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  1. Without even scrolling down, Green Day - Boulevard of broken dreams. Now to scroll down and see how many other people knew it... I walk these empty streets, on the boulevard of broklen dreams, when the city sleeps and I'm the only one and I walk alone.... Iwalk alone I wank alone....
  2. I tried signing up for free ipod but they said not available to residents of canada :angry2:
  3. Yeah it does suck! I used to buy stuff from tiger all the time and sell it on ebay for the price without a rebate. Then I would get a rebate, (maybe,) in the mail like 4 months later. I can't be bothered now. I have got a few rebates from on-rebate via Tigerdirect.ca but you really need to sit down and go through every step, you have to make time for it just like doing homework! But now buy mainly from NCIX.com, their prices are close to tigers and no BS about rebates! BTW ncix has both canadian and US websites, and are based out of Burnaby BC.
  4. After doing some ing and checking out other forums I've found that for most other people with this problem it was bad memory. That's what I thought it would be at first too when I read your post. The other thing to try is disable as many IRQ's as possible in your BIOS. IE disable parallel port, serial port, IRQ for VGA, modem, ect. Anything that you can think of disable it. Try again and keep us up to date But I bet it's memory. Try removing your memory, and clean the DDR slot really well, clean the RAM off and re-install it. Crashing during memtest is almost always a memory fault. Or it could be a faulty memory controller
  5. Added you to my positive list Byron, Thanks!
  6. ***DROOL*** I want one.... I WILL have one and agina, ***DROOL***
  7. I wouldn't use epoxy. As a mayyet of fact DON'T USE EPOXY!!! You will have no problem fitting good coolers on this board. I have a XP-120 on mine and it fits fine. I think the Zalman has almost the same clearance as the XP-120 does. As for the NB, it will be tight but you can fit a bigger HS on there, barely. I doubt you would get a Zalman passive cooler on but you could prob squeeze something smaller on. Oh yeah, you might not even need to change the NB HS, mine isn't too loud, (when it works ) and seems to get the jod done fine. ' I just noticed you have the NF4 board, I have NF3, but it looks like the NB is in the same spot
  8. I'd love to have one just for bragging rights! When I get back to work for the winter I will probably buy two, unless there is something better by then
  9. Or just use preventative measures to stop the stuff from ending up on your comp anyways! Like, immunize using spybot, block known bad websites using spybot, have your antivirus proggy scan stuff as it is downloaded, use a hardware firewall AND another, (I use Pccillin, works fine for me.) have something scan on a schedule like Xsoftspy or Adaware. It's not IE's fault, I use IE and it's great. I use Firefox too and it's good as well. And yeah, stop whining about people using their own comp! What you could do is start charging to fix or build other peoples comps, save your money and BUY YOUR OWN! And you could also just be thankful that you have a family to look after, some people don't! Not saying I don't have family but you could look at it as a positive thing, having family around you to screw stuff up:)
  10. Before: Idle 46 Load 55C After: Idle 31 Load 44C SWEET!! I hope that the temp reported now is closer to the real die temp though!
  11. I think that it would be pretty close but the 3200 would probably pull ahead even withthe clock frequency difference. BTW, you don't need to format and re-install when you change your mobo. I've changed from Athlon XP - Intel - A64 - Intel - A64 all on the same windows installation! All you need to do is run the Windows XP setup CD and it will give you the option of repairing a windows installation. When you so that it leaves your filesystem intact and all your files too! It will remove all the drivers and re-install the ones that are needed for that particular hardware setup. I still don't know why so many people have such a love-affair with "format and re-install." ???
  12. For the price of Two Raptors you could buy 2 x 200GB Maxtor diamondmax 10 16MB cache!! Check out a few reviews and you will see that they are almost as fast as the raptors!!! Those drives are quieter than even the seagate 7200.8, (I have them and they are great but if they weren't on sale I would have bought the Maxtors!) But then again the Seagate 7200.8 comes witha 5 year warranty! Anyways, if you want to go with 160GB total, go for the seagate 7200.7's. If you have a 915 or 925 chipset you will even have the advantage of NCQ with the 7200.7 series SATA drives. They are also the queitest of that generation. I've had 6 of them and I've been happy with all:)
  13. Hmm, I have the same problem. have an XP-120, AS5, and a TT 120mm fan pushing 90cfm and my load temp is 55!! I will try upating the bios and let you know. I REALLY hope that my temps are lower than what Corecenter says. BTW my cpu is a 3200+ wnnie, stock frequency!
  14. Hanve you rebooted your router? And try Xsoftspy:google:
  15. Hmm, compared to the laptop he mentioned in his post I don't think that this one would really compare?? Especially with a 12" screen!! As for the video card, I think if you order it custom you can change the video card to a X600, not sure though. Check out HP's site. I have a dell inspiron XPS myself, certainly not in the same catagory as the one you're looking at but it's fine for me. As for playing games, if I could maintain a decent framerate with a 32MB creative annihilator dx 7 video card, you would be able to play doom3 with that laptop and low detail, I think. Oh and from what I hear Dell laptops are pretty good, don't know much about HP though:)
  16. Hey is that by chance a atx mobo? does it have onboard NIC and video? And...... BUMP!
  17. Hmm, I see your dilema, but if I were you I would use a 74GB raptor for my OS and two 250GB Seagate 7200.8NCQ drives in raid for my storage. That's also if you have a ton of cash;) Note, after reading the review below I might check out the maxtor drives instead, but they don't have a 5-year warranty like seagate. Just so you know, the new Seagate 7200.8(250GB and up,) are almost as fast as a raptor! check out some benchies, (tomshardware,) for numbers. I just bought a 250GB 7200.8 and crap is it ever fast! It's faster than my old SCSI 10K drives were, (altough not as fast multi-tasking:() and I can't hear it at all! The 250 has a density of 133MB/inch and less than 250 has 100MB/inch, I think, I know the 200 has a lower density anyways:) I just did some checking and look HERE for a review of the 7200.8, diamondmax 10 and WD raptor. I think you will be surprised at the results. So, I know I didn't really help you out with your raid question but I hope the other info helps.
  18. Oh yeah, it's not IE that got me the malware either, it was Bearshare. I've got six comps running XP SP2, (6 licenses) with IE and none of them have had problems directly relating to IE. And back to the original post, please post a HijackThis log so we can see what else is going on behind the scenes!
  19. Sueing someone for an NSF cheque is a lengthy and costly process, not usually worth it. Cheques do NOT clear in 24 hours, even a cashiers cheque takes 24 hours to clear. Having his name address and stuff means absolutely JACK. You need to tell him that he will have to wait until the cheque clears before you send the bike out. BTW how much is the cheque? If you deposit the cheque to your account and they add the funds to it and then the cheque bounces, you will be on the hook for the whole amount of the cheque! If you put the money in your acct and then spend it and have a zero balance, when the cheque clears you will have a NEGATIVE balance! You are responsible for getting the money back from him, not the bank. And why would someone send a cheque knowing full-well that it wouldn't clear for a few days, (and yes almost everyone who has wrote cheques knows this,) instead of buying a money order and sending that? If the cash was in his acct he could have sent a money order right? If you are trying to build a ebay buisness you can't ship before a cheque clears. If you do it only takes one scam to maka all your hard work for nothing! You can ship stuff to me right away though, I'm honest! Just remember that YOU hold the cards, not the buyer. You need to protect yourself first, and if that means that the guy can't go ride his bike this weekend because he sent the wrong type of payment, too bad for him!
  20. Hmm, that all looks normal. BTW don't listen to all these Firefox piggies saying "ooooh, bad bad using IE oooooh!" I use IE and I never had a problem until I tried downloading pirates off bearshare, (check out my post in windows security for a laugh.) I would say clean your cookies, delete all temp internet files clear history and re-boot your modem. If that doesn't work run IEfix . If that doesn't work, IDK. Hope that helps
  21. Wow, cool but the latencies are crazy terrible! Just a question though, isn't DDR2 only available with a 915 or 925 chipset? meaning Intel only?
  22. Hmm, IDK why don't they just put two GPU's on one PCB... Voodoo 3 anyone? This whole SLI thing just seems kinda silly, well it is cool but it's a lot of bulk and extra space taken up. They can build dual core cpu's why not dual core GPU's? Just a thought. I suppose it's prob a cost/benifit type deal, but I hope to see single card soltions soon. Oh yeah, That crossfire seems like it may be pretty sweet, might even give ATI the lead again;)
  23. Go to a place like acklands or a welding shop. Or just make friends with someone who works at a shop of some sorts and get them to swipe some for you
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