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  1. Click here for Tom's Hardware review of Lian Li sweet case! Check this out! This is one of the best ideas I've seen in a long time. Someone mentioned before about putting a mobo on the opposite side of the case and having the PSU on the bottom. Here you go. This is definatly gonna be my next case! What do you think?
  2. YEAH! my first handgun was a DE .44 corbon mk XVIIII nickel plated w/handgrip laser, (just for the "cool" factor) B) It's not the kick that is the problem with these guns, but if you absorb the recoil with a loose arm, (like you're supposed to with other guns ie: 9mm sig) you run the risk of jamming. These babies nee all the recoil energy to move the 1lb slider, eject the empty and reload. I bought the .44 because it has even more kick and flame than a .50. They use a higher grain count in the shell. Gotta tell this story: Right aafter II bought it I took it to West-Edmonton-mall and went to the shooting rannge with it. There was a little punk in the booth next to me, Obviously a gun-noob) trying to impress some girl. His little 9mm "house" beretta was making the funny little "pop pop" sound so I opened my aluminum case, (which caught the girls eye) and proceeded to asemble my DE.44. They stopped and stared at it for a bit and then returned to shooting. Just for fun I decided to unload the clip in about 6 seconds, (I think I hit the target 10 times) and everyone in the range was lloking and pointing when I was done and talking about the "sweet flames" . The hot girl in the booth next to me was pretty impressed. I ended up having to sell it when we had our first daughter, not comfortable having a gun in the house when 80% of B&E victims are killed with thier own weapon! PS the 357 weighs only 4 oz less than a 50. Any gun is almost impossible to control using two at a time
  3. Anyone tried out a GA8KNXP? Looks like a pretty kick-. board. Not sure how it oc's though. Might be worth your while to check it out. BTW before you go out and buy a swiftec HS and a Vantec tornado and have a constant high pitched whine comming from your pc, check out a Zalman CNPS7000 Cu HS/fan. I oc'd great with this HS even on low setting - and silent too!
  4. OOOH! Please PLEASE use me for your scam! Would you like my credit card number too? How about my bank account number? If I give you my email address will you spam me as well? PLEASE spam me! my email is: [email protected]
  5. 01010111011011110111011100100000011110010110111101110101011100100010000001110100 011010000110010100100000011000100110100101100111011001110110010101110011011101000 010000001100111011001010110010101101011001000000110010101110110011001010111001000 1011100010000000100000
  6. Check out the prices for used drives on ebay, I've bought around 8 SCSI drives off ebay now, (VERY cheap) and have never had a problem with any of them. It is, however, true that you will blow your budget on new 15k drives!
  7. I have a tire I can sell you for $4000.00 check the tire size then phone Les Schwab, (USA) or Canadian Tire, (canada eh?)
  8. That's funny! He asked what was the fastest drive and I told him that the fastest drive would be a 15K SCSI on a UW320 RAID config. How is that not helping? Iwasn't arguing with anyone about what was faster I was telling him which was faster. Recommending a standard IDE drive to someone who is looking for the fastest drive isn't really helping at all, is it?
  9. There's a reason why they're more expensive. Mobile cpu's have to be more efficient for laptops. AMD would of course expect more money for a chip that will do say, 1853mhz at 1.45v instead of 1.65v. It's not just to force the laptop users to pay more, they're in fact gettin a better product.
  10. 166 is stock. he should get way higher than that. also it would probably be better to go 200 x 11 for the clock. then he's running a 400mhz fsb same as ram. i think stock muli (@ 100%) is 11.5 x 166 for 1853mhz
  11. That's funny that you said that. AGP is (basicly) two pci's bridged together, hence the 66mhz AGP bus.
  12. No, the two different type (sale types) are OEM and RETAIL. Oem come from our distributors in big bulk boxes with no software or accessories. Retail com ein a fancy box with cables, adaptors, manuals, drivers ect. If you want the FASTEST go for a 15K SCSI drive, (Maxtor Atlas) If you buy a mobo like the GA8KNXP you get a built-in UW320 SCSI RAID controller!! That's frakin awesome! As of right now SATA can't keep up with a fully supported SCSI drive. Heres why: Not only are the spindle speeds faster, (lower seek times) SCSI drives use something called "Native Command Queing" or NCQ. This allows them to be "smarter" than your average drive, also the reason they have continuous transfer speeds instead of IDE or SATA "burst" speeds. They can also perform a read and write operation on the same port at the same time. There are some SATA drives that have built in NCQ, (ALL seagate 7200.7) but as of yet the controllers available for SATA interfaces don't support NCQ. I think that silicone image is going to release a NCQ capable SATA controller soon, ( ) but until then if you get two 15K maxtor atlas HDS and run them in RAID 0 on the embedded 320UW SCSI 3 controller on the gigabyte board I mentioned above, you will get whiplash from the speed!! Don't bother buying the drives new, buy them used. Big companies with servers are always upgrading their drives and you can usualy find a good deal froma hardware broker on ebay. One more thing, SCSI drives are designed for server environments and to hold VERY important data, so they are much more durable and longer-lasting, (usualy 5 year warranty) than standard consumer-level drives
  13. AS5 is NON-conductive. It is slightly CAPACATIVE which means that over time it will build up a charge if current is applied o it.
  14. Remember that the Nvidia card has pixel shader 3.0 and more new "latent" technology. If you want to use PS3.0 when games support it you will need to upgrade your card. Something to think about.
  15. I'm dropping the price of this board to $80 shipped or $65 if you can pick it up, (Red Deer, AB) price is in canadian dollars
  16. yes it does suck! ( see tom's hardware)
  17. Since I sold my baby I had to buy a crappy little celly system and I need a HD for it, anyone have anything to sell?
  18. I sent you a PM a couple days ago, (I think) anyways, I've been getting so many replies about this system I may just build some more to sell, ( later when I have some cash again,) so keep in touch!
  19. I sold it at 130am last night, so I ended the listgin.
  20. NO, I'm not leaving. Whatever crappy system I get to surf I will be Oc'ing to the max anyways! - and it will fold. As soon as I get back to work It won't be long before I can build a new powerhouse. Even though I may wait to see what Intel does to compete with AMD. I keep telling myself, "it's ok, be patient and build when BTX, DDR2, and Intel 64 is out" For some reason it doesn't make me feel any better! ps here is a pic of Meagan, three hours old!
  21. I can't believe I'm actually doing it, I'm selling my system! . I've put it on Ebay even though it breaks my heart to do it. I decided to sacrifice my Comp so that I can stay home longer with my wife and new baby before I return to work. I just thouht I'd post so you guys could take a look and let me know what you think of my listing. OK, I'm going to get back to crying now. My pride and joy, (besides my two daughters of course!)
  22. pretty easy to figure out. exchange is $1.37 CAD so 200/1.37 =$146
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