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  1. UPS are a good idea in general. If you are having power issues (brown outs, dirty signal, power outages, etc..) you'll end up replacing the battery in the UPS instead of your PSU. You're not likely to having any significant damage beyond the PSU without a UPS (Given that I know you would never skip going through an appropriate surge protector). I had a series of people come into a repair shop I worked at once that kept having PSU burn out (average lifespan was 4-6 months...), told them to through a UPS and their problem cleared up, they all happened to live near a hospital ( Hospitals have a tendency to put make the surrounding power system crappy).
  2. Obviously we have to get comfortable in space, to build Gundams we have to be able to manufacture materials in space.
  3. For plastic parts (assuming the color you want exists) I prefer vinyl dye/paint > krylon plastic paint. Not that the krylon doesn't work it's just my personal preference since the vinyl paint has always worked great on flexible plastics like cords/cables without coming off. I also want to note lots of thin coats (each layer is barely about sprinkled on) has always given me the results I want, which my wife doesn't have the patience for and I can't watch her use spray paints because I don't have the patience to see her do 2 thick coats and be 'done'.
  4. I LOVED my OCZ Behemoth while it lasted, but in so many reviews it was bashed on for being so large...which was it's main selling point.... you really gotta know what you like for size/shape/weight.
  5. If it was regular steel you could blu it I'm just giving you a hard time btw.
  6. If you're using the soundcard for gaming, I would go with the ROG since it has the extra gaming drivers and engine (GX 3.0). The sound cancelling is for your mic, so I guess that's less for you're enjoyment than it is for your friend's listening to you type on the keyboard. But the rest of the features I think would work out better than the D2 (for gaming).
  7. I have a Xonar Dx I think, and I love it. The thing is though.. it depends what your playing it through. The Tiamat 7.1 analog headset will be fine since you're using 5 analog jacks to the sound card and not getting limited by usb. The improvements of my xonar are noticeably dimished usually because of the limits of other devices. I don't know how to express the difference between the standard output qualities and 192KHz, it is kinda like taking badly fit earplugs out, you still hear almost everything, but sounds are just expanded, and i'm not talking music so let's not get into the nyquist stuff. But when I have to send sound through hdmi and depending on the recieveing device, optical, you're limited to those lower qualities and while sounding alot better than onboard sound, can be annoying that your sound isn't all that it could be
  8. Yeah, People don't realize how hard it is to train mice to use the restroom outside.
  9. Bah, just heat gun it once a week, it'll be like a zamboni for your mousepad.
  10. Ok, I was thinking about some anodized aluminum plates I saw in a catalog that had a horrible gold anodizing but it was quite thick and C70 hardness rated. I didn't expect it would wear fast if at all. I figured out just didn't work well with the mice somehow.
  11. Is anodized aluminum a poor choice?
  12. Also, I hate how mysterious router crap can be. I was running a terraria server on one of my unused computers and blamed my router for crapping out and losing wireless functions and random connectivity, so I say screw it and get a new router. 9 months later I plug it back in to see if it'll work as a bridge and tada! it works perfectly again...
  13. Make sure you blow it out with a can of air. It could be a case of high temps causing poor performance. Lots of computer problems that occur after so many minutes of operation (or so many minutes of actual use *looks at modem*) and are temporarily fixed after you let it sit for five minutes are heat related.
  14. I remember when P2P was blocked on my college campus so I couldn't even update WoW in a timely manner. Then I decided it was worth $5 a month to buy a usenet account, and funny enough there was zero throttling on usenet access so I could slow the internet down for an entire building. I think most ISPs got rid of their free usenet servers by now. bleh.
  15. ISPs in general have just bent over to any media corporations, and won't require anything more than accusation by now. In many of the proposed laws and policies it is simply stated that all it requires is the accusation and then if the accuser is wrong they'll handle that later separately (which rarely happens). For ISPs it is simply the smartest business move, it is the least impactful to their bottom line which is why most reported disconnections are less than 1%. The whole thing when you look at it without the moral implications, it is a scam with the lawyers as the con artists. They are factually the only group that benefits from any of it. It’s almost comical, they have media companies believing this will help them, when it is empirically proven that it does not. They have gotten the ISPs to stop fighting, and those that do just keep the lawyers employed so it isn't like the lawyers are bothered either way. And as long as there are end users, pirates don't even have to exist or be caught to keep the media companies’ scape goat for everything that is wrong in their world.
  16. Unfortunately I have to use some aluminum encased components on my hoists in a salt mine I work at. I can't guesstimate on timing since the salt helps everything corrode extra fast, but as for the aluminum... When it corrodes between the copper and aluminum, the aluminum has blooms of corrosion that will fill the entire enclosure. It isn't like the copper corrosion that is a little bit of green material or some pitting. Changing your coolant wouldn't help much with this either since your first indicators will be in the aluminum components clogging or getting limited flow.
  17. I got G.Skill ram in my computer, It doesn't like going the advertised OC'd clock speed in my Asus board even if I loosen the timings, but... I was able to get the latency timings down lower with lower clock speed than the specs and that gave me better performance anyways.....
  18. The novelty of the color PCB's was an additional cost and like Waco said, it can only make the product stand out, but what products are worth making to stand out? Your performance line. Now that they know customers will pay a little more for aesthetics (Big companies can be thick headed and really gotta KNOW though) we do see it in even value oriented product lines. So, now that we got stylized heat spreaders, leds, etched images, we need something more..ooh I wonder where we can fit in lasers! Yeah... or maybe spikes..I want my motherboard to be Metal..I'm sure they'll come up with something new soon...maybe iridescent PCB, for the fancy crowd.
  19. Since you're using it on a radiator....don't hate me....you want the one with the higher static pressure.
  20. I love the space when working with a full tower, but with so many functions being integrated into the motherboards, Mid size can easily have extra slots. So after losing a couple layers of knuckle skin, my mid size tower is perfectly fine for air cooling, a bigger case would just give me more hot spots and a little longer before it levels off it's internal temp, I say get that air outa there. Ooooo I need to make a full size tower that is basically a giant heatsink.... It'll be like a metal hedgehog computer...
  21. Having extra copper in PCB can help performance in several ways, and that would generally mean you have thicker PCB, but.... you can still have PCB designs that just use lots of layers or are just thicker for no good reason. Meh... Stupid book/cover thing... Damn you math and your specifications!
  22. The PCB color in no way effects the performance. Now... If the manufacturer is putting effort into customizing the PCB color, it is generally an indicator the manufacturers have put effort into making the product high quality in some (maybe useless/flashy) way. As soon as customers try to use this as a generalization like this salesman tries to, a scummy manufacturer will come along and make a crap product with a pretty PCB for large profit margins. It's like the salesman saying, any memory sticks with lights are the good ones, while ballistix tracers are Corsair's highend memory sticks, it doesn't mean the sticks with blue leds duct taped to them from fhwdgads company are any good.
  23. The best thing I did for my radiater after getting the thermal paste just right, is seal the gap between radiator and fan with electrical tape. For me, the high CFM fans would pull a decent amount of air through that gap. I think 3M's vinyl electrical tape is good to like 105C so there's not worries on temps.
  24. Yeah, I have two of the Kaze's on my H50 and they can get loud if they go full blast, but are fairly quiet at ~50% speed. Mine are on a speed controller since I'd rather have direct control when overclocking.
  25. Also, I think this applies for alot of people and it certainly helped my wife when she was doing math work. What you're learning doesn't make sense until your using it in the next math course (sometimes class). I found it entertaining how often the I'd be trying to wrap my head around what we're doing in class and then the work I did the last course suddenly made sense.
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