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  1. I've cleaned up acrylic with a heat gun before. I looked into the novus stuff for cleaning up 3d prints too. Are most side panels actually acrylic or are some polycarbonate? I'd figure acrylic since it's shinier and less expensive, mostly the less expensive reason though. There are lots of youtube videos on smoothing either one with polish or heat guns. Might be worth the time to check there to see if your expections would be met with either method.

  2. First thought that came to my mind was one of the hybrid drives. From what I understand they try to intelligently cache things in the solid state portion so it may take a few times of playing a game for it to load into that portion. For multiplayer games that use the same maps repeatedly it sounds like a good idea. For single player games that load levels in a sequential order, it seems the cache logic wouldn't give you any advantage though. Anyone have any real world experience with these drives?

  3. Also, to double check that you're getting 120Hz vs 60Hz, I remember there being a program that you could watch as it moved a white box around the screen, it would visibly skip spaces @ 60Hz vs 120Hz.

  4. Some are hard locked, some go with the lowest monitor setting available, so removing the 60Hz options or making the 120Hz options top of the list force 120Hz in alot of games. Depends on how you attain the 120Hz setting as well whether it's with CRU or Nvidia's custom settings, CRU seems to be more consistant in getting games to recognize the 120Hz for me though.

  5. For some reason when I first pictured this game, I thought of Monster Hunter in L4D styling with the monster being played by a person. Now I want that to be a thing, as well as whatever they are actually making.  

  6. It's only two solder points, but like they have said already a good soldering iron & tip are a must unless you can make up for it with skill (at which point you'd have the proper tools...). The ones I've seen go bad are typically surrounded and a pain to work on which is why you don't want to half ass it on the tools. Since you say they are about to pop I am going to assume they're electrolytic capacitors.


    With that in mind, make sure you make note of the polarity of the one you are removing and the one you replace it with. As long as you replace it with the same voltage & farad rated capacitor (and the same type which I

  7. I have sat at my random-ass el-cheapo chair for ~18 hours straight before, I'm honestly calling bullshit on premium chairs.



    There are chairs that are better for you than others, but there's no 'perfect' posture chair.


    I chopped up a cheap twin size memory foam bed topper for my cheap chair. It now rivals my $1,000 chair at work. Funny, I couldn't get a stool but they were fine with that chair selection...

  8. I was interested in the WiiU for Monster hunter, then they killed monster hunter multiplayer on the Wii to force you to the WiiU. So I decided to skip the console. I'm tired of asshattery from these companies. 'It's a business' is not an excuse to spit on your customer base. There's a reason goodwill from indy and small developers is so well recieved.

  9. Yeah, I've placed a desk fan on the back of a CRT before because passive cooling just wasn't enough for it. If I still had it, that'd be fun to watercool for the ridiculous factor.


    As for overclocking the monitors, I don't see how it could hurt the panel, and nothing special happens to the backlight. The printed circuit boards may have a shortened lifespan because you're driving them more than their original design. You can overclock your panel right now if you wanted, usually can squeeze out an extra 10-15 Hz. An extra 10Hz up to ~100Hz is typically a noticeable improvement, and you movie nuts can usually hit 72 Hz so you don't have any jitter with 24 frame video :P


    As far as I have seen it isn't reaching a point that a significant difference in heat is being produced, which is generally the main factor in deteriorating electronics (more specifically their packaging). Instead the overclocking is limited more along the lines of functional limitations in an unspecified set of components in the PCB that allow the higher frequency signals be processed. This is seen when overclocking there is a common issue of 'coil whine' where the currents in the inductors are switching fast and strong enough to generate an audibly vibration.

  10. The headphone jack was likely part of the casing and more work to not put it in than to leave it.


    I got my 1440 from overlordcomputer.com from their original pre-order that had the pixel perfect offering. After months of use, I'd never notice a couple of dead pixels (although stuck/white are more annoying). The pixels are so small that to notice it, I'd have to maintain a perfectly clean monitor which just doesn't happen between me and three dogs and an asshole cat.


    The reason I went with overlord was for the 120Hz overclock, and if there are any adventureus types they do offer overclockable monitor boards which apparently work more consistantly at reaching 120Hz. Single DVI only though last time I checked.

  11. The biggest advancements is that multiplatform games will be able to make use of the newer Directx versions. It was painful that modern games would be released based on Dx9. So consoles won't be holding multiplatform games so far back that developers have to cross out trying to incorporate modern PC gaming capabilities because the difference is too large to justify the cost.


    The Playstation is also x86 based while the Xbone is not this time, so developer support is likely going to be opposite of the how it was with the Xbox 360 & PS3. And yes games for a console look better because the developer can target the hardware specifically, the problem with the Xbone is that microsoft didn't design it for playing games as it's primary function O_o tjhe want a more universal entertainment device because games do not offer the range of constant  revenue sources for advertisements and such. To see this in action look at how the Xbox 360's UI has changed over the 360's lifetime to cram more advertisements and short use products such as videos into your view. 

  12. It's so close to a titan, but yet $350 cheaper! I was hoping that it would be a bit faster then a 680 thou. It's it looks between 15-35% faster? I wonder if they will scale better then 2x titans or 2x 680s? And even thou I've been on the red team for so long, I gotta say the green team has the best looking reference cards.


    Sounds about right, the 770 was just a really really lazy firmware updated 680.



  13. Wow, I knew Cell differed greatly from x86, but I didn't think PowerPC was all that different. But if that's the case, then like the PS4, that simply makes sense from a technical standpoint. Sony at least has Gaikai to make up for it...so guess that's another point for PS4. Ouch.


    PS4 has an x86 CPU this time, so the PS4 and Xbox One are opposite of their code portability for this generation. O_o So ridiculous. I tend to agree with a few things they go through semiaccurate.com on Microsoft not caring about gaming for the Xbox One, as seen by their current handling of the Xbox dashboard and how their promoting the Xbox One, gaming just isn't the mouth watering revenue stream compared to everything else they can put in it.

  14. I've usually just used google when I don't have a physical reference book. The important part is doing tutorials that keep your interest and hopefully accomplish similar things in different ways. Don't worry too much about it, it isn't like learning guitar or programming where you will be paying for not doing things the a correct way from the start. 


    Try to go through the commands in a program's help, whether online or in program. You don't have to learn them all, but seeing it once or twice and getting an idea of how they structure their commands and the typical verbage they use helps alot when you get stuck and need a keyword to feed google.

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