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    Intel C2Q Q6600 Kentsfield @ 3.20 GHz
    Gigabyte EP45T-UD3LR
    Corsair XMS3 1600 MHz (2x2Gb)
    MSI 5770 Hawk 1Gb
    WD 2TB Green
    Cooler Master Extreme Power 600 W
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    QCK+ mouse pad
    AOC 17inch LCD
    Microsoft Keyboard & MX518 Mouse
  1. well it seems to be stable at times.. But some times on boot it boots up and then switches itself off and starts again.. and the TEMPS are 66C without load.. on load i fear its gonna reach 80. Plus i want to know that what the settings should i do on the RAM and on the Proc as them dont seem to match and the sys gets slower . Ex:- when i put the settings to 2.4Ghz ie. 400 X 6. then the Ram goes to 1600 which is the default settings of RAM, but the system gets even more slower. What should the settings be of that their Cycles SYNC together ????
  2. Guyz i need ur Help. I am using Q6600 Kentsfield @ 2.4Ghz. 4 GB DDR3 XMS3 1600Mhz. MSI 5770 Hawk 1GB. Antec 900 1st Gen. (old) Gigabyte EP45-UD3LR mobo Corsair CX600 PSU. Win 7 64 bit i want to Overclock My pc to a Minimum 3.0 Ghz, I am using Stock cooler. When i oc it to 3Ghz the temps rise till 66C. The TEMPS are attached below. Kindly give me the settings of the Voltages i have to use to oc it. I also want my ram to atleast work at 1600 Mhz. Plz help me .. Thanking you..
  3. I really dont know y, but the thing is whats the point of having a laptop for gaming if u always have to keep it plugged in. ?? :s is there another way to extend the battery life , or a new battery or maybe a external batter which i can keep inside my laptop Bag ???
  4. Hmmmm.... I'll try that. What ever i do the bios is the real master of the clock speeds. I dont think it would help as the bios will override the clock-speeds..... :S
  5. Yes i have done this already, dosent help that much , I have been doing some R&D on this and turns out that when the laptop is unplugged then it automatically reduces the clock speed of the GPU... WTF.. i m so confused and sad.... :'(
  6. Hey guyz i bought a new Alienware M14x (got it frm US) top most Built what i could find on their US site. i7 2860 2.5Ghz 8Gb ram 1600 500Gb hdd Nvidia 555 3GB It rips apart high end Game no Question about it, but when i put it on Battery mode (unplugged) The game instantaneously starts to LAG, FPS drop big time. I have already changed the power settings to MAX performance . still no use. plz help me with it, i shall be highly thankful.
  7. There is nothing to be sorry about and this was not mean at all. Lol. I know i am a bit confused i don't know y. and i also know a lot of things about these tabs, and moreover i just wanted to know what the others think about it. I feel i am a bit lost just by the thought of it It is like 11:35 PM here , and I might go and get a XOOM tomorrow at-least that is what is in my mind right now...
  8. I have Used it , for like 5 minutes each , the TAB and the Xoom. The only flaw i found was the Screen's brightness. The positives go towards Xoom , Even all the websites those mentioned above , there is no fatal flaw u which you will find in the Xoom. The Thing is that when ever i have to purchase some thing for my self i do a lot of R&D so , plz dont mind me asking so many questions...
  9. Ok , But no one has given me a Solid thing to Y is this " Rubbish" I will agree for sure , but the thing is that i need reasons to believe this..
  10. The iPad screen is OK , and moreover in terms of rendering vids it is more efficient as it graphic capabilities are gud. But anyway i still dont like Apple, Apple is [email protected] ... I am so so confused, can no one give me a detailed comparison between XOOM and 10.1 , cause i am Bloody Confused ..:S By detailed i mean the pro's and Cons of both. also looking at the accessories of both. Which is the best outta the 2. Guys help me out please. Thanks
  11. Y do u think that asus is better than moto ? what do u guyz think about 10.1 vs 7.7 vs Xoom ?
  12. I have tried all three of them. I ruled out iPad because of its restrictions , it has a gr8 display though. i have started to hate apple along these years due to a few reasons, but for a while keeping these aside i found Samsung and xoom faster and a bit more powerful than iPad. Coming to these to (tab and xoom) Samsung better looking and with a better display. BUT to my surprise xoom is faster to use and smoother than the TAB , i don't know y .. :S after this i found myself confused between these 2. Anyway this is what I felt, and I wanted to know what others think about these.
  13. I don't know what i want it specifically for , but i want the best one outta these . so help me with this with a detailed one , Thanks
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