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    What are you buying with your 2008 Tax Return?

    Just closed the deal on my first house!
  2. crash

    Fallout 3

    Wicked game! I've spent almost 70 hours so far. I Haven't played in awhile but when I do play I play for hours on end. I wish there were more weapons and you could go higher than level 20 though! If I had known i would have chosen different attributes earlier on.... **edit** first avatar change in over 3 years....
  3. So I finally OC'd my Q6600 GO. I'm using the P5Q Premium I bought off AJ and 8GB of OCZ ram, (2 x 8000 and 2 x 8500.) I got pretty impressive results so far: 417mHz FSB for a 57% OC, Freq. 3753 mHz with a TRUE 120 and temps @ <65C prime stable. Vcore (CPU-Z,) 1.334v I was up to 3853mHz earlier but temps crept up to almost 70C so I backed off a bit Ram is running @ 1000.8 mHz Here's a screenshot
  4. crash

    Finally OC'd my Q6600

    I bought it from someone off OCC I think about a year ago. I'm so impressed with this CPU I may even wait for the next gen's rather than buy an I7..... But I need water I think
  5. I'll take: Celeron D, Cooler, mobo, 2x cheap DDR, single dtick DDR, 80gb drive and 250gb drive. PM me please.
  6. crash

    Finally OC'd my Q6600

    So I went a little further and I'm in the process of benching at 3960mHz w/ 1.425v....On air... with cheap ram. Runs Vista fine. Went through 3dVantage no probs but... hmm, need better cooling getting too hot running P95 and crashed I shoudl have bought queens WC setup! Anyone have a full WC kit for sale? crash
  7. only they're not stupid... That would be a pretty decent gaming rig. I would go with a 4550, E7400 or less, an ASUS mobo, (great boot times and pre-OS web browsing, music vids ect,) and 4GB OCZ DDR2.
  8. crash

    Not using contraceptives

    OK if you need some answers here goes: By not using any sort of contrceptive during intercourse the chances of pregnancy vary depending on the womans menstral cycle. There are basicly four days during the month that a woman can become pregnant, during these four days the chances of concieving are almost 100% and if you "pull out" the chances are only reduced to around 80% - assuming you are both healthy specimens. Remember, Vaginas are designed to provide a good environment for sperm and sperm swims! You don't neccessarily have to have a girls ankles behind her ears and "finish" inside her for sperm to enter the cervix. With that said, sperm can live inside a womans body for up to three days and be healthy enough to penetrate the egg, so that increases the days to get preggo to one week. The chances are reduced to less than 50% for the first of the three days and escalate from there. Condoms break, Women lie about there period and pills, So if you are concerned ABSTAIN! PS, the only time a woman CAN'T get preggo is when she is menstrating! However the risk of STD's is increased drasticaly because of fluid contact.
  9. crash

    Dumb Mistakes

    Me too!
  10. crash

    Not using contraceptives

    Umm, aren't there TWO L's in our forum name? BTW my wife has been off her pills since demember and we have been using the "timing" and "withdraw" method as well as condoms during her most fertile four days..... She's due Oct 31! ( am thrilled though we just bought our first house so we're ready for more kids.)
  11. crash

    Finally OC'd my Q6600

    Thanks guys! This P5Q premium seems to be a wicked board, I remember fooling around a bit with my P5N32-e SLI and I only got around 15% out of it. Glad I went with an Intel chipset this time ;-) I should throw in my E6750 and see where that will go.....
  12. Hey guys I'm having some problems with my USB drive. I want to set up a thumb drive so that I can boot and install vista off of it but I cant get it to work. There is no easy option like formatting from "My Computer" and selecting "Make bootable" like in the past. I've tried using DISKPART to clean, format, add and activate a partition I've used BOOTSECT with " bootsect g: /nt60" I've tried copying the files loaded onto a floppy disk when formatted as a boot disk I've tried using the Windows PE files copied onto the drive And of course I originaly tried copying the setup files onto the drive Nothing works. The only time I get an option in the bootloader for "USB storage device" is when I leave my USB-floppy drive plugged in and re-boot, then press F12 for the one-time boot menu. If I select USB storage device the system appears to access the USB drive, it says "Loading windows files" or something on the bottom of the screen, goes to the screen with the moving bar accross the bottom just before vista and then BSOD. This is getting very frustrating! I'm doing this on my dell inspiron 1720 with vista home premium currently installed. I would just like to upgrade to vista ultimate without wiping everything clean. Oh yeah, I go through the entire setup process just fine when run from within vista or XP but of course there is no upgrade option unless you boot from the DVD. Any Ideas? Oh, I also can't boot off the DVD
  13. crash

    Man Awarded $2.3m For Idiocity

    http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,493645,00.html This guy should get 2.3million because the American government, (and people) allowed his wife to go against their Islam beliefs and file for divorce. Imagine the emotional trauma.....
  14. OK here's the deal, The Raptor was not designed using a 2.5" notebook HD form factor. The reason for the smaller size is power. It takes much less power to spin a small platter at 10,000rpm's than a large platter. The advances in platter density paved the way for the more power efficient drives. Also the platter size contributes significantly to the random access and seek times, (less distance for the heads to travel.) The cooling solution was originaly designed as a means to use a 2.5" drive in a 3.5" bay but the cooling fins were added later to help pro-long the life of the drive and reduce warranty issues. DO NOT try and install a raptor in a notebook. If you can manage to stuff it in the hole and get the adaptors to change over to a notebook SATA plug you may fry your PSU and or the traces to the HD power leads. The power required to spin up the raptor is well beyond even a standard 7200 rpm 2.5" drive. Most of this is from memory from google searches that I did when the velociraptors first came out so if you think my info is wrong google it yourself and post the results.
  15. Hey guys I'm looking for a few things to finish a build. Now that I think about it I guess I'm building around a mobo! PSU - Prefer Kingwin 650 mach 1 or better, or Antec 850 Video card - Prefer 4870, 4850, gtx 280 CPU - Looking for a Q9550 or better. I have a 6750 I can use in the meantime so this will be the last part I buy Case - Antec P-182, coolermaster cosmos or CM stacker 832, Zalman GS 1000 HD - WD Black edition 1TB or spinpoint F1 1 TB. Velociraptors will be considered after I find a larger drive HS/Fan - TRUE, V8, OCZ vendetta 2, Thanks guys. BTW I've bought tons of stuff off OCC and I'd like to update the good/bad sellers list so if you aren't on there please remind me in this thread and I will add you. AJ I'll add you ASAP thanks for the great deal on the P5N-D
  16. crash

    Stuff Wanted To Finish A New Build

    Got ur pm. Could you send me some pics and a price for all of it? 133tp1mp - price on that proccy?
  17. crash

    Stuff Wanted To Finish A New Build

    I had a Vendetta II and it was sweet. Just about as good as my TRUE and half the price!
  18. crash

    Best Air Cooler Ever

    Check out OCZ Vendetta II. Great cooler for the money. Also that new one that was just reviewed on OCC, the slanty one? Too lazy to look up the name.
  19. crash

    The Cows Ebay Sale

    Bought and paid for the 1950 on ebay! crash
  20. crash

    Fastest 7200 V Veloci10,000

    Check out the link I provided earlier in the thread for the HD drags
  21. crash

    Top 10 Cpu Cooler

    All the taste and half the fat..... OCZ Vendetta! Check out some reviews on the OCZ direct contact heat pipe vendetta, it's within one or two degrees of the TRUE and hald the price. I bought mine from ncix.com for $26 on sale and it ROCKS! TRUE is the king tho, if you don't mind paying twice the price for 1 degree ;-) OCZ Vendetta II
  22. crash

    Fastest 7200 V Veloci10,000

    Check this out Tech report And notice how close my F1 is to the VR. Bang for the buck baby!
  23. crash

    Fastest 7200 V Veloci10,000

    Right now I would go with the WD black. It has a 4.5ms seek time and is twice the size of the raptor. Check out Tom's HD benches and the numbers will speak for themselves. Also the seagate 1.5tb has the highest platter density as of yet and in most benchmarks it blows everything else out of the water. I think that's the main diff b/w 7200.10 and 11's, the platter density. Raptors are fast but not worth it IMO. Oh yeah, right now I'm using a spinpoint F1 750 and it is VERY fast. I've been super pleased with it for the $100 I paid for it 6 months ago.
  24. crash

    Best Anti-virus Software?

    AVG for sure. Norton and Mcafee both have "viruses" that "recommend" their products. Geez, I can't believe AVG didn't make your list! BTW AVG is cheaper than most other anti-virus progs, it's free! I've been using AVG for around 5 years or so and have never had problems with it. I've tried many others but it seems that when something fishy happens with one of my systems it's always AVG that cleans it up. Norton and Mcafee both miss viruses. Who would want to pay >50 for a product that "may" catch some viruses? As for adware and malware the only program I've ever used that has found and cleaned EVERYTHING is Malwarebytes anti-malware. I use both spybot and adaware but malwarebytes was the only one that was able to remove the "xp-antivirus" virus I had a few times, (work computers.) It's free as well. Just for reference I am NOT smart about the internet. My theory is "wear an anti-virus program and hope that you don't get an ITD" (Internet transmitted virus) so my virus and malware proggies need to be good.
  25. crash

    Samsung 2253bw

    I bought mine from NCIX for 209 + shipping. That's a great deal you're getting and it's an excellent monitor. Only thing I don't like is the stupid clear plastic bezel on the bottom. It has the control functions embossed on it but I can nver make them out unless I view them at a wierd angle. I love the picture though and I will be buying another one. BTW Samsung and NCIX both had great customer support. Buy it