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  1. After market cooler itself for a 7970 was certainly upwards of that. While I'm not going to go into the exact details they compensated me more than I expected but not what my original total costs were - but I was very satisfied with the end result vs just being out a cooler and vid card.
  2. It took about 2 months, but DeepCool (China) reviewed my issue and compensated me for the problem. While an inconvenience, It speaks well that the company was willing to stand behind their product and attempt to make things right. That being said, his never would have happened without Bosco's help. My contacts were getting nowhere and I had 0 traction on getting their support. He established a communication with someone in a position of authority and kept tabs all the way through the resolution process for these past 2 months. I have never, and I mean never, had a moderator / admin be that willing an instrumental to help a member of the forum - I am still amazed and very grateful for his help on this, it simply would not have happened otherwise. Thanks Bosco!
  3. Any ideas are certainly appreciated - perhaps we can discuss via PM?
  4. It is an option. But I don't like (call it a principle thing) that I'm effectively asking the card manufacturer to be responsbile for an issue with the cooler manufacturer's product and instruction. I would prefer the responsible party to take that responsibility, not simply attempt to ignore the situation. But before I digress too much further, it is an option but one I have a dilema pursuing (if that makes sense....)
  5. Under normal circumstances, with a third party add on, I would tend to agree with you. But in this instance everything was confirmed with a DeepCool rep at numerous steps along the way including the use of that thermal adhesive. And if the cooler (worst case) would have provided the same cooling as the stock one (not improved on it) I could have lived with it - but when it actually allowed the card to run hotter / shut down I didn't have much of a choice. It's either attempt to remove the cooler or not use the card. Little did I know that given the adhesive the end result would be the same I'm working the card portion of it, that piece I'll figure out - what I was more concerned with is making sure others knew the ramifications if the cooler doesn't fit their card, that you won't be able to easily back out the changes as you often can.....
  6. UPDATE: It took about 2 months, but DeepCool (China, NOT USA) reviewed my issue and compensated me for the problem. While an inconvenience, It speaks well that the company was willing to stand behind their product and attempt to make things right. /UPDATE: And if the install does go south, don't expect any support or contact from DeepCool. Recently I decided I wanted more cooling for my Radeon 7970. After looking at a number of options I decided on this German made cooler. Prior to buying I called tech support to ensure that it would work with my card. We discussed the GPU hole measurements and they indicated that it would fit. Excitedly I ordered the cooler. When I received it I went through the instructions, which were pretty sparse and a poor 'port' translation at best. To be safe I called DeepCool support again to confirm the proper install steps and most importantly application of the thermal grease / adhesive. And this is where it gets important. In the package there are three thermal grease / adhesives supplied: 1) Syringe: Thermal grease to be used on the GPU 2) Tape: To be used for the thin heat sinks in tight spots 3) Toothpaste type tube: Used for all other areas to adhere the heatsinks That last one is not a thermal grease, it is a tight bonding thermal adhesive and it does not pull away or dissolve with alcohol. This is key later on. Following the steps I put on the cooler and immediately couldn't fire up the PC. After extensive troubleshooting I was able to confirm it was the cooler / VGA interface. I added more grease and tightened it down further to ensure as good a contact as possible. Now it booted but the idle temps were 10C higher than the stock cooler and stress testing immediately forced the card to shut down. Pulling it back apart I noted the extremely large base of the cooler was not only contacting the GPU face, but also a surrounding 'wall' circling around the GPU. Unlike the stock cooler that had a raised face to ensure contacting the GPU only, this cooler did not and as such it wasn't getting the contact needed on the GPU. I took pictures and discussed with DeepCool support. They reviewed and confirmed that indeed this cooler would NOT work with my card. And given that I couldn't even run my machine with it on at that point I had to remove that cooler to put the stock one back on. Here's where the fun started. I was able to dissamble the cooler, remove the thermal grease from the GPU, and pull up the thermal tape. However, once I started into the thermal adhesive on the rest of the heat sinks it took a LOT of prying to get that to release, and again alcohol was ineffective at dissolving the bond. Sure enough, when working on the taller 'registers' where some of the heatsinks were attached it snapped one of those registers clean off. That bricked the card. I then called DeepCool again and calmly explained what had happended. The rep then basically said that the thermal adhesive isn't really intended to be removed, and that once the installation was done it wasn't designed to come off. So I summarized what had happened to this point with him: 1) A DeepCool rep had confirmed this was the proper cooler for my card 2) Prior to installation a DeepCool rep had confirmed what thermal grease / adhesive to use where 3) After my issues a DeepCool rep then confirmed it was NOT the proper cooler for my card, and given I could no longer use my card with it on I was forced to remove it 4) The thermal adhesive ended up causing damage to the card in the removal 5) Lastly, a DeepCool rep confirmed that the thermal adhesive isn't designed to be removed I then asked to talk to a supervisor (as it wasn't the tech's issue at this point) as given I had followed the direction and guidance of the DeepCool reps to a 'T' I wanted DeepCool to support the issues with my card. Here is where the DeepCool support promptly stopped. I was told that I could not speak directly to a supervisor, that he would forward on any communications I wanted to send to him, and that he doubted DeepCool would take any responsibility even given the unusual circumstance above. Subsequent emails to the 'supervisor' went completely unanswered, and they have not bothered to contact me since. So as it stands I am now footing the replacement of my card based on the improper guidance and instruction ofDeepCool - and a 7970 is not cheap. I don;t want someone else to make this same mistake or have the poor experience I had with DeepCool - so be warned, even if DeepCool says it should fit and it doesn't it will not come apart easily and you may end up with a brick for a card, and you will be on your own. Here's hoping others have better experiences!
  7. From the feedback received I agree, looking at the 64GB range now Have had issues in the past with primary drives going down without a decent backup / swap - they're not the best drives by any stretch but gives me some safety Thanks - actually found some Corsair Vengeance DDR3 1600 (8GB) for $52. Good rating and most importantly at the 1.5v rating I needed for the i5 2500k Spot on, snagged the i5 at MC for $179 - that was a lot cheaper than anywhere else, great tip!
  8. Good points..... Knowing the Eyefinity gobbles up VRAM, and my existing 5850 has just 1 GB, the jump to the 6970 doubles that and of course a 6990 x4. But no arguments that the 6xxx have not been as large a step forward as one would expect In regards to the 7xxx series, has anyone heard an inklings on it - specifically the release date and VRAM amounts? I would guess 2GB would be pretty standard at this point, but maybe they'll model after the 6990 with a 4GB setup (one can hope anyway). Anyone heard anything?
  9. Thanks for taking the time to review, much appreciated. Good tip on the memory, I'll add that particular model as I'm a corsair fan as well. Others I've talked to mention the SSD size increase as well, so I'll look into that as well. Again, thanks! Anyone else have thoughts / improvements?
  10. Hello all! With the upcoming release of Battlefield 3 I am looking to do a major gaming rig overhaul. I've been researching quite a bit what I believe to be the gear I will need to meet that need, and would like a sanity check for anything glaringly wrong. I'm out of the Washington DC area, build price is negotiable, meaning that I'm willing to spend the money on solid components for what I need, and not for what I don't need (overkill rig). Here's what I want to do / am thinking about doing: [*] Gaming rig almost exclusively [*] Play BF3 online with at least medium to high settings (my crew and I will be playing this for the next 3-4 years) [*] Fast load times, fast responsive play in game. Initial thought was a small SSD for game install / fast load time and then set the OS to run EVERYTHING on RAM (ja, I know windows is supposed to handle this optimally, but why risk it if I have the RAM) [*] Initial start with a single GPU, but with an eye to easily crossfire down the road if need be [*] Air cooling only, no water cooling, regardless of future upgrades [*] Potential for some OC down the road if needed Here's what I've got, as I may be able to cannibalize a couple of items (generalized) 1) Motherboard: ASUS P5Q Pro (No) 2) RAM: Corsair Dominator 1066 2x2GB (No) 3) CPU: Intel Quad Q9450 (No) 4) GPU: ATI 5850 1GB (No) 5) DVD Drive: LITE-ON DVD+-R 20x (Yes) 6) HDD: 2x Western Digital 640GB (Yes, for backups and storage) 7) PSU: Corsair 650W (Maybe..) 8) OS: WIN 7 64 bit (Yes) 9) Tower: Cooler Master Centurion 5 (No) 10) Screens: Eyefinity 3x1 setup w/ a center 24" flanked by a 22" on each side (Yes) My current thoughts, and rationale: 1) Motherboard: ASUS Maximus IV Gene-Z - I know the ASUS P8P67s have been a top choice (for the CPU I am looking at), but I like what I see / reviews on this no-nonsense, well laid out, functional MOBO w/ CF capabality. ASUS have been good boards for me. Solid review here. . But don't need a mATX with my case, so am open to similary performing / priced mobos. 2) RAM: 2x 4GB DDR3-1600 w/ 'tight' timings, best rated / value manufacturer at the time - From understanding RAM doesn't play into OC as much anymore, just needs to match the speed needs of the CPU and to have enough of it. 3) CPU: i5 2500k: Solid CPU, can be readily OC'd if need be, solid for gaming and excellent price point - i7 2600k is only $100 more, but I don't need the hyper threading / addtl cache for what I am doing. 4) GPU: AMD 6970 2GB: 2GB VRAM to help with Eyefinity, about half the cost of a 6990 but with better than 50% performance - See notes on concerns below, this is still the 'diciest' of my choices. I believe this is a good starting point and if not enough kick, can attempt a 2x CF 6970 in the future. Looked at the NVidia, prefer the ATI for multi-screen gaming / types of games I play 5) DVD Drive: No change 6) HDD: 2x Western Digital 640GB PLUS a 16/32GB SSD - Game would be installed on the SSD, map loads from the SSD would be much faster than on the WD's I have. OS would remain on existing WD drives. 7) PSU: Corsair 650W: Should be able to reuse this with a single GPU, if I go to CF in the future I would need to replace with a higher rated one. 8) OS: WIN 7 64 bit: No change 9) Tower: CoolerMaster HAF X - Full tower with plenty of room to house everything I have and more. Superb ratings on airflow cooling and I believe would handle future CF setup without issue if need be. 10) Screens: No change GPU Concerns: I've kicked around a number of options, from my above proposed setup to a single 6990 (4GB), to twin 6950's OCd to 6970s (but you cant readily get the 'unlocked' ones to do this anymore). A big consideration in this was the concerns with microstutter (or just stutter if you like) with a Eyefinity / CF setup. Many posts say to be safe to get a single card with as much VRAM as you can (cause Eyefinity like VRAM), more recent ones with the 6 series cards describe far fewer issues / means to address microstutter issues making a Eyefinity / CF setup viable. Thought was to see if a single 6970 could handle it, then CF it up in the future if need be? Please advise of thoughts on general approaches to better this build or with specific recommendations for alternate components and why. Thanks again for everyone's time! Oh, and I'm looking to pull the trigger to buy in the next couple of weeks (Labor Day at the latest) to be ready for the Beta I hope to get into
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