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  1. Sadly for us, it's simply because they sell well. Lots of people think they look better than matte in the bright high temperature light of stores.
  2. From what I understand it was planned that the 14nm Broadwell chips would be a BGA set, and the generation after that would go back to having LGA options. Intel just testing the waters to see how bad their shrinkage would be
  3. By the specs I would go with the 27". Better viewing angles(are you sure it's TN?), you will get slightly larger text which helps to reduce eye fatigue, the lower brightness is not an issue since you should not have that maxed to reduce eye fatigue as well.
  4. Master Binky

    PS Vita

    Monoprice has some vita cases like your talking about. I didn't use mine too much because it wouldn't fit on the charging stand which I prefered because the charging cable is a bit finicky. I eventually ended up getting one of the ~$20 controller grips because I was giving my palms cramps playing it. I love the grip I have because it does what I needed it too, but no love for the specific brand I got (I forget which, it was all I could find in brick&mortar stores at the time). What I hate about it is that I apparently twist down on my right palm while playing which is coincidentally exactly how you remove the Vita from the grip. I don't know how many people like the grips though since I have large hands with alien fingers, to give you a idea, I was a fan of the original large Xbox controllers.
  5. My local pet store sells frosted (it's yogurt) cookie dog treats. There are 5 ingrediants listed on the label (honey,flour,yogurt, something something), and they smelled really good. The damn things taste better than cookies I can buy in the grocery's bakery....
  6. If you've never had one, then you've never...had..a.. fried twinkie..?
  7. Besides all the statements that isreal existance be wiped off the face of the earth. I always thought that the requests for isreal to give up land that wasn't a single continous piece, but three specific pieces that essentially surrounded and locked isreal was off . Who in their right mind thinks, give me the most important stuff and you take the rest, is a comprimise?
  8. If the people are sitting inside all day living off of welfare, short of missing a roof, they won't see enough sun to get the trademark sunburned/extra tanned neck of a redneck. You get the redneck feature from working hard outside in the sun, where your hat(whether a Stetson or a baseball cap[+2 sunburned ears]) didn't keep the sun off you. When doing such physically demanding work constantly, aesthetics quickly lose out to pure functionality for work. The make-shift jury rigged ingenuity is a quality that some people attribute to rednecks comes from a practicality standpoint that even the hours of travel time to acquire supplies for a 'proper' or more elegant solution is prohibitive much less the additional time searching and shopping. The low intelligence attributed to being 'redneck' is likely from people who labeled them as dumb/stupid for a few reasons including apathy/ignorance* to what the other group considers important/essential and unfamiliarity with that lifestyle/area. The reverse situation is that person is likely to be considered dumb when they don't know how to function in the redneck's lifestyle/area. As posted before that I found funny is what comes to mind when people say 'trailer trash' fit more of what I hear attributed to rednecks. Which reminded me that among those people that would be identify with an general archetype (trailer trash/city slicker/redneck/etc), have their own more specific labels or sub-archetypes within that particular set. It reminds me Oklahoma where the wasn't a derogatory term that bothered my indian/native american friends, but are instantly riled up if you call them the wrong tribe. *- Ignorance is not inherently bad and I don't know why it is a pejorative. It is not having been exposed to the knowledge, not that the person is incapable of understanding or gaining the knowledge. Stupidity is purposefully remaining ignorant though.
  9. Bah, highschool in oklahoma focused only on oklahoma history with a smidge of 'there's also other states'. So, not that it's good to ignore the more interesting parts of history I doubt it's uncommon to be so focused in schools. I guess what makes it so unusual is that Texas just decided to save some paper and leave out the stuff they don't cover anyways. Why do people bash rednecks all the time? It's like blaming the absent kid for everything that went wrong. I swear it just has to be shows on TLC that make people think there are 1,000:1 rednecks everywhere. By definition a redneck has spent most of their life, NOT living in the big cities. So, short of an unknown mass migration into the cities, where are people even being exposed to rednecks? If anything Texas should withdraw from the US and right afterword pull an Arizona and check people's citizenship, then watch as surrounding states go "WTF?!" with their population increases. (I thought that whole thing was hilarious. There were people on the news "I've lived in this house for 10 years, and now I have to run away because I'm not here legally", yet if I lived in canada for 10 years illegally no one would blink if I got deported).
  10. For some people all it takes to make it go away is to increase the Field of View in the game or it's config files. There is also Dimenhydrinate (Dramamine) which is an antihistamine that worked fairly well for my ex, and a non-drowsy alternative I forget. I did once find a homeopathic (re: hippy) product that had all the various magic scents and whatnot that actually worked, it instructed you to put a drop behind each ear for quick relief and it actually helped her quickly. I have a horrible sense of smell so I don't even pretend to understand how a smell helps the nausea from the discontinuity of motion detected by your inner ear and predicted by your sight.
  11. Minimizing taxes is the expected behavior. I'm not talking about this morally as to right or wrong, so the only thing that makes it 'worse' when a corporation tries to get out of paying taxes is that the difference in the amounts being reduced. As in, which is worse for a salesman, missing out on a million dollar profit deal or a one dollar profit deal? Neither option is morally wrong, but one is definitely considered worse. If you want to see more tax income, you fix the loopholes that would return the largest increase in tax revenue, which corporations are a better choice than an individual, and that is one of the reasons the focus is on corporations.
  12. ARG! I'm trying to find the source as a reference, but I know I read on msdn or technet that for Windows 8 had a custom image algorithm to use on the wallpaper and various images to reduce resource use and speed up the UI. It didn't sound like they saved a compressed copy, but then again I wouldn't doubt there's a decision tree based on random variables as to handle things like the wallpaper.
  13. From what I've seen, it's the loopholes used get the money there that's bad. Like a business that sells a product to itself for $0 between countries so it isn't taxible in many ways, then 'resales' the product in a more preferable way. It is not that offshore holdings are bad in itself, it's that they are a primary resource corporations use when avoiding taxes, so it is an easy target to pick on instead of the targetting the behavior.
  14. Haha, election day gamble. All the reward of going to vegas without the fun. At least the dollar hasn't gone down to last june's exchange rate yet.
  15. I saw dwarves F2P which instantly made me remember Dwarf Fortress. I don't know how they put crack in Ascii but damnit I was doing fine until I remembered.....
  16. Anyone use XBMC on Win8 yet?
  17. off topic but on that note: The software is definitely way behind and for the most part they have been dragging their feet. It feels like it keeps coming back to ‘because it’s hard’, after being spoiled by progress in programming languages/environments and the surplus of computing resources that made mediocre effort create pretty good results. There’s lots of ways the computing hardware can be pushed higher. It doesn’t even have to just be games either, there are straightforward things like make use of deep color depth(48bit+), things that would make ‘looks just as good’ comparisons of tablets and smartphones to PCs stop happening.
  18. I blame piracy and the pirate bay. Oh and megaupload. *sigh* I don't think i've been this sad about a 75% off fire sale....
  19. Is the metro UI simply a shortcut menu? The only reason I had interest in the Metro UI was the simple interface would be nice for a tv connected PC. I haven't bothered with Win8 yet but figured it might be worth using a technet subscription to try it among some other stuff. I thought the whole Metro hoopla was because Microsoft said that the all the spiffy (I assume there has to be something desireable about it) functions that you get with the Metro UI/API was essentially members only for programmers/developers. I really hoped there might be some kind of awesome sauce in Win8 like a reworked network system or thread management in it's scheduleing that improved program performance without requiring code to be re-optimized, but I haven't heard anything besides it's pretty much the same as Win7 when you ignore the Metro part.
  20. I thought to participate in the metro environment your programs had to go through the App store?
  21. Whaaaaa? That sounds like people have no excuse not to show up to a halloween party. What are they going to say, I need to blowdry my hair? Just use LOTS of jack-o-lanterns and tiki torches and you're good to go.
  22. I'm finally interested in Windows 8 out of practicality. I'm thinking I might drop my money into getting Technet subscription for some damn keys because my Win7 OEM discs elude me. Driving this need for keys, I've got minipc I'm about to hand off as an HTPC to the boss while she does her school stuff in another city, and she one of those who only wants electronics to 'Just work'. So I'm considering either throwing Win8 on there and/or XBMC ubuntu and hope one of them works out. Anyone know how well the Win8 is working as an HTPC? I read it doesn't include players/codecs, but couple downloads should fix all that. Any suggestions are welcome, so thank you.
  23. That's why I keep costumes tucked away in a box just like other holidays. No excuses for my friends, besides, who doesn't want to drink with ' The Count' of sesame street or a monkey ninja.
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