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  1. Hey I'll take those HD's off your hands i you will ship them to Canada
  2. crash

    Can You Upgrade Memory Pc5400 To Pc6400 ??

    945g supports 800 FSB, you're stylin for PC6400 DDR2
  3. crash

    Anybody Buy/play Fallout 3 Yet?

    I just bought this game on-line using steam. Takes a (bad word) of a long time to download, and when it says 100% ready on the games list it will update for another 2 hours !! Aside from that, there is tons of gore, (one special attribute you can select is the ability to blow your opponents into itty-bitty pieces,) and I think you can turn the cursing off. So-far this game seems excellent, although being kinda old-school the world almost seems too big. Graphics are great, sound and music are great, (reminiscient of Bioshock,) and controls seem okay so far. I've run into a few "microsoft-ish" problems though, first- when I close the gamne I immediately get a "blah blah program stopped responding" screen, second I get parts of the main menu screen flickering through the in-game screen sometimes just like most steam games do on my system. But great game, great concept
  4. "There is a problem reading the CD-ROM drive" "Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted or missing. (Code 39)" "Windows Vista DVD CD Optical drive problems" Hey I guys I ran into a problem where my optical drives disappeared from my computer. Actualy they showed up in device manager but I got the above message in the properties tab along with a yello exclamation mark neside the drive name. The problem was another virtual driver that NTI installed. Turns out there are quite a few programs that will do this in Vista. The fix involved a quick and easy reg edit as follows: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Class\{4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}] Deleted both "upperfilters" and "lowerfilters" keys, restarted and problem solved. Hopefully this topic shows up on someone elses google and saves them some time. Crash
  5. crash

    Crossfire 4850's Or Upgrade To 4870?

    Hold up a sec, if two 4850's are only slightly better than 1 4870 it would only make sense to buy a 4870. Look at it this way, you sell your 4850 for say 100 bucks give or take, buy the 4870 for 220 (can find them cheaper on sale) and your spending 140 right? Your gonna spend that anyways on another 4850, (bought new) and you won't have the added headroom left by having a single, faster card. Sell your 4850 while the prices are still reasonable for a seller, the buyers/sellers market is pretty well balanced right now on that generation of card but it will only slide further towards being better for the buyer leaving you with a last-gen card worth next to nothing. Keep in mind the top dog's hold their value better. BTW remember that for the most part SLI and crossfire shows it's muscle when scaling to high resolutions whereas a single faster card will net you more FPS, (give or take right?)
  6. crash

    Wtb Xfx 8800 Gt Xxx Alpha Dog

    I may be interested but the price would have to be quite a bit better. I just bought 2 x 9800gtx's for 100 each, so it wouldn't make sense to pay 145 for one 8800. But thank you for the reply and if you can let that card go for less PM me.
  7. Hey guys I'm looking for an XFX 8800 GT (640mhz clock) to match with mine to try SLI out for the first time. Let me know what you have. Thanks
  8. crash

    Fs: Asus P5q Premium

    Sent cash for 2 x 9800 gtx's too. Thanks!
  9. crash

    Fs: Asus P5q Premium

    Payment sent. Thanks!
  10. crash

    Fs: Asus P5q Premium

    Okay, Okay! Twist my rubber arm. I'll send payment tonight if you agree to the terms in the PM I sent you. Oh yeah, DIBS!!
  11. Hey Guys, I have this card: GeForce
  12. crash

    Queenz 4870 X2 For Sale

    Hey if you still have this pm me
  13. crash

    Wtb Xfx 8800 Gt Xxx Alpha Dog

    Thanks for the link, I found one on ncix.com (best pc parts site I've found in canada so far btw) for less than 160 with my premier partner pricing but I'm hoping to find a used one cheaper ;-) ;-)
  14. crash

    Wtb Xfx 8800 Gt Xxx Alpha Dog

    Yeah I did some googling and found that out yesterday. I'd still like the same card just so they look like they belong together, (like me and my new wife as of July 27 this year :-) Check out my post in video cards and maybe you guys can help me out a bit!
  15. crash

    My For Sale Stuff

    PM sent
  16. crash

    Fs: (2) Samsung Syncmaster 206bw's

    Hey 200 for both + shipping?
  17. crash

    [Wts] Hitandrun's "for Sale Thread"!

    I need another lg775 board for a e6750 I have lying around..... Still going to put the X38 up for sale?
  18. 90 days before you can sell here I think.... are you on any other forums? references? heat? ebay?..............
  19. I'll give you 20 bucks for it
  20. crash

    Goats Sale

    Still have the opty's (nostalgia purposes,) DVD/RW, and HD? If so I'll give you 40 for the three items? Deal?
  21. It's relly hard to see your kids doing something that can take u away from them, permenently. Yes dad appears to be over-reacting, but try and look at it from his point of view. We spend so much time making sure our kids are safe but in the end there are so many things we can't control that if we think about them all the time we'll go nuts. Really what happend is that one of those things is now in the fore-front of dads mind. Just do your best to quit, learn from the mistakes of parents and hope you aren't faced with the same thing with your kids, (you will be though :-) I have two little girls 4 and 5 and I'm already getting stressed about how much jail time I will have to do when I catch them having . at 13.... AAARRRGGGHHH! Cut dad a little slack k?
  22. crash

    Selling Stuff To Get A New Cpu Q6600

    Hey I have a Q6600 I can trade if we can work out something to Canada
  23. Hey guys anyone know where I can find some slimmer than average 120mm fans? My fan-door on my stacker 830 will not close properly with my accelero and my 120 extreme
  24. XFX GeForce 8800GS XXX 680MHZ 384MB DX10 1.6GHZ DDR3 Bought brand new a couple days ago, havn't even broke the seal on the box. XFX double lifetime warranty. $140 CAD includes shipping anywhere in Canada or US. CRASH
  25. Hey guys I'm looking for a few things to spruce up some old junk I have lying around: SDRAM - 256 or 512 or 1 gb modules DDR - couple sticks of 512 or 1gb P4 2.4 or 2.6 400/512 Maybe a DC 939? Thanks!