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  1. I posted right after 4.5 drivers came out about this. The new 4.5 drivers have BUGS! They almost caused me to format/freshinstall. Use the 4.4 or 4.3 drivers or try the omega drivers Seems as though some people use the new drivers and get good results, some get really poor results and system instability. I'm going to post a thread later for people who have had issues with the new drivers to try and find a common contributing factor.
  2. Just set your multi @ say, 9x and run your fsb @200, (400) there you go you have a 400mhz fsb @ 1800mhz! I run my 333 fsb 2800+ @ 200(400) x 11.5 for 2300mhz - 3200+ no prob. I think the mobile uses 266 so that it can throttle down the cpu in finer increments, (that's why it's called mobile, it's made for laptops to be able to reduce clock speed and save power)
  3. Have you changed any drivers recently? If not I would guess your memory is starting to fry. Happens with Ti's sometimes.
  4. Yeah , I think these are Jetway boards under Machspeeds name and with a lifetime warranty. From what I've read they're pretty decent boards - they look great too with the red PCB
  5. Seagate is the quietest, WD gives you ALL the space they sell the drive as, (the rest are usually about 5-7% less) and maxtor are supposedly the most durable and logest lasting - I say supposedly cause I've never owned one Right now I run a Seagate 7200.7 SATA drive and it's great
  6. From my experience HyperX is good but doesn't oc well . With my OCZ I hit 426 with PC3200 (400Mhz) I have a brand new set sitting on the shelf: OCZ PC 3200 400MhZ Enhanced Latency with Copper heatspreaders 2 X 256 MB Dual Channel Optimized That I will sell for $200CAD Includes shipping, (retails for $219 + shipping + tax) It is brand new never opened in original package. PM me if you're interested
  7. I had an 8X ti 4800 and it played Halo fine . I also noticed when I switched to my ATI radeon 9700 pro that my image quality decreased, but my fps increased. The biggest difference was when I used full AA and high detail, then the 9700 blew the 4800 away but without AA and using medium detail there was only about a 5 fps difference. ATI drivers seem to suck for the most part. If you do end up with the 9600 I would run cat 4.4 drivers instread of the new 4.5 - they caused me lots of grief. Don't let ATI fans discourage you from trying out a ti series card. True they don't have dx9 but they are inexpensive, very powerful and can play almost all of todays games!
  8. K63's KICK .! Those were one of the best chips ever made. I want to get my hands on another K-63 550 if I can for my second pc.
  9. This is still a fanless setup even though there is a fan in the pic. Doesn't everyone use an exhaust fan anyways? You can't just have this monster sitting there and expect to have any kind o'cooling without exhausting some hot air. Whether or not this HS uses the exhaust fan to cool itself it still is one less fan to listen to! So even though there's a fan in the pic it's still a 0db cooling solution.
  10. I have a brand new Mach Speed P4X400DPB that I was going to use for a pentium system but now I want to build an Athlon 64 sys. instead. This board has never been used and comes with all the accessories. I have excellent ebay feedback, (160+) and have never had a complaint from an online buyer. Check out the specs HERE This board has a lifetime warranty! $90 Canadian includes all shipping and taxes, (continental US and Canada only!)
  11. No you cannot use the SATA drive as the "master" drive. Not only do SATA drives not use a master/slave setup they don't even run on the same controller as the IDE drives.
  12. That's a nice yard! Where abouts is that?
  13. I've got the Logitech mouseman that came with the cordless optical freedom duo before they switched to the MX700. I like the mouseman better because It's only got 4 buttons and a wheel instead of the bazillion that the mx700 has. I'm sure you can pick one up for around $20 if you look around.
  14. S'not bad for the price! remember price is CAD, (US = 1.36CAD so $50US)
  15. I have a brand new soyo pentium 4 mobo for sale. Brand new never used $70 CAD OBO here are the specs: http://www.soyousa.com/products/proddesc.php?id=187 I will ship for free Canada or US - Insured/Tracking Check out my ebay feedback HERE
  16. Here it is! The desk was a Christmas present from my daughter, (wallpaper) and the case was a present from my wife.
  17. I'm lloking for a small IDE HD for cheap to use for backups instead of using CD's. I have a few things lying around I can trade including: TT TMD HS/Fan 2 x 9GB 10K SCSI discs (Cheetah, WD) half height 1 x 18GB 10K SCSI disc (Seagate Cheetah) full height 1 X Adaptec AH2940UW SCSI card 1 Blue rounded SCSI Cable 4 device PM me if you have a drive for me ps I will trade all this stuff and some cash for a seagate 7200.7 80GB SATA drive I'm also looking for a dead wireless mouse prefferably a logitech mousman so my 14-month-old daughter, (see avatar) will quit re-arranging my desktop icons!
  18. Make sure that your multiplier is set to normal or auto. I think a 2600 @ FSB 166(333) is supposed to be 11.5. Oh, does your DFI board have dip-switches for the multi? Check em if it does!
  19. crash

    Creative Labs

    Yeah but you get regualr n-force sound when you use the analog outputs. You must use the SPDIF for soundstorm
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