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    5870xfire+phenom4 cooling advice

    Update : it's not stable at 3.8ghz at 1.35 or 1.375 vcore. Should I temper with the fsb now? I only modified the multiplicator for now (*18.5 at 3.7ghz and *19 at 3.8GHZ)
  2. ragatam

    Recommended Thermal Paste

    I have "Tuniq TX-2" thermal paste, slightly better thant AS 5 and no curing time
  3. ragatam

    5870xfire+phenom4 cooling advice

    I'm stable at 3.7ghz and 1.325 vCore. My psu is only Corsair TXV2 750 maybe it would be too much for it if I pushed to 4ghz don't u think? Especially wit 5870 crossfired
  4. ragatam

    5870xfire+phenom4 cooling advice

    Here's a pic of my rig Updated: I oc'ed the proc to 3.5ghz with 1.3vcore It's very stable, temps never go over over 46 ° (Cpu stress test everest) And cards are very cool (65° tops) in extreme stress tests. In gaming max i've seen it go is 55°C. Post your comments!
  5. ragatam

    5870xfire+phenom4 cooling advice

    Tx guys!! I redid the wiring and added a fan and am now under 50° at full load under furmak (burn in test) The second card even became hotter than the other?! (51) I'll post photos soon. It looks neat!
  6. Hi guys, How is it going? I'm new on this forum, here's my rig: -psu: Corsair TXV2 750w - Phenom 4955BE stock at 3.2ghz - Rad: Sunbeam Core Contact Freezer + Noctua NFP12 -Case: CM 690 II Advanced (black) -Graphics: 5870 Sapphire Vapor X OC Edition CrossfireX -Motherboard : GIGABYTE 990XA-UD3 -HD: Seagate RAID0 SATA2 1TO -Memory 4go GSKILL DUAL CHANNEL RIPJAWS 12800 - Cooling: Front Fan(intake), Top fan(exhaust) CM STOCK, Side(intake) and backpanel(exhaust) fans: NoiseBlocker XLPs My temps : Idle: GPU1: 38 °C GPU2: 32°C Load: Gaming GPU 1(Battlefied BC2, Witcher 2, Shogun 2..) Never over 65° Max 68° once, Furmark Burn in/Extreme 78-9° max GPU 2 Never over 54° and in furmak never over 72° CPU: GAMING, never over 53-4° Thermal paste on CPU: TX2. On 3Dmark VANTAGE Performance I get 28000Gpu score and only 12000 Cpu ..is that normal ? Are my temps good ? Do I have Room for overclocking CPU and Cards? Should I buy an fan controller or keep the XLPs in PWM? ps: Forgot to mention, ambiant temp is about 25°Cs. Thanks in advance for ur advice..