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  1. Alrighty Occ its been a while but I have some things for sale this time and I figured I would offer them up to the site that began my overclocking adventure. First I have an ASUS P8P67 DELUXE board. I really liked this board it is, after all, the deluxe. I've just upgraded, I need money for school, and its just sitting around atm. Unfortunately I do not have sata cables for it. Also if you are looking to overclock with this board, I could never get it to do so after a bios update. I have talked to ASUS over and over about it but they couldn't help me besides wanting me to send it in to replace the bios chip. Therefore I'm only asking $65 for this one. The second board is an ASRock H77-M. This board had absolutely no problems with during my usage with it. I was able to overclock my chip just fine. I just went for an upgrade to try and push further and again I'm in need of some money and its just sitting around. I'm asking $75 for this one since it hasn't had any problems. One thing is that I only have the I/O shield for this board because I only got the I/O shield when I purchased it. If interested PM me or comment and I'll get back to you! Pics of both: http://i1328.photobucket.com/albums/w522/skyjam23/comp%20stuff/IMG_20150605_211715360_zpsusc7zoia.jpg
  2. They aren't difficult, just take your time and try to remain grounded or at least off of carpeted floors with socks. By the way I hope you made sure to buy some thermal grease, or made sure that it came with the cooler, or just checked to be sure you had some laying around because you'll need some of that as well. I know you already got your cooler and all but you could have also removed your side fan to get a bigger heat sink. That would have probably allowed for better cooling anyway just a thought for future renovations.
  3. Note taken about the fan controllers thanks. As for plugging the fans into the mobo I avoid that anyway because I have heard that it wears out the mobo so I have the 3-pin to molex adapters. Although I really don't like them cause they look trashy and clog my cable management up but its not like anyone could see it because it is hidden behind the mobo tray. I'm not too concerned with RPM monitoring either I mean I couldn't imagine I'll be doing anything to stressful to be concerned with that... although splitting that wire is a handy tip to know.
  4. I agree because bullet number 2 and the comment by your cpu spec makes it sound like you want a new heatsink. Which if thats the case then you have no option but to remove the stock one and probably upgrade to one that has a back plate just because most heat sinks that are worth anything use a back plate. With this being said they do make some that don't have back plates (for example the Thermaltake V1) the only problem with that is trying to find one that is compatible with the AM3+ socket. Or you could do an all in one water cooling set up like jenova suggested but they use back plates as well.... Perhaps you are asking if there is a fan that can replace the fan on your stock AMD cooler? Just out of curiosity what case do you have?
  5. Just to let everyone know if they were curious I've decided to get Corsair's 2 SP120 (probably the quiet but maybe the high performance) and 2 AF120 quiet edition
  6. Oh I wasn't the one to do these tests. Its a channel that I found on youtube... the name is coolingtechnique; however, if my eyes serve me correctly they are using some kind of dc power supply. I have seen them before in my school's labs but I'm not too sure of what their specific name is. I guess it just comes down to personal preference as far as my choices are concerned...
  7. So I have been comparing some of the fans that everyone has been listing on this thread and I came across a noise test of the Excalibur. I thought that when the voltages were between 6 and 8 volts the noise level was tolerable. But since that would be cutting the max voltage in half would that also cut the CFM and pressure in half as well and thus effect my cooling? Not only that but if I'm not going to be using these fans to there full potential would it be worth paying the hefty price? I also found this video of the cougar vortex and once again I have the same dilemma, I enjoy the noise level under 10 v but how will that affect performance? and is it worth the price? The SP120 High Performance were crazy loud. The Corsair AF120's were awesomely quiet I think that they would make a good case fan just to get air flowing through my case. Then I came across the SP120 Quiet Editions http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835181025 and I liked the specs of these so I looked up a video of the noise and it seems pretty quiet here is a link what do you guys think? I feel like I'm being picky but in all honesty the main reason I went to water cooling was to quiet everything down while still getting exceptional performance and good overclocking fun.
  8. I honestly wouldn't use an open frame fan on any heatsink or rad with any amount of resistance... So you aren't a fan (no pun intended) of the Excalibur because of the open frame design? Cause I was curious myself if static pressure is what makes the best rad fan wouldn't having a solid frame to guide the air be a better decision?
  9. Ok so they are kind of a basic fan that's at a good price but has better features than a basic fan.. Here is another question I have been pondering the cooler master sickleflow fans that I have now are at dBA of 19 (without the bad bearings) and the Cougars that have been suggested are at a dBA of 17.9 and everyone seems to say that the cougar fans are quiet. So my question is can they really be that much quieter, or is there something about the airflow that each fan produces that makes the noise level different?
  10. Well there are two factors to my placement of the fans. One of which is that I didn't have enough fans to have a push/pull set up, but the second is that I have my rad crammed into the top of the case and unless I remove my top grill I only have enough room to have a push setup. Which I suppose is good that I set it up for push instead of pull. As for noise level unfortunately it isn't only me that has to suffer from the noise of my current set up as I live with my girlfriend. My ultimate goal is to quiet things down not only for myself but also for her while also trying to improve on performance. I have looked into the cougar and excalibur fans and I definitely like their specifications but in the interest of finances i'm curious... what was stonerboy779 talking about with the "fail safe yate loons"?
  11. I'm pretty new to watercooling and my old fans have begun (some are even far beyond begun) to fail and I was just wondering if there were certain types of specifications that I should be looking for in new fans for both the case and the radiator. The current set up I have is the XSPC rasa kit and it is just running on the CPU not cooling the GPU and its all in a Corsair Carbide 500R. Any suggestions? I would prefer quite as my current fans are pretty loud and I am getting tired of the noise level. Thanks.
  12. Maybe one of your fans is vibrating against the case... or if they all seem silent maybe they are all slightly vibrating against the case? When you say its a constant loud noise do you mean its just constantly loud or do you mean that its like a constant sound... for instance if they were making a constant WAwaWAwaWAwa kinda noise it would suggest your bearings are bad... If you just wanna upgrade, I need new fans myself because most of mine have bad bearings so I have been seriously thinking about these Xigmatek XAF's 15 bucks, big air flow for little noise but those wouldn't really help in the case of the 200mm fan
  13. sorry about the double post i couldn't figure out how to delete this one
  14. No it wasn't used, he bought it straight from Newegg. Now I will admit that I spoke without researching it first, but i guess what happened is that he didn't get an extra warranty with newegg and he probably doesn't know about the warranty that still holds with ASRock (I will have to make sure to inform him) which according to there website is only a year. This is the quote from ASRock's website: "ASRock provide 1 year warranty service to Authorized Distributor, users should refer to the retailer or original vender RMA & Refund policy. If experiencing difficulties in warranty service through your dealer or place of purchase, ASRock will attempt to resolve this issue. For the motherboard that out of warranty, there is a service charge depend on the model + shipping for each item. ASRock America will only provide warranty service to ASRock products purchased within North America." But I mean this is really my only experience with ASRock so like I side its probably a rarity... If most people would recommend them then I would trust it... Plus you already bought it so it doesn't matter anyway
  15. I don't mean to throw a monkey wrench in here but I would suggest looking at a different MOBO. I'm sure its not a big issue but my buddy bought one of their boards and it turned out to be a dead board. In addition to it being dead ASrock doesn't have a warranty so he would have to send it in and pay for everything... although I'm sure that this was an isolated incident I would suggest looking into a different brand MOBO.
  16. Hey Wev no there hasn't been any progress Jenova and I tried to backflash the bios but it was to no avail and then we tried to overclock with just the bclk but when in the OS the clock went back to stock. My new concern is that its not the board... is there a possibility that even though my processor says 3570k maybe the processor is actually just a 3570....?
  17. i just bought 4 monroe sensa-trac shocks at the cost of 3 with a mail-in rebate offer.... Ther offer lasts till October 31st if anyone needs shocks and the rebate form is on monroe's website the deal also works for certain rancho shocks too
  18. Well i am using the Asus guide to the DOS environment, but it keeps telling me that I have an invalid command, so I went to ASUS's you tube video on how to do this and it tells me the same exact thing. And its not that I don't know how to overclock with the chipset its just I CANT overclock, like the BIOS won't allow me to change my clock ratios.... I did call ASUS back today and the rep that I spoke with today told me that I may have a locked BIOS and may have to either send the board in or buy a new chipset with a BIOS version already installed but first I should try to back flash it to a previous BIOS, which is what the FTK and the DOS environment does... I am seriously thinking of just looking for something new and in the area of a Z77 so I can see the benefits of buying an Ivy Bridge anyway
  19. Yes I have the latest BIOS, 3509. But I'm still missing my overclocking tools (such as turbo ratio), and the bios still won't let me change my clock speed. However, I was talking about it to a Jenova69 and he told me that because I easy flashed the BIOS it may not reprogram it correctly. There is a manual way that I can flash the BIOS in a DOS environment and that is what he suggested trying and I have tried to do so but I keep receiving the message invalid command key?? By the way, wevsspot your link to codemaster's program was very helpful but I'm doing something wrong and I joined HardForum to message codemaster and find out what exactly it is that I'm not doing right. (I'm going to keep trying to do the FTK setup it seems to be a solution) And Asus never called back today either.
  20. I thought this was interesting to share with everyone, I became very frustrated with the FTK setups and bios updaters because none of it seemed to be working. I got so fed up in fact that I called ASUS. After a lengthy talk with the tech support rep he told me that he had no clue why I was missing my overclocking information on my bios that he would have to "escalate" the matter to a higher up so that they can test the issue.... and that was the end of the conversation. Think I will get a call back? So this matter is still ongoing if anyone else has any other suggestions cause at this point even Asus doesn't know...
  21. I bought a six pack of Sam Adam's Octoberfest. First sampling I have EVER had of Octoberfest and may I say it is delicious.
  22. I TOTALLY agree with Savan. By FAR the biggest improvement I have seen in upgrading my desktop is upgrading my hard drive to an SSD, and I personally think that your dad would enjoy seeing a performance jump in his OS and his everyday programs (perhaps peachtree). It would be my suggestion to stick with a bigger SSD. At the same time, however, I agree that your dad would be impressed with something smaller and quieter, and therefore agree with Tjj226_Angel in that you should make this build a mini ITX...
  23. If any of this advise doesn't help you, and you have recently changed out your RAM, I have read that if you try running your board on ONE stick of RAM first this may solve your issues....
  24. Busterbvi this is VERY true. In the likely hood that you do experience problems with the BIOS switch, if you just call Microsoft they will move your activation code for you. I would recommend setting a couple of hours to do this, just in case. I switched my boards out and had to re-install Windows. I ended up having to call Microsoft because of the activation code and they switched it right over for me, no special items required just the original activation code...
  25. Thanks guys. Unfortunately I bought the board used, and to my information, its more of a bios update issue than an actual physical issue. It just sucks that I have to deal with such things. In my opinion, one should come out with the right thing, the FIRST time. This is very disappointing of ASUS in my opinion. Even in their own forum they have complaints but there hasn't been an update since April, sorry to say....
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