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  1. How wet did the inside of the car get? An anoying ticking sound... How often? Does anything happen when it ticks? wehre is the ticking coming from? I would guess that some water got in your relay for the parking lights somehow and is causing it to short out. A shorted relay closes the circuit that it controlls and supplies power constantly. A relay will make a ticking sound sometimes too.
  2. Every time I read or hear about something like this happening to a little kid it makes me cry. It never used to but now that I have 2 little girls I can imagine the pain that those parents must be feeling. All we can do is pray for the family, and make sure that it doesn't happen again.
  3. With two batteries you won't need a voltage regulator. You would wire them in parallel, not series so you wouldn't have 24v.
  4. For your application I would use a Cap instead. But if you want to use a second battery in your trunk, the only safe way to do it is to have the battery in a sealed container that is vented to the outside of the car. Batteries will vent sulfiric acid which is explosive, so you don't want your trunk to fill up with that! When you wire it in, ground it to a bolt right inside your trunk. Don't run a ground cable all the way to your other battery under the hood. And make sure its a decent size bolt! I scrape the paint a bit where the connector will contact the body and after I bolt the ground down I paint over it so it wont rust. For the positive side I used welding cable, (it's MUCH cheaper than car audio stuff and it's good for around 200AMPS) and ran it to a junction box under my hood and then another short peice of cable to my first battery.
  5. That is an AGP 1.0 card is it not? If it is the mobo will run at AGP 1.0 specs.
  6. Nice PSU, WAY to much money! If this thing shorted out it would'nt be any different than a little 300W ATX shorting out. As soon as there is a short, (at the speed of light!) the PSU shuts off to prevent damage.
  7. After you send the ASROCK board back try a Soltek NF2 board. They're cheap and overclock pretty well. I've had a few and they've been great.
  8. Nope, won't work. As soon as you have two pieces of minor hardware changed, or one major piece, you will have to re-activate windows within 3 days
  9. I've known a few people who toilet trained their cats. I wanted to do that with mine and now I might have a chance! But, my cats litterbox is in my bathroom, and whenever I go in there to do my buisness he comes in to do his too, does that count? Stupid cat. He will stay outside all day and then he will sit at the front door and cry to be let in.....Just so he can go and stink up the bathroom :angry2:
  10. I think this is my 500th post so.... how many stars do I have? **EDIT** Ah, four
  11. Um, how about the story about how Delihlah cuts off Samsons hair while he sleeps? This is a lesson about how we shouldn't trust women.....J/K I will try and think of a real one in the next few minutes! And BTW, there is no reason to be worried about posting about the bible. This isn't a public school you know...
  12. Yep, that's why I stopped using linux. When they come up with a distro that will install all of the drivers I need righ toff the bat, and update them via FTP then I will switch. But not enough support for people who want a "plug-and-play" OS. Hell I won't even use XP-64 edition because it doesn't support my HP buisness jet printer!
  13. You don't need to spend $100 every time you build a new rig. You just have to remove windows off your old rig! I've changed hardware in one of my comps so many times I know the Microsoft support team by name! And yes and no I do and don't think it's BS. If I had a Billion dollar program, (and whether or not everyone will admit it, Windows XP is a pretty sweet OS,) I would also want to protect it against theft. And that's what pirateing is, it's theft. However, I think that MS should let people install OS on as many Comps as they want, as long as they're in the same house.
  14. THISOCC member has some sweet 170mm fans... I think he may sell a couple but prob not cheap.....
  15. I hava a kick a55 socket a HS i will sell, but you will need a new one when u go 939 And I have an XP-120, it's awesome! I would like to try an XP-90Copper though if anyoe has a spare one laying around...
  16. Man, I'd think she was WAY hotter if she didn't look so much like my sister....
  17. Yes I have: A bunch of Blue LED 120mm fans, A bunch or Blue and Green 80mm fans A swiftec socket A HS w/ 1/2inch copper base A cool socket A hs, made by... can't remember A A64 stock HS/fan A Swiftech A64 HS w/blue Led fan
  18. But how have they affected FPS? Or are the new drivers just optimized to get a better score in 3dmark?
  19. Hey guys, I just got my hands on a dual P3 mobo and I need a couple of proccies for it. It will only take 100MHZ FSB cpu's. I would like to try and find 2x 800's w/512k but I will take pretty much whatever as long as it's cheap. This will just sit in the basement and fold for me.
  20. I wondered if anyone would notice that
  21. The potato couldn't clear customs so I sent it to 90210
  22. It's so different oc'ing an old rig like that you may as well find an NF2 mobo and a xp 1700+ to fool around with. The NF2 chipset was designed with overclocking in mind so you will have much greater success. But, to OC that CPU you're gonna need smaller increments than 133, 144, 155. I'd be pretty sure that if your mobo doesn't have smaller FSB steps that you prob won't have much success oc'ing. Also, the memory/FSB ratio doesn't really affect a whole lot with those older chipsets, as long as you have pc133 you're good to go.
  23. Classic description of system restore Turn it off and watch your hard drive grow! Also make sure you have a static page-file set to around 750MB **embarrased** Should have read airmans post
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