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  1. Another thing that might point to what's going on is the event viewer. Check Event Viewer>Custom>Admin for anything that's repeated alot, and then a quick google might give you an answer.
  2. Open your task manager (alt+ctrl+del). Click the perfomance tab, and see if the CPU is running 100% when your doing something that lags the PC and doing nothing. Is it 100% all the time? Either way, next click the processes tab, then click CPU column to sort processes by processor usage. Systam Idle Process should be at the top, probably isn't, but what is? (I was specific for reference, btw)
  3. Damn, I was going to say O-ring right of fthe bat when I read the first post. It's where a 90% of our losses come from in the hydrolic breaking system for a mine hoist. You don't have to have visable leakage to see losses, it's just unlikely. Especially difficult with water that may evaporate in the quantity where it's leaking. Short of touching a sheet of toilet paper around joints to see if you can wick up anything those kind of leaks are hard to hunt down, so it usually the most efficient way involves changes sets of O-rings till the problem clears up.
  4. There are fairly cheap cables online that strip HDCP so you wouldn't have to worry about that.
  5. All I have to say is, if they can't figure out if he doped or not over many years with 100+ tests, yet they successfully can test stored old blood samples to identify cheaters retroactively as new techniques/drugs discovered, they should just quit their jobs for failing so spectacularly, if they really believe he cheated. That and if this is what you can do without doping in some way, can't we make an alternate system for people to dope up their bodies. I'd pay to watch that. That probably makes me a bad person somehow though
  6. I knew a couple guys that made their own power supply just for the experience. They passed it onto a third guy with no electrical background who was just wowed by it. He told me he threw it away after touching something in it accidently (I'm sure it was the capacitor bank) and woke up a little later on the floor. I still don't know how to emotions I go through thinking of the whole thing, but it is completely hilarious because he was ok right?
  7. You could use some black Sugru (self-setting rubber). I find it useful to fix/make awesome lots of random stuff. It's worth checking out, sugru.com. I ordered some more black/white minipacks just last week and they threw in a color pack free which i was pleasantly surprised since that basically doubled my order for free. Ugh, I really don't know how to make that sound NOT like an advertisement but it is definitely worth checking out.
  8. I've always had wierd quirks with my MSI 560 TI hawks, One reports it's core runs at 1.1 the other 1.03 O_o, The only thing I've kept paying attention to is their regular temp which usually what correlates to any issues I have with them.
  9. I used to think I had applying TIM down to an art, until it stopped making sense. I had what I thought was a perfectly done job, but one core on my I7 was running 15+ hotter than all other cores . So I go and take off the heat sink, examine the pasting to see if I spread oddly or anything, but everything looked like it had fit great, not to much, not to little, full coverage, so I clean it up and try again. Problem disappears. It's was as annoying as shy electronics that work whenever you try to show someone else the problem. Also, if your at the point you need a sanity check on your thinking process, hardwaresecrets.com has a guide on applying TIM. I websensed right now or else I'd post a direct link.
  10. Makes you wanna shake and advertiser huh?
  11. Asus Xonar, it makes a world of difference for headset gaming, don't notice it as much if I'm using (old) 4.1 speakers. The onboard works fine, but it sounds like there's less to it, and turning the analog bitrate all the way up on the card is what makes the difference similar to like going from a cell phone call to skype.
  12. Please save yourself the headache and troubles and ensure that the generator used has a govenor. This will allow you to have a UPS in line and extend the life of your electronics significantly. I say this just in case, I recently (few months ago) delt with a stumped group's (MIT) experimental setup going nuts when running off their generators during an site outage.
  13. I got a cheap pair of gunnar from a woot sale, and later found they were $20 on a best buy sale O_o. The funny part is your brain just normalizes the colors for the yellow tint while focused on the screen so if your concentrating on anything but the colors, you don't notice, but it's not that you can't think about it and instantly go, 'oh yeah'. It also breaks the illusion when you look away from the screen. The other bonus is the +.2 diopter so the screen 'grows' and it makes it easier to focus on limited area like the screen. I normally need glasses but I'm near sighted and the end up better than my regular glasses at monitor distance, just don't be trying to build model Gundams or anything requiring good depth perception.
  14. I'm quite satisfied with my Mionix Z60 and it's cherry black switches. And it glows green
  15. They don't even want unsponsored condoms being used at the olympics. They control everything when they come to town, and you even pay them to come to town. I wish that worked for me... http://www.techdirt.com/articles/20120808/05195419960/olympic-.-sponsorship-athletes-get-trouble-using-non-sponsor-condoms.shtml
  16. I looked at a MAX chip that did HDCP to make a passthrough to non HDCP HDMI devices. It didn't look difficult, but apparently was not quite legal so I didn't look further into making it since half of the reason was to simplify it down to a DIY project.
  17. I can't wait for an worthwhile replacement for my SLI 560ti's. I have grown to dislike SLI for anything short of large multi-monitor setups. I sadly convinced myself of the idea of buy the moderate card now and SLI it when it's price lowers to extend it's useful lifetime was good. SLI has proven me so so wrong. I love AA and all, but when using the second card to do that alone is the most effective use of the second card (for more games than not), I just feel misled. Not to mention how Graphics cards stacked like that make any air cooling a challenge on top of adding another mini hair-dryer simulator.
  18. Yeah the Asus RT-N66U would be a good quick fix for either poor signal or a router on it's last legs. I have the 65U and it is surprising how much range I get on that with it's internal antennas. It easily Easily goes through several stucco walls (the chickenwire like mesh makes my house a wireless deathtrap).
  19. I wanted to check out the new monitors released at CES and well..I just have to rant about this. It pisses me off so badly... At CES2012 LG shows off their newly released 1mm bezel 55" TV. How do they miss a sizeable target audience that has been begging for since Eyefinity came out? They promote this feature as helping feel more like a cinema? Did they miss that projectors do that cinema feel better? It doesn't even make sense because the bezel (a flat black one at least) is closer to a cinema screen outline than no bezel at all... Come on. It doesn't even have a VESA mount if someone WAS willing to spend the 6k+ for 3 of them. That is just insulting at this point. So I have yet to figure out why they can make a 1mm bezel for a 55" screen but the designs for monitors being release it seems all but impossible for a manufacturer to do this on 20-30" screens. It's like these companies dipping their toes into HMD (Head Mounted Displays)*cough* Sony *cough*. It's a novelty because they refuse to make the product people would want, and just rehash the something already done. If you're going to make an HMD, make it FULL(if not beyond) field of view, yeah you can't see your peripheral vision as clearly, but it has very important cues that are important for immersion. Isn't immersion the entire point of consumer HMDs? Yet not one manufacturer has stacked their little HMD screens together to make this possible. Even with the less expensive low-res screens this would be a major improvement, and high res screens would just be watch the reviewer piss their pants amazing. If they did full field of view for each eye and broke the image correctly(each eye sees a little of the FOV of the other eye), 3D would go from kind of cool enhancement to wish it was available for everything status. I'm tired of hearing about awesome features that you have to hope one day just maybe someone might decide could be a selling point for gamers..
  20. It is amazing how much magic smoke they can put in electronics these days.
  21. The fans in a pull configuration as exhaust will move the most air through your rad. With push/pull, the benefit of better airflow is gone, so intake is a competitive option. With large rads as push/pull, intake will likely see the best just because you are moveing so much are through the case now, system temps will be negligably impact and the few degree difference of cooler air for the rad is the most significant factor.
  22. Oh yeah, I love the blue, and yay for the built-in active pickup, that should be fun.
  23. I tried so hard to learn guitar, and without being able to keep the calluses (yet with years of martial arts I had calluses everywhere BUT the very tip of my finger...) It was maddening how I could never touch a string without the bottom of my finger hitting the next string,my friend could barely touch a string and it'd move where mine finger tip would just wrap around it... (I swear I don't have homer simpson hands, they're just..large..*sob*) So I swapped to Bass instead which I loved more than the guitar anyways... Oh yeah, My initial point was to help keep my motivated (I had already swapped to bass) while I developed calluses I used rock-tips, it's pretty much liquid bandaid stuff, but works really well. I say it's worth a try if you get frustrated at the length your fingers are letting you play or by the way the sound of playing by not having the callus, that little difference may have let me keep going on guitar which I plan to try again someday.
  24. Technology is tool. Tools are only intended to make work easier/quicker when used properly. Technology is a tool that is often misapplied and does not make work easier/quicker as with any tool that is used incorreclty. I don't believe there is a good or bad to it in any moral sense, it simply possible to be beneficial to tasks, the outcome dependent on the users. Some could say that if you cannot forge your own hammer, you have no right to use a hammer. But that's not very practical, since few people could now forge a hammer by hand, yet so many people can use a hammer just fine. A hammer is just as much classified as technology as any electronic. Sooo... technology simply is...
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