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  1. Lucky, Stella.


    Any beer that has a name with more than 3 parts is for girls or 21 year old college boys who don't know better and shop by brand rather than quality/price.


    BTW Bud Light Lime tastes like someone spilled Sprite in a beer and marketed it by providing limited availability and creating a false market. It's for girls and college boys who can't think of anything else to order at the bar and end up paying twice as much for crappy beer/pop.

  2. Yep, it will. Price is not going to stop anything. Dvd's were expensive when they first came out too. There are tons of benefits to blu-ray, many of which are not mainstream yet. The Blueray live feature is pretty significant as well. And for me the picture is worth the extra $10 per movie;-)

  3. are they drives noticeably fast in real life applications?. i'm going to reformat my computer over the holidays, and i was wondering if i should get 2 WD blacks.



    They do seem pretty snappy to me. I have 2 1TB blacks and 2 640GB blacks. The 640's are great with the 1TB just barely slower. I also have a 74Gb raptor and it's not as fast as the 640's and WAAAYYY louder! Go ahead and buy either 640 or 1tb you will be happy with them.

  4. Hey man, try putting down the glue bottle before you play it next time! The VATS system works great. All the shots you fire in VATS do extra damage and allow you to target specific parts of specific enemies. It's grea to be able to shoot off a super mutants leg to disable him and then hack him up with ocams razor. The landscape does look bland when you're viewing lots of it at a time, but as you get into different areas it brightens up and shows incredible detail. The bland and "meh" factors you're talking about are purposley built into the game. It is a "post nuclear rpg," after all. It's supposed to make it seem that much more important when you find some sort of pre-war area or building. You're crazy if you really think it's the worst rpg of all time....then again, you probably think I'm crazy for saying it's the second best after FableII.

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