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    Wowzers, A Pii!

    pretty easy to figure out. exchange is $1.37 CAD so 200/1.37 =$146
  2. crash

    P4 Overclocking

    That's NOT good HS! looks cool though! Check out some reviews on Tom's hardware and other sites. Those heatpipe beasts are ok for idle but when you load your CPU they perform dismaly
  3. crash

    3DMark 03 Scores

    Default settings 800 X 600
  4. crash

    3DMark 01 Scores

  5. crash

    Liquid Cooling Question:

    DON'T use mineral oil! It may degrade the tubing and cause internal damage to the pump seals - mostly neoprene. Mineral oil is generally used for imersion cooling, maybe that's where you got the idea?
  6. NCIX - Check it out here!
  7. Ok Here are some things I have to sell/trade: SCSI disks: SOLD 1)18GB 1.5 inch 10K cheetah ST118202LC PICTURE 2)9GB 1 inch 10K Cheetah ST39204LC PICTURE 3.)9GB 1 inch WD 10K WDE9150-0040A3 PICTURE All drives are in excellent condition, I bought the WD new last year. OCZ PC 3200 DUAL CHANNEL (2 x 256MB) enhanced latency 2-3-2-6 with Copper Heatspreader PICTURE SOYO P4X400 Dragon lite 478 mobo - brand new in the box, never used Mach Speed P4X400 DPB skt 478 mobo - Brand new in box, never used Thermaltake Tip-Magnetic-Drive Socket A HS/fan with UV green sleeving Silicon Image SD-SIL680-RAID controller card PICTURE Adaptec AHA-2940UW SCSI controller card w/68 pin and 50 pin connetctors SOLDPICTURE Two Cold Cathode UV lights with inverter SOLD One UV blue Round ATA-133 IDE cable, (2 device) Two UV green round floppy cables, two device Two Stealth case fans woth UV green sleeving I need: Hard drive between 10 and 30 GB, (IDE ATA/100/133) Seagate 7200.7 80 GB SATA HD CASH I am in Canada and everything I've listed here is guaranteed to work perfectly. I'll ship anywhere.
  8. Yeah, it's on ebay too. I just lowered the price to $185 to sell it quicker, I thought that you were not sure if you could come up with the cash or not. Anyways enjoy your new card! You'll be pretty happy with the 9800
  9. I thought you were going to PM me if you wanted it for sure It's yours if you want it.
  10. Look at the picture and then look at my sig, then if you still don't believe me check out my ebay feedback HERE and read what the other buyers have to say about this product. I'm just trying to offer this to OCC at a good price! BTW I handle all warranty concerns, I recieve warranty items and ship them to my supplier who takes care of RMA's If you want to buy it from newegg, that's ok! but you will not buy it BRAND NEW for $146USD shipped and including taxes
  11. This ram IS new. I bought 7 kits of this stuff to sell in my e-store and I have only this one left so I just included it in this post. if you buy it in the US it would be $200 CAD anyways + tax + shipping right? I would like to get 200 CAN for it shipped. So you will save around $30 depending on what your tax is, I guess. And how much do you want for your HD?
  12. Hmm, that ram retails for over $200 canadian + tax +shipping so I can't trade it for that drive. I already have office XP How much do you want for the HD? Maybe we can trade + some cash
  13. crash

    Vantec Cable Sleeving Kit

    I spent almost 6 hours carefully putting this sleeving on my PSU only to realize after 3 hours thta there isn't enough Heat Shrink to do all the ends Here is a pic
  14. crash

    Software Fan Control

    Motherboard Monitor Works great
  15. crash

    100 Cfm

    Look at te size of the blower! I wouldn't doubt that it would put out 100CFM. That blower goeas almost all the way accross the 5.25 inch drive bay! The only problem I see with that design is that those type of fans don't make much pressure they are made for volume so when you try to move the air through yuour case, (very restrictive) you would most likely not get 100CFM
  16. I'm starting this thread to find out who has had problems with the new Cat 4.5 drivers, what those problems were and whether or not there is a common factor in each incident. Please post your system specs along with the problems that arose from installing the new drivers. Mine: Sig at bottom- I installed the new cat drivers and after one or two reboots I tried to play Farcry like I had a zillion times before and it froze in the level loading screen. I got random crashes, windows started to not boot, and eventually I had to go into safe mode, uninstall my drivers and use driver cleaner! I rolled back to 3.7, (came with my 9700 pro) and then worked up to 4.4. Everything works fine now. BIOS was F7, video card had original BIOS, and I run WIN XP HOME
  17. crash

    Just Got My Arctic Cooler

    He's talking about a Arctic cooling VGA silencer, Right? BTW I have an AC HS/FAN on my CPU and it rocks !
  18. crash

    Somethign I Saw On Another Forum

    You should have your intake/exhaust fans pushing/pulling the same CFM anyways no matter what form-factor you use! The components in your case do not "make" new hot air, they simply heat up the air around them so there is no need to have more exhaust than intake.
  19. crash

    Raid Questions...

    Could've just asked me p8baller07 A full height drive is 1.5 inches high. A half height drive is between 0.75 and 1 inch high. The difference is that a full height drive uses more smaller platters to get the same capacity as a half-height drive. The size of the drive has nothing to do with it's interface. There are some older 1.5 inch IDE drives around, but mostly they are 1 inch. Some people say full height drives are more durable than the smaller ones. SCSI drives are DEFINATELY more durable and longer lasting than IDE drives as they are usually in higher end server environments and most carry a five year warranty! Like I said before, RAID is not a type of drive. It is a configuration of DRIVES. They can be IDE or SCSI, full or half height it doesn't matter. RAID stands for Redundant Array of Independent Disks. An array is two or more disks operating as one drive. A normal IDE drive is half-height By the way, I'm 100% sure that a single SCSI disc @ 10,000RPMs will run an OS faster than 2 IDE drives in a RAID 0 configuration. The RAID config will move larger files faster, though. The reason being is that say, Win XP is alwasy looking for small files throughout the HD. If the file it's looking for is smaller than your RAID stripe size then it only writes to one disc anyways so in fact it will slow your seek times down. The SCSI seek times of around 4 - 5 ms will make windows super smooth. I think that Bigred uses SCIS discs too, you may want to ask him if his system runs faster on SCSI than IDE RAID 0. Here are some definitions for you: IDE - Integrated Drive Electronics - a type of interface for Hard drives, CD-ROMS ect. IDE is the standard for drives at this time. IDE has a maximum transfer speed of 133MB/sec, (150 using SATA) but usually runs around 30 - 50 MB/sec. seek times are between 8 and 13 ms. There are two types of IDE interfaces, PATA and SATA. SCSI - Small Computer System Interface - Another type of interface for drives that uses Native Command Queing to speed the drives up and help them run at there top transfer speed all the time. IE: 40MB/sec (U160) or 80MB/sec (U320) all the time. SCSI discs also have much faster seek times, ( around 5ms) RAID - Redundant Array of Independent Discs - A configuration of drives that allows information to be split up and wrote to two or more drives in "stripes" - both drives can read or write their stripe at the same time so it in fact doubles the speed of the drives. Also RAID can write the same information to each drive at the same time for redundancy. PATA - Parallel advanced technology attachment Each cable has two or three connectors, one of which is attached to a controller that interfaces with the rest of the computer system. The remaining one or two connectors are attached to drives. Parallel ATA cables transfer data 16 or 32 bits at a time. SATA - Serial Advanced Technology Attachment - This interface uses 7-pin cables for the data connection, and the data is transmitted serially rather than in parallel. In addition, Serial ATA should give users the ability to hot swap hard drives. This adds a capability that more expensive systems such as SCSI and FC have had for a long time, though it remains to be seen how widely that aspect of the technology will be used. Serial ATA also reduces the signaling voltage from the 5 volts used in P-ATA down to 0.5 volts, which reduces power consumption and electrical interference. Due to serial transfer and lower power the maximum allowable length of SATA cables is greater than that of ATA ribbon cables, which eliminates some of the problems mentioned previously I hope this reply answers ALL your questions because my fingers are really tired and I have to do more typing to try and find a backup ATA drive
  20. crash

    Discouraged With Temps

    Did you update your BIOS recently? There is a +15C change from bios rev. FA to FB.
  21. crash

    Best Avatar Poll

    My Dragon will eat your stickman My 14 month old will chew up your dragon and hide it under the couch
  22. crash

    Temps Don't Make Sense

    Just curious what bios rev u use on each board. The FA Bios reads 15C lower than FB - F7.
  23. crash

    For Sale Mach Speed P4x400dpb

    Yeah I've still got it. As a matter of fact I'm looking at it right now. It's pretty sexy looking ram