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  1. Yeah you're gonna need another controller card and new cables, ( I have a controller and rounded SCSI cable for sale) if your mobo doesn't have on-board SCSI. You may want to google around and research SCSI before you buy your disc. It doesn't sound like you know a whole lot about it and it really sucks to end up with the wrong equipment especially when it's pretty expensive!
  2. I have a 512MB kit of 2 X 256 MB PC3200 enhanced latency that I ordered for a customer and now he asks if it will work with his SK8V (FX-51) so I have them sitting on the shelf. They are brand new and retail price is $209 Canadian, I'll sell them for $199 including tax and shipping. Here is the link to OCZ for specs: http://www.ocztechnology.com/products/memo...00_Dual_Channel
  3. Run stinger from mcaffee. The problem your describing is most likely the same virus I had awhile back. The reason your computer shuts down is because the virus is poorly written and causes a fatal conflict within windows which makes windows shut down. When the countdown screen shows up goto start>run>shutdown - a to stop the shutdown procedure if you need to.
  4. OK figured it out. I had to roll back my Gigabyte BIOS version to F2. I'll try and flash to a newer BIOS later but right now I'm tired from spending 8 hours in the hospital with my new baby (Meagan 7lbs, 8oz May 21) and another 6 doing a fresh install of XP and trying to find all my old stuff! Gigabyte boards don't have jumpers for the SATA - there is an option in the bios that lets you enable it, (I did have everything set right) Turns out that the new BIOS (F7) doesn't initiate the SATA!!
  5. OK I just got my new Seagate 7200.7 and I want to install Windows XP on it and get rid of my SCSI setup. For some reason after I go through the first part of the installation, (through the blue screens) where you press F6 to install extra drivers, format NTFS, and copy setup files to the HD - The system reboots like it's supposed to and I get the message "Invalid system disk, please replace and press enter" I have set my BIOS settings properly, I set first boot device to SCSI, second to CDROM and the under boot order I selected SATA as the first drive. SATA is also enabled in the bios and set to BASE. Before windows loads everything looks fine ( this is when my scsi disks are installed) except nothing somes up on the screen about SATA or SATA drives. (like IDE drives get detected and show up "Primary - blah blah, Secondary - blah blah.) When I boot into windows with SATA enabled the found new hardwar screen comes up but in the end even though I have downloaded the drivers (from both gigabyte and Silicon Image) it says that it can't find the right drivers and I just get the ? mark in device manager. Anybody have any suggestions? I'm wondering what's the point of putting new technology on mobo's if it doesn't even work! All I've seen about SATA, (after I bought it) is that there are tons of problems using ONLY SATA drives. 1.) why does my BIOS not recognize my new drive 2.) why is there no Silicon Image bios screen for the controller when I boot? 3.) why does SATA have to be so difficult? I'm having flashbacks to the days of boot disks and trying to load CDROM drivers before you could install an OS! Please help! ps Silicon Image Sil3112 controller on A7N400 PRO rev.2, Seagate 80GB SATA 7200.7 Barracuda
  6. Yeah I've got 150+ positive and I have a e-store. I'm not sure what to charge for this drive, what do you think it's worth? I see they go for around $50 usualy, this is a full-height drive though. I would prefer to sell them as a set but make me an offer. I'm in the middle of trying to get my GA7N400 pro to recognize my SATA drive so it may be awhile before I can sell these! (maybe a week) crash Got my new drives up and running so SCSI stuff si ready to go!
  7. Abit AN7, Check it out http://www.abit-usa.com/products/mb/produc...ies=1&model=158
  8. I had my 2100+ oc'd to 2400+ with Zalman the fan on the low setting and still my temps stayed under 50C. On high they were around 45C
  9. Adaptec 2940UW 68/50pin Ultra wide controller 1 x 4 device blue rounded 68 pin SCSI cable 1 X 9GB Seagate cheetah 10,000RPM 80 pin drive w/adapter 1 X 9GB Western Digital 10,000RPM 68 pin drive 1 X 18GB Seagate Cheetah 10,000RPM 80 pin drive w/adapter 2 X HD coolers (two fan mount on bottom type) Everything works great, no bad sectors. I will guarantee all these items for 30 days. I've been using this setup for about 6 months and even though it is super fast I thnik I will sell it to quiet down my living room a little bit! What do you think this is worth? If anyone wants pics PM me ps I **always** use extra cooling for SCSI HD's so you don't have to worry about if they've been overheated!
  10. Most CPU shims come with a little tabby thing you can bend out and heat-shrink a thermocoupler onto. You can butt it right up to the side of the core to get the closest reading possible (AMD anyways).
  11. Zalman CNPS 7000 Cu (copper) Buy the thermalright or swiftec coolers if you don't mind your case sounding like a 747 . Buy the Zalman if you want a silent cooler that cools just as good as the swiftec coolers. Check out Zalman's website http://www.zalmanusa.com and read some reviews. Best cooler I've ever had. I've tried TT products (volcano 7, 9, 11, silent boost,) Vantec (aeroflow) and a couple others. Zalman has the best cooling and highest quality IMO. B)
  12. Have you checked to make sure that it hasn't shifted off the gpu? That big heavy thing will move if the case is jarred. Also what kind of thermal paste did you use?
  13. http://www.tigerdirect.ca/applications/Sea...8&Sku=P450-7252 check this out!
  14. It was the Cat 4.5 drivers that caused the problem. I'm back to 4.4 and I run Farcry no prob now, (370/340 ) I use fast writes and everything now and no system problems. I did think I had hardware issues before I got everything straightened out because of the major problems I had - No post? vid drivers aren't even loaded at that point but now that I'm back to 4.4 everything is ok. Wierd eh?
  15. !.) swiftec cooler - I would get a Zalman CNPS7000 Cu, they cool just as good as a swiftech and half (or less) of the noise! Oh, just noticed 84 CFM tornado , well if you can handle the noise then go for it but still not too much better than the zalman and 4 times as loud! 2.)dump the wd drive and the 36GB raptors get two 74GB raptors instead, they're faster than the 36GB
  16. If your computer is idle it should draw less than 100 watts, even if you have a 600watt PSU it will only draw what it needs
  17. IDE stands for Integrated Drive Electronics. ATA is Advanced Technology Attachment. The ATA 133 means that it has a maximum of 133Mega-bits-per/sec 40 pin ATA or IDE cables (same thing) have a maximum of 66Mbits/sec 80 pin have a max of 133
  18. Check availability on that board, I tried to order one last week and they were like 400 units backorderd. They cancelled my order because they couldn't get anymore. If you need another option for a mobo for cheap then ASROCK K7S8X-E rev 3 is about $40 and it has an impressive list of features. Check out asrock's website, (they're a subsidiary of ASUS). Oh, 300watts will be plenty for that system even with a standard 1.65v cpu
  19. If you want to get even better temps, much better, get rid of the useless TT fan on the GIANT and mod your case for a side fan to blow cool air over the vid. card HS. Will lower your vid card temps lots and probably your CPU. I've heard of a few people not even using the fan on the GIANT and their temps are no hotter than when it was on!
  20. Your PSU is probably not increasing the rpms under load because when you increased the intake volume the exhaust volume was also increased. Get it? The PSU has enough air flowing through it to cool it at low rpms, wheras before it had to work a lot harder to move the same amount of air You can't really hurt anything by hardwiring your fans, it's the same as plugging a fan in only without molex connectors, but remember your warranty will be voided for just a few cfm's more air exhausted, maybe only 3 or 4! Is it worth it?
  21. Transfer your files that you need off your 30 gig to your 80. Format it and start fresh, you don't want any crud from your old drive's os if you're just going to use it for storage.
  22. Sweet! I was looking at the guts of that wuxats hex and there was the word SPYBOT in there! I think you may have solved my problem but none of my AV progs can find it!
  23. Why are you trying to shut me off? why do you want to kill me, Dave?
  24. Another good util for finding max core/mem is ati tool. It will render a fuzzy square thing and slowly raise the mem or core speeds, (whichever you select first,) and scan the image for artifacts! It also stops raising every 5mhz and goes into a heat up phase to stress the card and make sure it won't make artifacts. Workd good! B)
  25. Yeah, I did have sasser when it first came out, I started noticing it's effects even before AVG had a fix for it. The third day AVG updated and found it. Since then I've used Stinger and updated windows to get rid of it. I think that this wuxat may be a leftover or something
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