assume.. Do you think this would benefit at all? They would both be receiving the same signal I would think, so it would basically be just more 'boom'.
  6. Hey, Its kamkarot and I am sending my laptop to some peeps to use my warranty and have them fix my screen and they require that I have a recovery disk; I said I dont care if they delete everything, but they insist because they claim that they may end up deleting even Vista off of it. (its not a new laptop, thus..vista) . ..Firstly im not sure if that is necessary or not, but I do not have a vista disk.. my laptop didnt come with one. (bought it from MSI through newegg). Is it possible to make a recovery disk when I have not made one, and I have had the laptop for 2 years? PS. apologies if this has been answered elsewhere, I searched a bit and didnt find anything.
  7. kamkarot

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    Greetings OCC! have read a few forums for helpful information and decided to join. I enjoy video games (mostly console games), and am not too savvy on computers and such so I hope no-one minds that I probably have alot of questions. thanks!
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