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  1. Thanks for the suggestions, I went with an Asus RT-N56U. In general Asus has been good to me and it was a good price on amazon and I can get it overnight easily. At worst this will just become an access point
  2. Yea the ?’s are a little hard on the eyes, but I couldn’t think of a better way to point out that the consumer/small business doesn’t matter, I just want my network back together so I can break it by trying to make it better, not broken for no good reason. It didn't help this is my second day with an intermittent connection that does not show any identifying signs of problems.
  3. I think I have it narrowed down to my router going out, but I’m not sure and I haven't had enough time to narrow it down between the cable modem and the router. It doesn't help that the ISP says the modem is working fine on their end every time. Anyways, I tried a switch to extend the ports on the D-Link with a gigabit switch, and it was not having any of that. So whatever, it fails my expectations and needs to be taken out back and "disposed of." The cable modem has a gigabit port that forced me to upgrade from an earlier gamerlounge model. I have liked this model because it was trivial to have multiple xbox's running live with no connection or matchmaking issues which are my bane with any linksys routers that my small town carries. Also had a Terraria server (which means I need Dynamic DNS) and plenty of Netflix & pandora running. So short of swapping my internet connection to a business class connection (benefits include a larger upsteam, 5 static IP addresses vs 1 dynamic, maybe better QOS?, cons are :more expensive , lower downstream). tl;dr Need gigabit router with 802.11N & dynamic DNS & doesn't give me hell with multiple xboxs running at the same time + will allow expansion with a gigabit switch. Does it exist? Loyalty has failed me, and separating marketing from reality is proving difficult.
  4. The CPU's fan/heatsink typically have their own compartment lid for easy cleaning, which should not void the warranty. I used to perform dell certified repairs and I cannot think of any way to tell you accessed this area anyways since there should not be any screws hidden under stickers to get to that area. When cleaning the heatsink/fan, remove the plate so you can use the compressed air to blow from the fan to the outside (you don't want to blow the dust into the laptop). Remember to hold the fan still when you blow the compressed air around it, it is just safer to not generate power back into the laptop by spinning the fan. It can be supriseing how much stuff gets stuck in the heatsink fins, and it seems they just keep increasing the density.
  5. I can’t view the image linked to right now, sorry. But classically Sprites are a single image with cells (uniform in their individual area) in them that represent the different actions and are put together (like mention above) like a slideshow. So if you wanted a walking sprite, you would draw the first cell, the second cell, third cell, etc…. of the walking cells animation cells in the picture. Think of old games that the 2D character didn’t get a new graphic for each sword/shield/costume/color or combination. That’s because each combination would require a whole new image changed by hand. That’s also why you would have a cell of the character walking to the side (you can get away with just having one set of cells for walking left or right) down, or up as a minimum for walking up down left right on the screen. There are lots of free sprites, but the sprites don’t usually use large cells since (besides the extra effort that someone is giving away for free) it would be wasted on most games they would be used in.
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