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  1. BUT BUT... there's teh Xonar essence one plus that includes op amps to swap out and play with! You can't get more fun than that.... http://www.asus.com/Multimedia/Audio_Cards/Xonar_Essence_One_Plus_Edition/
  2. Wait... You're supposed to wait until Halloween to wear the costume?
  3. Vinyl paints work great for plastics. If you have the patience, enamels are your next best durable spray after epoxies. (lots of REALLY light layers). Best tips I have are 1. Make sure you have a CLEAN an area as possible for it to dry. Dog hair, dirt, grass is hiding in ambush to attack your paint job. 2. When people say many light coats, it's better to err on the side of too light vs too heavy. And by light coat, think more along the lines of 'it looks like it got sprayed by accident, barely just got misted/barely sprayed' , and do that every couple minutes. I personally tend to just make it a 'Do it every few minutes whenever I remember' because I don't have the patience to sit down and wait without going 'maybe just a little heavier this next time to speed this up'
  4. I did something similar using Linux as my middle-man. It is FAR easier to just reinstall on the SSD, copying the bootloader section can make for an unhappy day. It's not that it isn't possible, it's just re-installing is a better use of your time than if anything fouls up. Don't forget to make sure you're set to AHCI instead of IDE in bios for your drives BEFORE installing windows if you want the performance boost.
  5. I've always given up on front audio, too often does it add white noise/static/issues. Typically I just turned my computer around and used rear disc tray, which always ended up being more convienent since I didn't have to put my head back there to make sure I was putting the disc in the right tray.
  6. Apparently these are really nice sounding $25 earbuds, then again I love my monoprice stuff. http://www.wired.com/reviews/2012/10/nuforce-ne-600/
  7. This^ You know your legal/patent/copyright system is fubar when major companies spend more money in lawyers than they do in R&D.
  8. For all the people that a class action lawsuit covers, if those individuals each opted for arbitration, it would cost the companies WAY more.
  9. PCIe 3.0 bandwidth makes me have an inkling of missing doing computer vision research. Then I remember how much sleep I got and 7hrs beats the snot out of 3 hrs of sleep.
  10. I know no-one here would ever be caught NOT messing with settings, but I like to remind people dedicated sound or not, always remember to adjust the sample rate/bit depth in the sound card properties. Windows sets it to conservative low settings by default, and there is such a noticeable difference between 16/24bit and 44kHz and 192kHz.
  11. The difference in the loudness of the Pop from plugging connectors in hot is the temporary difference in the DC voltage between the devices, I've worked on guitar effects strips/stomp boxes and it's annoy extra work to prevent pops when swapping connections in/out properly. It isn't difficult to build up voltage, whenever you see a flash from static when you touch something, that's at least 20,000 volts for a visible spark, and takes about 3,000 volts for you to feel it in the first place. There is hardly any power in these potential differences, so you aren't likely to damage something directly. That isn't to say that that small spike where the voltage equalizes on an signal line that is going to be amplified and then fed to other devices, isn't going to indirectly harm something, like having you volume maxed and harming a speaker with the pop sound. My guess is that at worst you caused your soundcard's protection to kick in which like stated before cause windows to do it's driver thing causing the video output to stop momentarily, or if you soundcard was just shocked at what it received and reset itself causing the same result.
  12. Lol. I was just thinking about PCIe 3.0 this afternoon when considering what kinds of upgrades I'm going to do if my i7 920 SLI 560ti doesn't perform to my satisfaction when my shiny new 2560x1440 monitor arrives in a couple weeks. Is it still a pain to get enabled, much less that the last time I checked there had yet to be someone to show any performance improvement ?
  13. Yep, people that have worked in computer repairs shops get the best experiences with nasty cases. It's surprising how much crap a computer can have inside the case before it fails. Spiders/spider webs is defintely an ugh... moment, but when cockroaches come out when you open the side panel, you're pretty much done with it at that point, least I was.
  14. I can't do it anymore. I finally hit 80 with my engineer (133 hrs I'm slow). I can't handle the glaring problems that were mostly ignorable in PvE, but now every time I run into stuff in PvP, or trying to level up another chacter, I'm just done. My number 1 problem that shouldn't be a problem, is Invisible people/creatures. It's all due to Anet's bandwidth saving measures, which I can understand the principle of, but when it gets in the way of the gameplay it's not a feature. They limit how many objects (characters) they send to a client instead of letting the client decide what to draw client side. So there's no setting I can change to reduce pop-in or invisibility. It happens in PvE not just WvW (which is a game breaking issue anyways), wtf is the point of an event if I don't see anything to hit?
  15. When it's setup at my desk, I have four. Typically this goes Video+game+programs (vent,web,whatever)+diagnostics (side, center, side, top). Right now I'm down to one monitor because I'm having power quality suspicions, can't imagine why though. Monitors are all different too, for the full Frankenstein effect. 3 are 1920x1080, and the top one is 1600x900, 3 are TN and one is an IPS. Hopefully I’ll be posting more about the result of a new monitor purchase soon. I failed my self-control roll and bought (preorder) a 2560x1440 Korean 27” IPS @ 120Hz monitor.
  16. When you see you GPU usage compared to the CPU usage, it'll be surprising how close GW2 is though Where you able to see if it was a specific setting that was responsible for the micro-stuttering?
  17. I would suggest going through the settings real quick turning one all the way down, one at a time. See if it is a specific setting. Afterburner might help narrow it down as well. Watch the GPU usage, I doubt it is going to be very high. I am still leaning toward the CPU, the game is REALLY CPU bound, it's crazy. If you have to turn down some of the settings because of the CPU bottleneck, one of the things you can do is force more anti-aliasing in nvidia inspector, and that will eat up more GPU so your still making the best use of the card.
  18. Any other badass item skins you've found? I've been playing on gw2db.com to look at stuff, but they don't have everything in 3d models yet.
  19. Actually.... McMaster-Carr.com is great for random/obscure hardware stuff. I'd like to see how these would work out http://www.mcmaster.com/#standard-sleeve-bearings/=jfj7md
  20. Ok, So. 1) GW2 is INSANELY CPU intensive. I've heard a few times that a Sandybridge @ 5GHz is where you will start to outpace the CPU need (until you enter WvW). This is also dependent on how many players are around, CPU use skyrockets. I'm on an old i7 920 @ 3.9Ghz and it will put all 8 cores at 80+%. For WvW I just lower most of the settings. (draw distance is one I keep maxed) 2) Try this http://www.overclock.net/t/1267918/guide-nvidia-inspector-gtx670-680-disable-boost-fixed-clock-speed-undervolting It has helped me ALOT with stability in games. 3) If you turn ambient occlusion on, it is one of the most noticeable effects you can turn on through the Nvidia controls, with minor performance hit. If you enable this and you have issues with the environment turning transparent when you camera clips it, turning the render setting to supersample clears this up magically.
  21. It's likely from wear on the bearings then. It will likely cause additional wear because of the vibrations but shouldn't wear too fast while it has enough oil.
  22. Hop on frozenCPU and start getting a new one shipped. It might get there about the time yours fails after oiling it
  23. This is your best bet of keeping your PSU alive the longest. Although then your going to need to change that UPS battery (yay gel cells) long before that 5 yr mark too.
  24. Just for reference. It's a short fan lubrication how-to. http://www.dansdata.com/fanmaint.htm Far as I know all PC fan bearings are either a ball bearing or sleeve bearing type, with some proprietary names to variations of those two types. The variations are usually to sleeve bearing designs to improve them to perform like ball bearing and seal them better.
  25. This drove me insane over the weekend. On my desktop (i7 920 @ 4.0GHz) I upgraded my SSD from an OCZ Agility 2 SATA II to a SanDisk Extreme SATA III. I install the drive, set it up in linux properly, everything seems good. So I get setup to transfer windows 7 over from the other SSD. I copied windows over quite a few times thinking I messed up my transfer (was using linux to do it). After straightening up the MBR and BCD, windows seems to be working ok. I was really excited now, I throw guild wars 2 over from my HD to enjoy some short loading times, at first I’m ecstatic, and look shiny new Nvidia drivers! . After a few minutes though, the computer locks up, blue screens and reports an 0x116 and the nvlddmkm.sys. My first reaction is to blame something I did so, oh crap maybe the nvlddmkm.sys must have gotten corrupted. Hopefully it was just the drivers, reinstall a few versions of those and still freezing. Ugh, don’t know where my install disk is (the only one I can’t find *stares at the golden retriever*) and the big part of why I don’t do a fresh install. So I try to recopy windows a few times, fsck, chkdsk, all kinds of linux ntfs tools, stuck on it must be a corrupted file and I don’t see anything other than S.M.A.R.T saying everything is good at this point. Then I try going back to my original SSD, and the problem is still there. Damn, maybe I ran into a perfectly timed hardware failure. So I go through all the stages to check my graphics cards (the 0x116), power, temps, power supply, and I resolve nothing. I even up my PCIE bus voltages to see if that’ll help. Nothing fixed. I even 100% the fans and get that hairdryer noise going, the temps stay under 65C, and it still happens, only it takes a little longer. Just long enough to make you think it’s fixed. . I may have only started by changing one thing on the PC to try and control the variables, but that didn’t work so I get mad and decide to just burn an install disk and do a fresh install, reset everything in bios, start from complete scratch. Reinstall and all that stuff. Then I don’t freeze, at all. My CPU temps weren’t going higher than normal, but whatever it was about doing SATA 3 made the ICH10 angry from then on, raising the voltage probably didn’t help that part either. I dropped the OC down to 3.6 GHz and left finding the new limits of my overclock another day. Works great now, but really, wtf SATA III and screw you BSOD errors. edit: Corrected magical random numbered formatting.
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