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  1. I can't believe this is the first time I've seen this thread! I better start in January... January -1997 Arctic Cat Powder Extreme 700 (super fun sled) February -2012 F350 Lariat 4x4 Crew cab, 1995 Westport 34' fifth wheel trailer March -2011 Ford Festiva (for my wife) April -2002 Suzuki Marauder 800 May -2011 Harley Davidson V-rod Muscle, 2002 Honda 350ES quad June -Windshield, hard leather saddle bags, Thundermax ECM, Luggage rack/backrest, steel braided coolant hoses, TAB performance pipes, K&N filter all for my Harley July -1992 Doral 22' bow-rider w/ 4.3L mercruiser August -The lot next door to my house to build my shop on to hold all my new toys, 2 x Sandisk 240GB SSD's, a new 1080 3D LCD replacement screen, and 2 x Corsair vengance 8GB sticks of ram for my Alienware M17X R3 Geez, I've been busy this year....
  2. Hey I will take that 850, pm me your paypal info please
  3. If that deal falls through I will take them. Paypal right away. crash
  4. First off it isn't the dealership that pays for repairs under warranty, the warranty underwriter does. Why would the dealership send the transmission to a local shop? Is this a new vehicle? If so then it is covered by Chrysler and the parts should be replaced with new Chrysler parts. The modifications that Chrysler is talking about, (in regards to the exhaust,) are the emmisions control devices. If you install a cat-back exhaust that has absolutley nothing to do with warranty or anything else for that matter. I would suggest you find a new dealer. Transmssion problems are not difficult to diag if you know what you're doing. If they throw a "tech" at the problem he is most likely going to do nothing more than put a scan tool on it. The biggest problem with these so called "mechanics" we have nows-a-days is that they are parts changers, they don't actually fix anything. Tell them to do what they are used to and change the tramsmission out with a new crate unit. Those guys will probably cause more problems if they get into that thransmission and fix your problem. It only takes one small error in measurment or assembly to have a very short-lived transmission. crash
  5. Cash sent for the 6970 and the OCZ SSD
  6. I have been looking for a good video card and HD, I will give you $500 for the 6970 and the Revo X2, can paypal tonight. crash
  7. Crap, I didn't notice the music part..... But I guess I don't do that anymore either. It's way too convenient to download something I like on my Galaxy SII, no need to pirate music these days.
  8. I used to spend days downloading a game, finding it was NOT the game, re-downloading the real game, downloading a crack, re-downloading a crack because the original was a virus, spending two more days wiping and re-installing everything on my computer because the virus was really nasty and I gave up trying to repair my system after 12 hours, finally getting the game to work and then do it all again next week. Wasn't worth it at all. Now I just use steam and subscribe to the Indie bundles, (I buy them all at $10 when they come out.) My Steam game library includes games that I have owned for years and never even played! Sometimes I buy a game just because it's on sale or I think the developers did a good job! Wait, was this too much discussion? Did I break the rules? crash
  9. Intel since Core 2 duo. Before that hardcore AMD from K6-2 on.
  10. Prob not worth it. Spend the extra money on a better GPU and some Ram, I think you will be happier with the results than if you got a new CPU/mobo.
  11. http://www.snopes.com/medical/disease/asparagus.asp What do you guys think of this? Pretty cool if it is even half-true.
  12. I'm still looking for a card(s). Thinking about that 580...
  13. 400 going twice.... (I will pay shipping too.)
  14. I would love to see pictures of the installation of these drives in a laptop
  15. Sorry, I only have an extra $400 to spend. If you change your mind let me know ASAP before I spend it on something dumb like a new programmer for my truck!
  16. How much do you want for the 580?
  17. Hmm, I don't really need these but if you REALLY need to get rid of them I will give you $400 via Paypal tonight. As long as you have some OCC marketplace feedback. crash
  18. So I am finally going to finish my new system and I need a good graphics card. I'm not sure exactly what I want but I want something at least as powerfull as a 560ti. I plan on cross-firing 2 cards so let me know what you guys have. If I can find the right pair of cards I will pay up to $400. ATI/Nvidia doesn't matter. Please fill up my inbox with options! crash
  19. I thought you sold this stuff already? If not then I am interested. And yes I know it's an old post. crash
  20. Yeah, I will take it. I bought one from Rokkaholic as well but yours will most likely show up a bit sooner. I think I have your paypal but you better resend it just in case. crash
  21. Cool, would be cheaper and quicker to ship within Canada too. Shoot me a PM and let me know what u want for it and shipping. Rokkaholic I will take yours too. Never hurts to have a spare on the desk.
  22. It's an 865 so it can handle an 800 FSB. I will take that 3.0 1M off your hands and try it out. Could you send me your paypal address in a PM? crash Oh yeah, I'm in Canada so I will have to send you a few extra bucks for shiping I guess.
  23. Hey guys, I'm looking for a P4 processor for an old system of mine. The faster the better. crash
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