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  1. Hey, I have to pay for this really soon or I am going to run out of money! Could you send me a paypal address?
  2. That's illegal. You guys should relax. Paypal will get you your money back, that's why we use gaypal i mean paypal in the first place. Maybe something happend to him? Bats don't solve problems, unless they are driving the batmobile and ridding gotham city of criminals.
  3. Hey guys, my wife is in houston right now and I was wondering if anyone knew if there is a PC place with crazy deals that I should have her stop in at. I need some new parts. crash
  4. not a big deal there are no pins to bend anyway. send me your paypal address in a pm
  5. I want that i7 if you will ship it to Canada
  6. If you can do a newer style electronic controlled engine do up a 6.0L chev. They are dirt cheap and have thousands of aftermarket parts available. You can make pretty big power out of them on a budget build.
  7. http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/national/prairies/slave-lake-alta-residents-landlocked-by-forest-fires/article2022761/ Check out those links, (not my video I saw it on youtube) This is whats happening in my neck of the woods right now. I was on my way up here yesterday and there was a mass exodus from Slave lake coming through the town I was passing. I had no idea it got this bad. People were lined up at gas stations for 1/4 mile, and liquor stores had line ups around the block!
  8. Whats the problem with shipping to Canada?
  9. I Pm'ed you an offer for that CPU and Ram
  10. I already have a really nice board all I need is a cpu and ram. How much would you like for jusy the CPU and ram?
  11. Hey Guys I'm going to finally build an i-series system. I need an 1156 CPU, I don't care if it's a i3, i5 or i7 as long as the deal is right. Also I need some DDR3 ram to go with it. Thanks Crash
  12. I owned a detail shop long enough to find that Autoglym products are the best you can get when it comes to exterior surfaces. What you are describing sounds as though it may be shipping wax residue. Cars are sprayed with a special wax when they are sent via rail or truck. When they arrive at their destination the car dealership uses a special wax breaker to remove it. When I had my shop I had a different breaker for each manufacturer. Any wax-removing soap may do the trick though. As for wax, (wax and polish are different beasts, I will explain later,) the BEST I've ever used was Autoglym super radiant wax. This stuff smells good enough to eat too! It is a cream based wax that will remove stains, swirls, dirt, other wax ect. all in one. It also leaves an incredible shine and is very easy to work with. As with any creme based wax mist the surface with water before you begin. Polish has abrasives in it. Commercial polish has grit ratings just like sandpaper. It smooths out paint imperfections by actualy removing and replacing paint material at the same time. You need to be very careful with polish, if you don't know what you are doing you can burn your paint or strip it right off. Polish MUST be used with a wet surface! You can also polish with a creme wax. In this case you use a different pad for different apps. ie soft pad for applying wax to a good surface, or a coarser pad for damaged or oxidized surface.
  13. Hey I will take that A64 if it's still available
  14. I will take that combo off your hands, I will send you a paypal payment as soon as I check my email and see that you will sell it to me.
  15. I will take it. Send me a paypal invoice please. crash
  16. I will send you $180 for this ram on friday morning if you will ship them to me in Canada. crash
  17. Will send paypal payment as soon as I have a total. Seems i always buy a laptop on valentines day....
  18. I can't really afford to do this... but I can send you $400 paypal payment for this laptop, right now. I will cover shipping.
  19. How much will you let the mobo, processor, ram and both video cards go for? I can paypal as soon as we agree on a price! Chris
  20. Any cable, wire or adaptor ever made! Just PM me and let me know what you need 40 GB Laptop HD XBOX 360 parts from an RROD unit. I was in the middle of an X-clamp repair until I saw this thread!-) DDR and DDR2 SODIMM 256 and 512 MB modules, ( I think I have 6 or eight units.) 3 mobile CPU's I believe they are P3 800-ish I will edit this later OCZ Vendetta II HS/FAN Various older HS/Fans ASUS Wi-fi adaptor More to come What I need: A replacement Laptop would be nice! Someone came into our house while we were asleep last week and stole our Inspiron 1525 right off our table! And replacements of all the new baby pictures we lost would be nice too!-) A washer pump for a 1995 Chev truck A drivers side door seal for a 1995 chev truck A multi-switch for a 1995 chev truck Glow plugs for a 1995 chev truck
  21. I would like the P4, the DDR, the GF4-440 and the TR2. Send me a pm with info. crash
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