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  1. Please tell me that's cubic zirconia, if not DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH COOL COMPUTER STUFF YOU OULD HAVE BOUGHT!!!! But anyway, congratulations! I just got married in December so here is my advice: Take all the money you plan on spending on the wedding, reception, booze ect. and buy a good digital camera, go to someplace that you both always wanted to go and spend everything on a two-week newleywed-bliss vacation! Oh yeah, while you're down there be sure to get married! Shoana and I spent about five grand on our wedding and now we wish we had aloped and spent it on ourselves for a nice honeymoon. It's a good idea to have a reception with your family though, otherwise they may get upset...... my $0.02
  2. Uh, it all runs off the PCI bus anyways, (SATA controller, and AGP - is bridged PCI right?) so... Lock your PCI/AGP bus... And update the bios
  3. No that is not true. If it were then anyone using good watercooling/peltier/or phase would be SOL.
  4. I tried to get it off but I couldn't... CRAP!! I need another dead card to try and get the GPU off! I think if I take a razor blade and hammer it under the GPU.......
  5. I can't seem to escape OCC, I googled "what are PCB's made out of?" and was directed here. I just closed my OCC window to go to bed. Man, I guess it's destiny that I post some more... BTW I was wondering what was in PCB's cause I just spent about ten minutes inhaling PCB dust from a mod that I did
  6. Well I finally did it, I modded my GF2MX200 video card! It took a lot of patience and skill but I think it will perform well You'll notice that the card is now VERY streamlined, all un-neccessarry components were removed so as to keep the heat down. I like to think of video cards like cars, they come from the factory with lots of pollution controlls that inhibit performance, I just STUCK it to the factoy! I even took the time to lap the GPU as to get a lower temp. The sandpaper was too slow so I used the grinder attachment for my dremel. BE CAREFULL when using a dremel on a GPU! One slip and you will be buying a new video card! Man I can't wait to see how this baby performs. BTW I have 2 caps, a BIOS chip, some black things, daughter board pins and 32MB of video ram for sale if anyone wants to add some performace to their vid card.
  7. Um, Holy Hijack Batman!!? but there is already an FX-57
  8. The difference is one is NF3 and one is NF4, hence the Neo"4" And that is a FRIGGIN SWEET PRICE!!! Buy it you won't be dissapointed
  9. Yeah I know they do suck, but for someone going from a generic "featherweight" PSU to this is not bad. I wouldn't buy one BUT there were people paying well over $100 for these when they first came out. And you do get your rebates from tiger if you follow the rules, I have my rebates deposited directly into my paypal acct through Onrebate.com, (A division os Misco/Tiger)
  10. Thermalright just released a cooler for those cards that is on par with a water-cooling HS. It was in the forums today, check out the video card or cooling forum.
  11. MSI K8N neo 2 Ultra Platinum, I have one and it's great, you can pick em up for around $100 CAD right now, Chaintech VNF4 you can find for around $80 DFI Lanparty UT-D you can find brand new for $140 and you can mod them to go SLI Those prices are all in Canadian peso's too!
  12. This is a subjective personal opinion but I've always thought that Nvidia graphics cards produced a more vibrant image than ATI. I really noticed when I changed from my TI4800 8X card to a 9700, I loved the speed of the 9700 but I thought that the TI had a much nicer picture. My $0.02
  13. I just thought of a good quote: "Anyone can see the future, the only thing you need is patience..."
  14. Ultra X-connect 500 Watt for $39.99 Canadian!!! I've seen a lot of people asking between $65-$100 USD for these PSU's - USED!, maybe check this out before posting in the FS forum!!
  15. Uh, I think it could be all of the above seeing how the US is a pretty big place.
  16. crash

    Yo Yo Yo

    Bonjour des Canada
  17. I think you could do better with those prices, where did you shop?
  18. C:\Program Files\Razer\razertra.exe C:\WINDOWS\System32\wbem\unsecapp.exe O2 - BHO: SABHO - {21B4ACC4-8874-4AEC-AEAC-F567A249B4D4} - c:\program files\180searchassistant\salmhook.dll (file missing O15 - Trusted Zone: http://ny.contentmatch.net (HKLM) O10 - Unknown file in Winsock LSP: c:\windows\system32\ua_lsp.dll - unless you use xfire I didn't google any of these but they look naughty to me. Also you can unckeck the jusched, and realsched in msconfig/startup without any problems. Do you know what the top entries are? Google them
  19. ^It's still going on Tomshardawre.com, I think
  20. OK before you go on about how cool & quiet doesn't lower the clock frequency take Bigreds advice and do a little research of your own. Go to AMD's website and look up "speed step" It DOES reduce clock frequency AND vcore AND it can be configured to throttle the CPU down at a certain temp. My rig is set to throttle back to 75% when the temp gets over 60C. And again, if you want to go Intel two of us have "built" comps for you with NCIX.com, (yes they ship to the states too,) that are well below your budget. And if you want a quiet comp, use A64 with a zalman or thermalright HS/fan and enable cool & quiet. You wont ever hear the fan and it will run nice and cool, and yes, it will shut down if the temps get to critical. And with any CPU you can install an app like MBM5 or CPUcool that will shut down or throttle back your proccy when the temp gets to a pre-determined value.
  21. OK well, we gave you some Intel options so, I guess that answers your question. I'm having a hard time understanding why you still want to build her an Intel system even though OCC is strongly recommending an A64 system for that application. Anyways, Yes Asus have had failures, but every mobo out there has had failures. I bought a broken P4P800 from coolerzero and sent it to asus to have it rma'd, i got it back a week later!! And it wasn't the one I sent it was a new one. So I will say that Asus has a great RMA dept. I have had other asus products as well, my motherinlaw has an a7n8x, (she knows NOTHING about computers,) and I would buy another one. Then again some people on this forum have had bad experiences with them, (prob frying moffsetts and blowing caps by OC'ing ) BTW, an AMD system is easier to set up and maintain.
  22. Hey guys, I am going to switch back to SCSI HD's and I wanted ti see if anyone had some 15K drives they wanted to sell, or maybe trade. I will trade my seagate 7200.8 250GB sata drive, (brand new 10 days ago, 5 year warranty.) Or I'll pay cash. Thanks
  23. Celerons aren't that bad, well celerons are bad but celeron D's are a whole different story. I've had four celeron D's now and they've been great. I even got my celly D 2.93 all the way to 3.6GHZ. And for his GF I think a celeron D would be more than fast enough. Although for a couple bucks more she could have a decent A64 system....
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