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    http://razerblueprints.net/index.php/compo...e/topic,6637.0/ Check that out. Any steam game will un-install just like anything else Your problem is definately a directShow issue. I'll bet $1 that there is a single codec causing ths problem but I don't have any more time to dig into this. I have to go down to Calgary and trailer my 2005 Dodge ram 3500 that is short a bumper and rad/cooler/intercooler!
  2. Topic says it all. If no-one here has one then where should I look for one? BTW I'm in Canada eh?
  3. crash

    [WTS] Video card and motherboard

    Well so far everything seems to work fine. The GX2 is great, the P5Q is great, (although not as good as my old P5Q premium,) and I havn't had a chance to check out the 260 yet but thanks for the quick shipping!
  4. crash

    [WTB] Waterblock for 9800GX2

    Oh yeah, I got the package about a week ago! Thanks. $200 for a WB??? Holy crap that's crazy! This is the first WC setup I've done but I think that I may be air cooling the vid card(s)!
  5. crash

    My new Rig....

    Yeah Yeah.... I went and bought both kids motocross helmets, gloves, boots, safety glasses and....... each got a 50cc two-stroke mini! I still need to find a helmet I'm in the process of trying to get my machine on it's back two and side two wheels but I think I need to remove my rear-seat first! I can't get enough weight on the rear rack yet. I just pulled out some trees a couple days ago, my buddies had their honda 350's out and were pulling 6-8ft 14" round logs. I winched onto a 25' x 18" tree that they had just fallen and pulled it up-hill to our trucks like nothing! It is a beast.. Also goes through stuff they have no hope to get through. I didn't even bother winching them out of the holes they were in I just pulled up behind them in the same mud and pushed them out! I love my wife!
  6. crash

    My new Rig....

    My new rig.... Arctic Cat 700 efi 4x4 and wife and kids
  7. crash

    The Official 'i Just Bought...' Thread

    I just bought.... 2 x Q6600's Asus P5Q Deluxe EVGA 9800Gx2 XFX GTX260 192 XFX GTX260 216 Antec 300 Thermaltake Kandalf LCS Black 3 x OCZ Platinum PC8500 1 x WD 1TB Black edition 1 x WD 500GB 2 x DVDRW LG 24" LCD Logitech G15 keyboard Logitech MX Laser mouse Corsair 850W PSU 2007 Arctic Cat 700 efi 4x4 All within the last 2 weeks.....
  8. crash

    [WTS] Folding Rigs/Video Cards/CPUs

    I recieved my Q6600's on thursday, thanks for the quick shipping! I really appreciate you taking the extra time to take everything to the post office rather than have UPS pick up at ur house. It saved me customs fees I didn't have to pay anything to pick up my package! USPS is always the way to go when shipping to Canada! Thanks again. Now I'm off to completely ignore my PC's so I can play with my new Arctic Cat 700!
  9. crash

    [WTS] matt for sale thread

    Whatever you do DON'T use UPS for cross-border shipping! They charge ridiculous fees for processing customs items it works out to $38USD +Taxes on the value of the shipment. Still trying to justify more parts......
  10. crash

    [WTS] matt for sale thread

    AHHH! Crap... I just spent over 3,000 on new parts. I wonder if I can get another $500 past my wife.....
  11. I've heard good things about the antec 300, no info personaly though. Right now I'm using a stacker CM830, not bad for a budget case and I just ordered a TT Kandalf, hopefully it's worth $350. I also recently had a TT armor and i was a pretty stellar case for $119CAD.
  12. crash

    [WTS] Folding Rigs/Video Cards/CPUs

    PM sent. I'm gonna be up to my eyeballs in Q6600's! SWEET!
  13. crash

    [WTS] Video card and motherboard

    Cash sent for mobo, 260, 9800x2 and q6600 :thumbs-up:
  14. crash

    [WTS] Folding Rigs/Video Cards/CPUs

    Are you sure you can't part with a 6600 or 2? your graphics cards spit out WAY more points than they do anyways...
  15. crash

    [WTS] Video card and motherboard

    ::Taps and blows on the microphone::
  16. crash

    [WTS] Video card and motherboard

    Just read the rest of your post. Pm me with a total cost for the board, the 260 and the GX2. Maybe you can swing me a deal for buing all three? Paypal payment immediatley. crash
  17. crash

    [WTS] Video card and motherboard

    Hey ccokeman, I would like that P5Q if you still have it. crash
  18. crash

    [WTT/WTS] AMD motherboards

    Aj I'm looking for another Asus 775 board have you got anything you want to get rid of? I love the P5K BTW!
  19. Hey guys I need a C2D for a rig for my mom. Doesnt' have to be super-fast. Crash
  20. crash

    World Of Goo

    Yep, great game! I purchased it on Steam as well. I love steam BTW. Nice to know that I'll most-likely never loose those games!
  21. crash

    OCC Ex-Folding Members

    Well, I hate to say it but my electricity bills have been cut in HALF since I stopped folding! In the end I couldn't justify the extra costs to my wife so slowly my rigs were turned off at night and then FAH was shut down. I was pretty choked cause I was just starting to use the GPU clients and was stoked about 40,000+ pp week!
  22. True Image gets my vote, however it failed to complete it's "system secure" on my system. The cloning feature works great though. Vista Ultimate 64
  23. crash

    Repaired my RROD on my 360

    Hey guys, I finally got around to repairing my RROD 360. It was pretty easy, all that was required was removing the motherboard from the case, removig the HS from the CPU and GPU and using bolt-through method instead of the X-Clip that MS used. Here are some pics. The fan attached to the CPU HS was added to provide some extra cooling. Both GPU and CPU Heatsinks are tapped so it was very easy to bolt-through. I originaly tried using spring-screws off a XP-90, (sckt A mounting I think,) but there was not enough clearance b/w mobo and backplate. Machine screws worked better anyways. Notice how the fan shroud is missing from the unit- this was apparently a refurb from MS as stated in the ebay listing but I can't imagine a vital part like a fan shroud to be missed upon QC? I added a three-pin connector so it would be easy to remove/replace the extra fan. I just stripped the wires down and stuck them into the appropriate pins on the Male power connector and then plugged it in ensuring that the wires could not come into contact with anything. Before putting everything back together I allowed the GPU to overheat for a few minutes to ensure the solder points were solid. The console works flawlessly now but without the fan shroud it overheats after 2-3 mins playing a game, (GPU overheats.) If I use another auxillary fan on the GPU I can play as long as I want. Another fan shroud cost me $15 off ebay, however I am planning to build a custom enclosure for the guts anyways. I was thinking plexi? If anyone is good at that kind of thing maybe post here and let me know if it's a viable option? crash
  24. Check it out! Our new baby girl! I think her name is going to be Dora...
  25. crash

    Re-lubing Sleeve bearings

    WD-40 IS a lubricant, just because it is "water displacement formula 40" doesn't mean it's not a lube. The liquid doubles as a carrier for a silicon based solid lubricant which is why it works well for bike chains, not high speed parts. The proper lube for a sleeve bearing is white lithium grease.