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  1. Wow! I'd love to have a Focus diesel! There's a domestic that will do 65mpg no?
  2. Because this affects me just as much as it does you. Not only that but the Canadian Gov is also being lobbied for a bailout.
  3. If the unemployed need help send them up here! I can hardly find people to work on my rig when it's busy up here and we pay them almost 70k per year! To START!
  4. "Hell to the freaking no! Why should I have to pay for their mistakes" I voted Yes. No matter how much it sucks that our tax money gets spent that way sometimes it is necessary. Very few people whine when our governments send billions of dollars to other countries to help them out, as a matter of fact people usually critisize the gov for not helping. Why not help our neighbors out? Those people who are affected by the impending doom of the big three are also the same people who spend the money they earn at places that WE work. If those people lose their jobs then we could very well lose ours as well. I work in the Alberta oilfields so I feel every freakin economic fluctuation in my pocketbook whether good or bad! It's incredible what's happening up here right now just because investors are WORRIED! I really hope our governments, (Can and US) provide the necessary funding to limit the grip of recession. And as for my tax money, I pay over 50,000 per year in income tax so yes I do feel the bite the gov takes from me for "helping out the people" and I still agree that a stimulus is warranted. "And that's what really grinds my gears.....Over to you Lois"
  5. Hey guys I'm looking for a motherboard, processor and ram. I would prefer a core-2 setup but will consider a phenom package too. Let me know what you guys have up for grabs. I need this quick so if you have stuff you want to get rid of let me know before I spend all my christmas cash. Crash
  6. Yeah, I've used them quite a few times and they've always been great. I ordered my wife a magellan gps from them for 99 bucks and it got here in two days! Keep in mind i live in alberta and they ship out of ontario. BTW, NCIX.com usualy has better deals, they have 3 different warehouses in vancouver to ship out of and service both canada and the US. That sucks bosco did they ever make it right?
  7. Ihave a OCZ modstream 550 in one case and it is 99% silent. I have a kingwin mach 1 650 in another case and it is VERY quiet, modular, and has a ton of connectors. Zalman makes a fanless PSU I believe too.... Or build a custom watercooled PSU!-)
  8. SOLD Send me a paypal addy and I'll take the whole lot off your hands. crash
  9. I'll bet a dollar it has something to do with having an on-board memory controller, price and power. Because the system uses the GPU power via CUDA it doesn't really need a blazing fast processor. Then again I'm no expert.... Wait, is AMD in bed with Nvidia or ati?
  10. DUDE! you have to set a price for your items you're selling. I was all excited for another great OCC deal but no price....
  11. K I tried the 180 drivers and I get the same problem. It takes awhile for problems to start though so I'm wondering if maybe the second card has memory issues? I can run with ultra settings with one card fine. I think first I will try swapping the cards positions and if I have problems then I guess it is the second card. Ajmatson any thoughts? PS are these the same exact cards OCC reviewed? Asus EN9800gtx review
  12. Hmm, I just read another post "perfect 1000 rig" or something and I had a thought... 650w Kingwin mach 1 PSU maybe not enough juice for 2 x 9800gtx? This PSU had awesome reviews with super stong rails all around... thoughts? PS I run 5 x 120mm fans, Q6600, 1 x cold cathode, Asus p5n32e-sli nothing oc'd
  13. I think I'm just about "old school" but then again I'm almost "old" too! 30 next year..... yikes!! I don't have too much time to post these days, mostly cruise marketplace for good deals but I try to help with troubleshooting ect. when I can.
  14. I am using the drivers available from nvidia I think they are 177.XX.XX? At work right now so I don't know for sure. I guess I'll try googling for beta drivers?
  15. Hey guys, I just got the two 9800gtx+ that I bought off OCC and was very disappointed when I set them up in SLI. I fired up fallout 3 thinking that I would be able to crank everything up, (was running high settings w/ 1 8800gt,) and lo and behold I had incredibly choppy, ugly picture! What's up with that? I can run non-sli with settings set to high w/ 4x AA 8X AF and it runs perfect! But SLI seems to be worse! Anyone have same experience? Using latest drivers as well.
  16. Yeah like I said before to your original post " I will take the whole works off your hands just let me know when you're ready" But I guess I'm invisible.....
  17. Yeah I hear you! I started up again when I tried the GPU client and was super excited to have the hardware to punch out over 30k per day, (3 x gpu and 6 x smp) but after the DEINO disaster (almost caved my system) i shut down smp for a while until i tried the regular mpi but when I got my first power bill i decided that maybe its a little too much! And yeah it's a lot of headaches. Still have a few XP's out there folding awat though. Crash
  18. pm me me as soon as your ready to ship the ram and proccy, I will take all 8 gigs and the 9450 if you will include shipping. crash Oh yeah and need some references from occ if you want cash before shipping!
  19. Ncix has been the best for me. They have EXCELLENT service and great surprise specials. I purchased a Premier partner membership and it has been well worth it. Also Tigerdirect.ca is okay, and I used to shop at a place called attic.ca, (I think) and they had some really good deals but crappy service.
  20. Is it an eight track? REELS stand in the way, wears black? but how is that "on track" with an am2 proccy? baffled
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