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  1. Yep Abit is out of the mobo arena..... but they'll be back! I used to be a hardcore DFI guy too but after ending up with a couple Asus 939's and then 775's I am a loyal Asus fan...until someone else comes out with something that beats them! Asus also has the absolute best customer service and RMA service in the field! I've even bought a dead board from Greece and RMA'd it from Canada successfully! Each board I've bought from them has come with excellent accesories, packaging, instructions ect. Just check out some of the reviews on OCC and you'll see what I mean. Enthusiasts ask Asus to do something and for the most part they do it! The 775 boards I've had, (most from OCC members,) have all overclocked extremely well too. I hit 3.86 on my Q6600 with a P5Q Premium with no extra voltage! There are few boards that perform better, or at least without jumping a price range to do it. as for the rounded cables, I've found I can route the flat cables better.
  2. In my experience the only thing that changes is system stability - it gets worse! I would leave it locked at it's default frequency. BTW we need an emoticon that looks like two pennies, then I could write "My [two pennies emoticon]"
  3. It doesnt need to be lightened. That ram is a 5" ram and the hydraulic pressure on that unit would be between 2000-2500 pis. You do the math..
  4. My buddy runs a rental place in Red Deer and they have a Airconditioning dealie like that. It's about 48" square and has a 36" fan. The front has cardboard looking pleats that water runs down and cools the air as it passes through. It cools his 10,000sq/ft building and uses less power than a 5,000btu A/C unit.
  5. Lots of the prices you listed are too high. Check out NCIX.com. Also I've had tons of high end cases and the twelve hundred is NOT worth $170. I didn't really like it at all. I just got a NZXT tempest and it's awesome except for the top 5.25 drive bays - they have no way to secure drives or faceplates using screws!! other than that it's way more bang for the buck. Also another great one if youre thinking of watercooling is thermaltake kandlf LCS or Thermaltake Armor LCS. Lot's of people will bash TT products but I've had both and they were excellent products. BTW Kandalf LCS is available for <$300 and is absolutely freakin HUGE!
  6. only he's not stupid cause he's recommending a great product
  7. Hey, I have a really nice inspiron 1720, t5250, 4gb kingston hyper-x, 250gb HD, intel 945 17" screen, bluetooth, wifi, dvdrw for sale. $600 and it's yours. BTW it's in great shape, good battery and two adaptors. C/W windows 7 RC with full suite of software and also vista home premium key.
  8. Thanks Wev I've been "modding" my basement. Fully framed, (except for linen closet,) drywal hung/taped/finished in computer room, (first, of course!) and going to order the rest of my drywall monday! Lot's of work to do! It's a good thing I have no job right now! Wait... How am I gonna PAY for all this reno's????
  9. Nothing short of decreasing your pc's power concumption will cool your room down. A PC that creates and expels 250w of heat is gonna expel 250 watts of heat no matter what kind of case or fans you have. Turning it off does not hurt it, may decrease the life of moving parts but will increase the life of solid state parts.
  10. Here are my rides. 2008 F350 4x4 Diesel Harley Davidson, (very dirty right now!) 2005 Dodge Ram 3500 4x4 Laramie Diesel 2007 Chevy Cobalt SS, (wifes car) 2007 Arctic cat 700 efi 4x4, (any riders out there should recognize my mods) 2006 and 2x 2009 Gio 49cc ATVs that my kids, (and sometimes my friends and I,) ride
  11. I've had one of each P5Q pro, P5Q premium, P5Q deluxe and P5Q-D. They've all been excellent boards. With the premium I had my Q6600 at 3,753mHz 100% stable, I managed to get another Q6600 to 3,600 mHz on my P5Q deluxe, (different chips so may have been a better chip with the premium?) The premium had 4 x GB lan on the back panel whereas the others have only two, (the D has only one.) If you can get the premium for the same price or even a couple bucks more buy it. You never know when 4 x GB lan could come in handy and in my opinion they look better! As for OC'ing I would go with the P45 as they should OC the same as an X48
  12. Coolermaster V10 is mind of a hybrid air/TEC cooler isn't it? Check it out it's pretty cool. I went a different way when I tried out WC over the last two months. I usually buy a kick-butt case and a TRUE. This time I bought a Thermaltake Kandalf LCS, (liquid cooling system,) case and it's great! The case is basicly a suped-up Armor. The WC system is integratedinto the case and works great! Again this is only an option if you plan on a new case anyways but for $340 CAD I think it was a pretty good buy.
  13. Bosco thanks for the PM but that's way more than I would want to pay for a new board. I would really like the V1 revision as it has SAS support and 8 SATA, whereas the V2 has no SAS and only 6 SATA.
  14. Sometimes living in Canada SUCKS! WHY do we not get the same deals as the USA?
  15. Could you PM me with details? And yes I am interested. The V2 lacks SAS support though right?
  16. What does that have to do with the price of bread? If 1366 will be the platform for the new 6 core cpus then why would I want to wait for a platform that is geared towards the mainstream segment? It sounds as though i7 will continue to be the "enthusiast" platform for quite some time. Maybe I'm wrong but it doesn't make sense to wait for a less powerfull platform. BTW I have enough 775 stuff here to build 2 more complete systems!
  17. You may want to decide which chipset you will use and narrow down to Nvidia/Ati. Unless you will run X58 then it doesn't matter, (ONLY with a SLI approved board or a bios hack.) I have a single 260 192sp in one PC and it's awesome. It also was uber cheap! Like most other people will say get the biggest baddest GPU your wallet can handle now and then later add another. The nice thing about upgrading to SLI or Crossfire is that for most of us by the time we're ready/needing to upgrade GPU's the price is less than half what we paid for the first one! ten to one odds that by the time you add another card games/drivers will scale better with multi-gpu's.
  18. Hmm, SSD's are getting pretty affordable now. I may just try them out. I imagine that the best use would be for your primary partition with your OS and apps?
  19. If you can build that system for 800 flat I will take two! (seriously I WILL take two.) You should add everything up again. Considering the case alone is $350....
  20. Hmm, I'm not really a fan of lapping IHS's. Is it a good OC'er? Theyre 280 from newegg so I guess I would pay 180. BTW how do you like that MSI X58?
  21. Sold on ebay. On to i7.....
  22. Hey guys, after my last bout of spending and splurging I've decided to go i7. Too bad I missed matt's for sale stuff from a couple weeks ago hey? Anyways I need: Moherboard, prefer Asus P6T deluxe, (OCC reviewed one I think) CPU i7 920 and up Ram minimum 6gb preffer DDR-1600 2000mhz ram. Let me know what you guys have. crash
  23. Sold on ebay Hey guys I'm selling the rig I just built. Some of the parts are from OCC members and some, (most,) are brand new. I really hate to do this but it has to be done. Here are the specs: I just copied and pasted from my ebay listing so this may seem a little more "advertising" than usual. First $1800 US takes it. Also I will include a 3-year written warranty with this system as I do with every higher-end build I sell. Thermaltake Kandalf LCS Black ATX Tower Case BUILT-IN Liquid Cooling System http://www.thermaltake.com/product/Chassis...s/vd4000swa.asp ASUS P5Q-Deluxe LGA775 DUAL GB LAN e-SATA Crossfire motherboard http://www.overclockersclub.com/reviews/asus_p5q_deluxe/ Intel Q6600 8MB cache 2.40gHz @ 3.60gHz <60C full load on water EVGA 9800GX2 Dual Core Graphics card 1024mb GDDR3 600/2000/1700mHz http://www.nvidia.com/object/product_gefor...800_gx2_us.html INTEL Q6600 8MB cache QUAD-Core CPU @ 3,500mHz! Corsair TX850W 850W CMPSU-850TX 12V 70A 24PIN AT Power Supply Active PFC http://www.tomshardware.com/news/Corsair-T...-850W,6712.html Logitech Cordless Desktop MX5500 Revolution http://www.logitech.com/index.cfm/keyboard...81&cl=US,EN OCZ Platinum XTC PC2-8000 4GB 2X2GB DDR2-1000 CL5-5-5-18 DDR2 240PIN Dual Channel Memory Kit http://www.ocztechnology.com/products/memo...on_dual_channel D-LINK DWA-552 Xtreme N Desktop Adapter 802.11 Draft N B/G Triple Antenna PCI Adapter http://www.dlink.com/products/?sec=0&pid=531 LG W2442PA-BF 24IN Widescreen LCD Monitor Black 2MS 10000:1 300CDM 1920X1080 1080P HAS Tilt HDMI DVI http://www.lge.com/products/model/detail/w2442pa.jhtml Western Digital Caviar Black 1TB SATA2 7200RPM 4.2MS 32MB 3.5IN Dual Proc Hard Drive http://www.hardwarecanucks.com/forum/hardw...ive-review.html LG Black 22X SATA Lightscribe DVDRW
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