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  1. I have a lite-on JLMS XJ-XD166S and it is super quiet, and works great. If you go with a DVD/CD Burner combo it will be quite a bit noisier than just a DVD drive. Right now you can get the lite-on DVD for around $25-30 if you look around. Hope this helps!
  2. Page 4 of the user manual, "Fan M connector" (fan monitor) crash
  3. Check to ensure your AGP drivers are installed. I had the same problem and once I installed my AGP driver, (SiS) I went into AGP 8X!
  4. For that price with a free case I may buy one just to test it out!
  5. Unlocking an Athlon XP requires physicaly opening and closing specific briges on your CPU. If you have never done that and you bought a retail CPU it is not unlocked. If you bought the CPU used and aren't sure if it was unlocked check to see if you can change your multiplier in your bios, if you can, someone has unlocked the chip!
  6. If you still have the manual for your PSU that is the best reference. The fans say 12v dc but you need to know the power consumption, (watts.) You may need to convert back to amps to know how many you can daisy chain. Your psu manual probably quotes max amps per line. I have a thermaltake 480watt psu and I have no problem daisychaining four fans with led's , two laser leds and two optical drives off one line. So if you have a half decent power supply I wouldn't worry about putting all your fans on one line. Keep your Cpu fan on a low load line though! crash
  7. I have a Thermaltake Silent purepower 480. It seems to be an awesome power supply. I run four 10k scsi drives, three optical, oc'd athlon/vid card, ect. lights and I have never had a problem with it. It has two fans, one that has a fan bus, loomed mobo power wire and a great look. Yeah, I have also heard great things about enermax and antec. One PSU that I noticed on www.tigerdirect.com was the Ultra 500. Right now you can buy the PSU and a chieftec dragon case w/ side window for $109 Canadian. The power supply lists for $109!!! Maybe worth it to check out. good luck! crash
  8. I recently upgraded my 32 MB creative anihalator, (wicked card when I got it,) to a GF 4 Ti 4800, (PNY,) 128 AGP 8x and my 3d scores are not nearly what other people are posting on forums. The lowest I've scored is 7700 and the highest is 10,700 in 3d mark 2001 se. I have: Asrock K7S8X w/ AMD Athlon 2100+ @ 1.83 GhZ, (100 MhZ OC) 768Mb PC 2100 DDR AC97 sound PNY Ti-4800 128 8X AGP w/ Thermaltake coolmod heatsink fan 53 series det drivers Adaptec AHA-2940UW PCI SCSI Controller 3 Seagate Cheetah SCSI drives, one WD SCSI drive Windows XP home, fully patched and updates When I bench, the first test is always around 10,000, and then the next bench is always around 8800 - 9000. My oc's through nvidia are 297 - 332 core clock, 645 - 690 Mem. I don't get artifacts or lockups if I go above these frequencies by about 10 - 15MhZ but Windows shuts down due to "unstable GF Ti 4800" I would really like to hit at least 12,000 3d marks, if I don't I'm gonna have to go out and spend more money 'cause right now I'm eating my dad's dust with his Athlon 64, (he's only scoring 14,000 w/GF4Ti4200) I already have a new Mobo coming, (Chaintech 7nJs- Zenith w/Barton 2500,) but I just can't believe that 10,000 is the end of the line for this system! Please help!! crash
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