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  1. Thanks BP, tried that even tried uninstalling the Nvidia sound drivers and even disabling them in the device manager. I've searched for this problem and people say they need to buy a new soundcard. Hoping thats not my only option here.
  2. Thanks rivalary! I have windows 7 apologies! I have already done that, speakers say they're not plugged in and my realtek manager doesn't recognize them either.
  3. Hey guys, I seem to be having some trouble with my on board sound. I did a fresh install of windows and Installed all the newest drivers, everything seems to be working perfectly except my on board sound. I can see my Realtek drivers in the device manager and it says it's working properly and I'm dead sure I installed them correctly. It seems the only way I could get sound was through my Graphics cards HDMI ports. (Speakers plugged in the monitor to achieve sound) Which then lead me to the idea that my graphics card driver was blocking my realtek but I had no problem before I installed windows and I even tried disabling all the Nvidia audio drivers with no result. Any help would be appreciated and I'm sorry if I didn't give enough information, thanks in advance.
  4. I will not touch any of the Llamas, I swear on my soul. And Whats peanut butter?
  5. Take an old Snes game and jam it into the pcie slot, worked for me runs Farmville great and Facebook never lags.
  6. Yeah thanks ya'll, but lets make one thing clear, Peanuts would be way better if they could somehow be turned into a warm butter like substance.
  7. Oh god, thank god I found this topic so I can rant about what really grinds my gears! The other day I was driving down the highway that leads directly East To West through my city, when suddenly I catch a glimpse of some half inbred woman WALKING CASUALLY ACROSS THE HIGHWAY! The car in the paralleled lane to me does not slow down at all and finally "brains" as we will call her finally notices the incoming stampede of cars. She begins to pick up speed and runs directly in front of my car, I honk my horn and swerve to the right Barely missing her. I mean come on, everyone was taught to look both ways before crossing the street. This wasn't even your everyday street either, it was a 60 KM (approx 39 MH) Double lane highway. I've honestly seen small rodents use more caution when crossing! *sigh*
  8. Next time the wife complains that I shouldn't watch things like Jackass, I'll show her this video.
  9. What up yall, hoping to have some fun here! =D *explosion!*
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