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  1. OMG DUDES!!! DUDES!!! you will not believe what the hell just happened to me...i was installing Left 4 Dead 2, then i had gone to take a leak...when i come back...installation is done and my entire HDD is EMPTY...ITS LIKE EMPTY...all my games,apps everything is gone apart from the ones that i was using before this happened, which is xfire, msn messenger etc. My HDD was 702 GB left..now its 850GB left...Its swiped clean!! OMG DUDES..PLEASE help me out here! what in god's name happened? how to get outta this fix..i don't wanna install 20 games and all those apps all over again! you gotta help me!!
  2. way ahead of you man, see what i wrote in the beginning, i tried everything! I have a bad feeling Speedway Native is right...my board is screwed up. I need to contact gigabyte....aww man, why does all this . happen on my first self assembled pc =.=
  3. I went to the realtek settings and enabled DISABLE FRONT PANEL DETECTION, then it still wasn't working, i connected my headphones to the front panel and it started working. Like WTF MAN, but its not detecting as headphones its detecting as speakers
  4. hey guys, i just got a new pc and build it, and it turned out great and has been been working great for 2 weeks UNTIL NOW!! I just got back from school turned on my pc and realized my headphones were not detecting, i unplugged it from the front panel and connected it to the motherboard directly, FAIL! I restarted my PC, FAIL! I checked if it was muted or not and it wasn't. I checked if it was set as default or not, and it was showing as NOT PLUGGED IN and for some reason my dell monitor was set as the default speaker. On the realtek software, no mic and headphone input option is being shown, only Digital Output and Digital Output(optical). I went to device manager, uninstalled the realtek driver and resinstalled it, but still having the same problem. I am at a loss here and extremely dissapointed. Someone please just help me out here.....GOD! im so frustrated! And my headphones are working fine i checked it on my ipad and i also connected some speakers, they failed to get detected also. My motherboard is the GIgabyte Z68X UD4
  5. ok thanks for the help guys, went it your advice and got the cheaper, MSI 560Ti Twin frozr III HAWK and its a beast.
  6. i won't be overclocking now, all my games are working on full graphics, full hd without any problems. I'm getting either a noctua d14 or a h100 by the next 2-3 months. Later on maybe i'll need to overclock...
  7. hey! thanks all for the help, i figured it out. I tried ever way possible to attach the front fan to the sys_fan 2 but it failed. Without molex-with molex....so what i finally did was, i attached the cable to the molex and then i attached the molex to my power supply, its working perfectly now and all my 3 case fans and my 1 cpu fan is working A-OK. Thanks again for the help. just, 1 more question if i may:- Im running on a stock intel cooler and i have a i7 2600k, on idle my temperatures are 40-42 C and on load its around 50-55 C. Is that a good temperature,perfect temperature or a its hot temp., holy cow its gonna blow temp.?
  8. hey all, thanks again for all the help , ok so i got all my parts, assembled the pc, turned it on checked the bios and everything is working A-ok, considering this is the first time i'm assembling a pc on my own anyway it seems that i have come across a snag, help me get free:- My motherboard is the awesome Gigabyte z68x ud4 and my chassis is the awesome haf 922, only non awesome thing is the fans! My mobo has two 3 pin fan ports and two 4 pin fan ports:- SYS_FAN 1 = 3 pin (connected my chassis back fan here) SYS_FAN 2 = 4 pin (fail pin) CPU FAN = 4 pin (connected my processor fan here) PWR_FAN = 3 pin (connected my chassis upper huge epic fan here) My chassis has 3 inbuilt fans, and all 3 uses a 3pin socket, but my mobo does not have any 3pin socket, i need to sacrifice one fan. But i already do not have a dedicated heatsink and using the stock cooler for temporary basis until i buy a heatsink in the next month or so. Please help, right now my FRONT RED LED LIT fan is disconnected. What are my options to fix this problem? Awww man, first assembly and it goes well and fails at the end
  9. I'm not buying it online, i'm buying it from a wholesaler group, i'll get it much cheaper there...MUCH CHEAPER. Like $1900 pc will cost like $1750 there. Besides, in kolkata, the price diff between 560 Ti and 6950 is $9 =.=, cheaper one being the 560Ti
  10. hey dudes, buying my new rig on 2nd sept. So i'm almost out of time, my entire rig is geared up and ready to go apart from the gpu. I'm still confused Currently this is the current situation of my rig:- Processor- Intel i7 2600k-15900 Motherboard-Gigabyte GA-Z68X-UD4-13200 Heatsink- Corsair H100 or Noctua D14-5300 or 4600 Ram-Gskill Ripjaws x f3-12800cl9s 4gbxl(*2)-3200 Graphics Card-Msi R6950 Twin Frozr III Power Edition/OC-15300 HDD-Seagate 1TB-2700 Dvd-Lg 22x sata dvd-900 Power Supply-Corsair tx850 v2-6800 Chassis-Cooler Master HAF 922-6800 Monitor-Dell ST2220L 21.5''w FULL HD LED-8800 Keyboard-Razer Lycosa Mirror-4500 Ups-APC 1.1kva or ES 500-4300 or 3000 Total-88,500 The price is in INR, in USD its $1923.08 to be precise Anyway, my question was:- Should i take the Msi R6950 Twin Frozr III PE/OC or GTX 560 Ti? if you say 560 Ti, then which one? MSI GTX560Ti 1GB Twin Frozr II MSI GTX560Ti 1GB Hawk Zotac GTX560Ti 1GB MSI GTX560 Ti 1GB Twin Frozr II GE Zotac GTX560Ti 1GB AMP! thanks in advance for any help!
  11. ehh..tigh squeeze, something about that word that creeps me out, lol. So, can you tell me till what card length i can put into this chassis then i can confirm it with the card. Also what about the HAF 922, will it fit there? or are both these cases the same size? Well i know they are both mid towers, but maybe the haf 922 could be a bit bigger. If i can't reduce on the chassis i need to stick with msi r6950 and we all know gtx 580 kicks its butt =.=
  12. Hey all, newbie in the forums. I'm a 16 yr. Old gaming enthusiast from india. I'm strong in fps games and play cod4 professionally for india in ACL(asian champions league). My real name is Chandradeep Paul Chowdhury, but friends call me cpc or perspex. I am also into coding and vfx. I am somewhat familiar with java and c# and know quite a lot in after effects. Long time lurker of this amazing site, helped me A LOT in buying my rig, so thought of becoming an active member as well. So howwwddyyy hoooo
  13. Hey there all, newbie in the forums. Just wanted to ask a simple question. I am buying a new config on sept 2nd and having some problems with my heatsink and chassis. I am taking the cooler master 690 II advanced chassis and my heatsink is the noctua d14. Just wanted to know, will it cause problems fitting in properly with my processor and motherboard or not. Processor- intel i7 2600k Mobo- Gigabyte GA-Z68X-UD4 Because i dont want it to get all jammed up and cause problems in cooling. Actually i was taking the haf x at first but then i thought of reducing on my chassis to get a better gpu. I was taking the msi r6950 twin frozr iii power edition first then thought of taking the asus gtx580, so i needed to reduce on something decided to reduce on the chassis. What do you guys think? Will it fit? And if not please suggest me some other heatsink that will fit or you can tell me to stay with the haf x and msi r6950.
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