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  1. Really? no Ideas? Well maybe this will help, Turned all my computers off except for my main vista rig, my xp laptop and my vista laptop and now my Xbox 360 shows up and I can stream from my main rig to my xbox. Also, all my rigs that are on show up on my network. I'm thinking this may have all been caused by an IP conflict?
  2. Hey guys I finally got my home network set up a couple weeks ago and now everything is gone to crap. I have 2 vista pc's, four xp MCE pc's and an XBox 360. My main vista pc used to monitor all my folding over the network via [email protected], serve files to the other PC's. All of the sudden I went to check my Folding out and the only computer that was showing on my network was the other vista pc, (BTW I never was able to monitor he second vista PC becuase of file ownership issues that I was too lazy to get into.) So, I can see all of my pc's from my laptop, (XP MCE,) but not from my vista pc, I can view the files and monitor my networked PC's using FAHmon from any winXP PC, I can ping everything from everything using both pc names and IP's, I can see my router, (it is only listed as Internet Gateway Device, I think it used to be named 2wire something or other,) but even though I know the vista comp can communicate with everything else via pinging it doesn't show the pcs in my network window. I'm pretty sure that I can't add them manually either as FAHmon has the original addresses still and can't monitor over the network from my vista pc. OK I hope u guys got that. Next, I can't think of anything that has changed since my network was up and running. BTW I used to have my XBOX as a media extender using XP MCE and now it can't find any pc's on the network? This is really my main concern I guess as I want to watch streamed HD movies from my vista PC to my XBOX. But I have tried system restore back as far as I can go, o dice. I googled around and came up with trying to use netsh to reset my registry entries for my TCIP, (or was it IpV4?) settings, I have tried using a wired router, I've tried un-installing and re-installing my protocol/client/services and I am at the end of my rope. Any Ideas? I am very green to networking and would really apreciate the help. BTW all firewalls are off except my router and the settings on my router havn't changed except I put one XP pc back behind the firewall instead of DMZ mode
  3. Hey chavalcito I still havn't got this stuff any Idea when I can expect it?
  4. Hey guys I accidentaly bought some DDR2-400 from ncxi.com and I can't use it so if anyone has a board that can use it I will sell each 1GB stick for $20 shipped anywhere in Canada or US
  5. Hey guys I'm looking for a few things to spruce up some old junk I have lying around: SDRAM - 256 or 512 or 1 gb modules DDR - couple sticks of 512 or 1gb P4 2.4 or 2.6 400/512 Maybe a DC 939? Thanks!
  6. Might not work, might work as stated in asus and abit forums it is a crapshoot whether or not it will work. I'd go with an ati HD3870
  7. Not as big as the 120 extreme or the IFX 14 for that matter. Should be noted both the coolers I mentioned earlier can be near silent and still smoke the competition
  8. Wow.. that's a lot of work on an old board! Good work though! What kind of performance increase (%) did you get by doing those mods?
  9. Hmm, I think 15mm fans would work...
  10. start>run>"services.msc" You can start or stop any services u like. Some services that say stopped in msconfig will start automaticly when needed. If you have to do a clean install just use Partition Magic and create another partition on your HD, transfer any important filed over to the new partition and do a fresh install onto the old partition. Then your files are already on the disk when you need them and it will be way faster than a backup or FTP transfer.
  11. what chipset isn't compatible with a 8800?
  12. OCZ vendetta II Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme These are the two best so far. Check out the vendetta II reviews and benches you will see it is pretty much the best out there and can be bought for around 40. I may have my 120 extreme for sale in the next little while watch the FS forum
  13. Hey guys anyone know where I can find some slimmer than average 120mm fans? My fan-door on my stacker 830 will not close properly with my accelero and my 120 extreme
  14. Hey I still havn't got this stuff, any idea when it should get here? The ram is the last thing I'm waiting for to fire up my new system and I'm getting kinda impatient!
  15. This is my new build, Coolermaster CM stacker 830 SE, Asus P5N32-E, E6750 4gb OCZ (Come on ajmatson I'm getting ancy where is it!?) XFX 8800 GT w/ accelero modded w/zalman cnps-7000 LED fan, Kingwin Mach 1 650 yadda yadda. My mod was the fan on the accelero. The fan bracket from the Zalman CNPS heatsink fit perfectly. First picture is my messy comp room, cold Guinness on the desk
  16. Does this thing have aux inputs? If so dibs.
  17. Hey guys i need a couple Gigs of DDR ram preferably 2 gb kit but will consider almost anything. It's for a folding rig so even if they are mismatched I can just run DC at the lowest speed I guess.
  18. Old post but do u still have this card?
  19. HERE is the link for the card specs.
  20. Do you have that set up with two seperate clients running 2 cores each?
  21. The system tray version does not work properly yet. I tried and tried but only the console version works. With my 939 3200 and a X1800 GTO I make 200 ppd with the GPU. Does that sound right? Also if I run BOTH the CPU and GPU clients together I make 210 ppd with the CPU and 165 ppd with the GPU. Is that the best way to run it?
  22. $100, shipping included in Canada/US Hey guys, as some of you know I bought a new Harley Davidson F-350 which means that I have a Diablo Power Puck I don't need anymore, (not leaving the chip in the truck for the rig crew to play with!) It works fine but I closed the door on the selector switch so u would need to either get a replacement from Diablo, ($10) or build a new three-position switch yourself for it, (I will send a replacement switch for it but no connector to the cable.) I can send pics of the actual unit if needed. This is a 10 min or less install on a 5.9L cummins and gives noticeable power increase, can be removed easily and is un-detectable by the dealerships. 50 HP and 150 FT/LB of Torque (1999-2002) 60 HP and 100 FT/LB of Torque level one (2003-current) 90 HP and 180 FT/LB of Torque Level two (2003-current) PowerPuck installs in nine easy steps and in less than an 10 minutes, no wires to cut, no seals will be broken and no feeding cables through the firewall Factory spec interlock connectors and a completely sealed wiring harness PowerPuck is designed to put no additional strain on the Diesel injection pump. The rotary VP44 injection pump in the 24v Cummins has a preset electronic limit to the amount of fuel it will deliver. Since the PowerPuck is plugged in between the ECU and injection pump, the PowerPuck is programmed to never exceed that limit 2003 - Current PowerPuck has a 3 position switch that allows changing between stock, 60HP, and 90HP settings on the fly. 2003-2004 PowerPucks Stack with the DiabloSport Predator U7130 for gains of up to 200 HP at the rear wheels!
  23. XFX GeForce 8800GS XXX 680MHZ 384MB DX10 1.6GHZ DDR3 Bought brand new a couple days ago, havn't even broke the seal on the box. XFX double lifetime warranty. $140 CAD includes shipping anywhere in Canada or US. CRASH
  24. Got the 775 board from Bosco couple of days ago, everything looks fine and BRAND NEW! Thanks Bosco for the great deal. Got the DFI board, it's up and running fine and folding right now. Thanks capthowdy575 for shipping it out so quick for me!
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